Beauty of the Father


October 4, 2000

“I am Lord of the morning and Keeper of the night. I fix the sun, the moon, and the stars in their place. I spill the rain from Heaven to nourish the earth. I press the chill against your cheek when you arise. Unnumbered are the miracles of My creation. I am the Eternal Father, Patriarch of all generations. I am Who am.”

“Thus shall you remember Me and depend upon Me – trusting all the while in My Divine Provision which falls upon all mankind as dew upon the tender grass. As the world was created by a perfect Hand, learn to look for My perfection in every present moment. The tapestry I weave for each soul is unprecedented, the opportunities of grace abundant and irreproachable. I draw you into the secret-most Chambers of My Son’s Eternal Heart.”

October 6, 2000

“I am the Eternal Father, Creator of the Universe. It is I Who command the seasons. It is I Who call life from the earth in the spring. I Who bring forth the young and succulent new life. It is I Who renew the earth, and bring the soft showers to wash away the dormant. I am in the strong wind that forces the clouds past the sun and lifts the dry leaves off of tender new plants.”

“I am in the summer, heating the air with My loving Breath so that all of nature bears fruit in due season.”
“It is I, the Eternal Father, Who in the chill autumn night paint every leaf of all My trees in a perfect pattern so that when you arise you can marvel at My handiwork.”

“I am Lord over all the harvest, the grains of the fields, the fruits and vegetables. It is I Who bear them forth – the plenty of My bounty.”

“In the winter, once again, I give earth Her rest. I chill the air and fill the sky with snowflakes, each one My Own design. A hush falls over earth and for a moment My Benevolent Heart can be felt to beat as My children await the birth of My Only Begotten Son.”

“On which season do I show My greatest favor? On all, just as My plan for each soul is individual and perfect in My Divine Will. I order all things mightily.”

February 23, 2007

I (Maureen) see a large Flame form around the tabernacle and then advance towards me. I understand that It is the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Let us give praise now to Jesus, My Son, ever present in the tabernacles of the world.”

Realize, My child, that it is by My Hand and through My Divine Will, every grain of sand is formed, every drop of water is put in the ocean, every ray of sunlight brightens your day. I control the movement of the waves upon the shore. It is I Who regulate the formation of every cloud and their place in the sky. If I can do all of this, understand that there is no present moment in its passing that I have not created and given to you. As I give you each moment, I design the circumstances, the crosses and the graces that come with it. Knowing all of this now, see how foolish it is of mankind not to trust in Me.”

“Further, I tell you, while there is much talk about living in My Divine Will, most do not understand how to accomplish this goal. This is why the Revelation of the United Hearts has been given to the world. The Chambers of the United Hearts are a step by step journey into My Divine Will and the Flame of My Heart. You cannot jump from the ground to the top of the ladder without climbing the ladder. You cannot jump into My Divine Will by saying you are there without surrendering to the spiritual journey first. Today there is too much talk about the goal and not enough talk about how to attain it.”

“The spiritual journey through the United Hearts must become familiar to all.”

June 7, 2011

I see a great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I bless you as you sleep. I affirm you as you arise. I enlighten your way with the Flame of My Eternal Love. I provide for your every need; cheer you on in times of challenge. I celebrate with you every victory great and small.”

“I do all of these things for each soul. Yet, many despair. Many curse My Divine Will. These are the ones that do not choose to know Me. These are the ones who depend on human effort and forsake the Divine; but I still reach out to them. I still offer My Provision and My Mercy. It is not I Who reject the sinner, but the sinner who rejects Me. This is because they do not understand how much I love them.”

“I am the Eternal Now. My Heart is a Fatherly Heart. What consolation I offer to those who believe this!”

October 14, 2013

I see a Great Flame that I recognize as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I Am the Eternal Now. I Am Who Am.”

“Comprehend that this Mission and this property come together as My Masterpiece. Every grace attendant here is a brush stroke which combines to produce this Great Work of Mine.”

“All that is offered here is like a fine work of art, which hangs in a gallery to be appreciated. The difference, however, is that a painting is viewed and appreciated exteriorly. This Work of Mine – this Ministry – exists to be fully appreciated by stepping into it interiorly and allowing your hearts to be changed forever! A painting may touch the heart momentarily, but this Mission is in place through My Divine Will to bring eternal value – your salvation.”

“Every grace that is offered is meant to bring the beauty of personal holiness into the world just like the brush stroke of a master upon the canvas. My ‘Canvas’ is the human heart. My Brush is the Grace offered here. Each soul who comes here or who is touched by the Messages receives graces given in an individual and unique way such as no other.”

“Unite your hearts to My Divine Will and allow Me, your Loving Father, to make of you a masterpiece of holiness.”

July 26, 2014

I see the United Hearts and a bright light around them. The light seems to pulsate as I hear: “I Am the Creator of day and night – the Father of every present moment. I Am the Eternal Now. Hear and understand, this Ministry is Mine. Man has listened and created in the world My Design. No man will destroy it. This Mission is the footprint of the New Jerusalem. It bears the fragrance of My Coming Kingdom by preeminent graces.”

“I transcend time and space to tell you to persevere. Your efforts may seem to you like a drop in a vast ocean of confusion. But I tell you, every prayer is like a rock which blocks the surf of controversy from sweeping away all good.”

“Stand on this rock of faith with Me. My Arms embrace you. You will not be swept away.”