Novenas Collection Day 7

S E V E N T H    D A Y    O F    C O M B I N E D    N O V E N A S


“Mournful and Sorrowful Hearts of Jesus and Mary, help each soul to discover the true state of his soul before God. Grant the heart of the world true discernment.”

Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one All Glory Be


“Heavenly Father, please empower my efforts in praying this novena with your Divine Will. Change the tepid heart to fervent love of you. Uncover the compromise of Truth which leads to indifference, and is leading the heart of the world away from You. Renew the conscience of the world with a strong sense of good versus evil. Amen.”


Seventh Day
“Heavenly Father, Source of All Grace, You created us in Your Image. Help us always to be reflections of Your Heart, which is Paternal Divine Love in the world. Amen.”

Our Father – Hail Mary – All Glory Be

Recitation of Prayer to God the Father:

“Heavenly Father, Eternal Now, Creator of the Universe, Splendor of Heaven, listen with compassion to Your children who cry out to You. Pour out upon the earth Your Provision, Your Mercy, Your Love. With the winnowing fan of Your Divine Will, separate good from evil.”

“Remove the cloud of deception Satan has placed over the heart of the world so that all people and every nation choose good over evil. No longer allow us to suffer from the evil choices of those who oppose Your Eternal Divine Will.”

Daily Prayers of 9 Day Novena for the United States

Day 7 – “Dear Jesus, return the heart of this nation to the righteous support of God’s Commandments as encapsulated in Holy Love. Vigorously defend life in this effort, as well as the tradition of marriage between a man and a woman. Realize that the acceptance of sin as a political issue is shaking hands with Satan, and giving evil an open door. Let all laws be in support of God’s Commandments; thereby strengthening the backbone of this great nation. Amen.” Recite Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer “Dear Jesus, allow the Truth of Holy Love to flood the heart of this nation. Place Truth in the center of every heart. Return this nation to its rightful place under the Dominion of God. Amen.”