Spiritual Insights

This is a random collection of insights provided to give you a taste of what can be found within the messages captured on the Holy Love website (www.holylove.org).

July 3, 2000

sacrifice–> love–> trust


April 5, 1993

From Jesus
“In this hour of decision, the smallest prayer or sacrifice can mean the difference between life or death for a soul.”

Heel that will crush Satan’s head

April 7, 1994
Thursday Rosary Service

Our Lady is here and has many roses and crosses suspended in the air all around Her. She is dressed in a blue and gold brocade. She says: “Pray with Me now for those who do not love and do not pray.” We prayed. “Dear children, tonight I have come to invite you to realize that the Cross is Divine Love, and Holy Love is a cross. Each cross brings with it grace to bear it. These days I raise up an army of victim souls — the heel that will crush Satan’s head. Further, realize, the remnant which is now being formed in hearts is built on Holy Love. I extend to you My Motherly Blessing.” She fades away

April 8, 1993

Padre Pio says: “The greatest natural resource your country has at this time is prayer. But it needs to be refined, honed, and polished just like crude oil or a diamond in the rough.”

April 25, 1993

Our Lady came in gray with a dark blue band around Her mantle, and She had on a pink gown and was holding a crucifix. She asked me to pray with Her for all unbelievers, some of whom were in the Church. She then asked me to pray for all those who were suffering in spirit. Then She said, “I desire that a devotion to My Son’s passion and death be developed here. I will personally consecrate the ground on which these stations will stand, and I will pray with those who recite the stations. Devotion to the passion and death of My Son is more efficacious than any sacrifice.” Then Our Lady said: “Dear children, I come today to invite you to come to trust in My Heart of grace, for it is herein you will find every goodness. Pray in child-like confidence for discernment and wisdom which you will so need in the near future.” Then Our Lady blessed us and left.

April 25, 1993

From Jesus
After Communion, I saw in My heart a tabernacle with many roses coming out of it. Jesus said, “Know that all that is good originates with Me. It passes through My Mother’s Heart and comes to you as grace. Satan tries to divide you through words and ideas. But he can only succeed in this if you open your hearts to pride first.”

May 1, 1993

From Our Lady
“I want to teach you to be disciples of the grace of My Heart. Dear children, realize that all things are a grace and dependent upon grace. See how little you are compared to this magnificent gift. When you come to realize your littleness, I will build you up in grace to accomplish God’s Will through you. I will nurture your little hearts in My motherly grace so that you will be all God wants you to be, and then you will answer My call to you.”

May 2, 1993

Our Lady came during the second decade of the Glorious Mysteries. She was dressed in white and She had a sword piercing Her Heart. There was also a light illuminating Her Heart. She gave a private message, then said, “Dear children, today the sword that pierces My Heart is Satan’s deceit in the world. Each of your prayers helps Me to uncover him where he has remained hidden. Therefore, My little children, pray, pray, pray.” Then Our Lady blessed us and left.

May 13, 1993

Our Lady came dressed in gray and the edges of Her mantle were a scarlet color. She said: “All praise be to Jesus.” I replied, “Now and forever.” After a private message, Our Lady said: “Let us pray now for all hearts to be at peace.” We prayed. Then She said, “Dear little children, these days I invite you especially to keep your hearts centered on holiness. For it is in the heart that all sin takes its root. Therefore, My dear little children, pray for holy hearts and hearts that are at peace.” Our Lady then blessed us and left.

May 20, 1993
Feast of the Ascension

“Please read Luke 21:1-28”
Our Lady came in gray and gold in a material I had not seen before. She said: “Praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” She said: “Littlest of My messengers, solemnly I inform you, Jesus sends Me to ask every heart to immerse themselves in response to My call. Satan is gripping the hearts of many and most in confusion and deceit. It is in this way, governments will be led into war and economies will collapse. Jesus desires souls to find their peace in My Immaculate Heart, soon the last Refuge of many.”

“Further, I inform you, all countries that have been graced by My presence in the form of an apparition will suffer more or less in the coming retribution in proportion to their response to My call to holiness. Every site of My apparitions upon earth will continue to be a blessed fountain of grace and of peace throughout much of the purification, as Jesus gives souls every chance to respond to conversion. In all of this, I will be with you.” (She seems to be talking more personally to me, now.) “My Heart will surround you, and you will know your Mother’s presence and guidance. Do not be afraid, but pray, pray, pray. You know well now the fruit of obedience is to disarm Satan.” She blessed me and left. Our Lady was very somber throughout this visit.

May 20, 1993
Thursday Rosary Service

Our Lady was dressed in white lace. She gave a private message, then said, “Dear children, tonight I invite you to seek always the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart and the peace herein. Do not be deceived to think that you can obtain peace without God’s grace. Dear little children, you must forgive. Pray for the grace of forgiveness because it is only in this way you will be at peace and be able to love as God wants you to love.” Then Our Lady blessed us and left.

September 29, 1999
Feast of St. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael; Dedication of St. Michael Statue Prayer Service

St. Michael is here. He says, “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Often in the world, my brothers and sisters, you see me portrayed with a sword, defeating Satan and driving him out of Heaven. But I tell you, more powerful than my sword is the heel of our Most Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. This heel is comprised of those consecrated to Holy and Divine Love. And it is this heel that will defeat Satan.” He leaves.

.(Genesis 3:15New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

15 I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
They will strike at your head,
    while you strike at their heel.[a])


Errors in Others

March 10, 1994

7:30 a.m.

When you see errors in others, give praise to Jesus for this insight and then pray for them. If everything is given to My Heart, so much good can be accomplished in My ministry of Holy Love.


February 10, 1996

Our Lady comes in gray with a crown on Her head. She says: “My daughter, it is time to make it known, that the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are the New Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, Holy and Divine Love. I come to you to bring souls into this kingdom. Everything that lies outside of Our Hearts is passing and temporary. Holy Love is the key by which you gain entrance and through which you are newly created. Holy Love is the path. Divine Love is the destination.”

“Our Hearts cannot be separated. They beat as one. The devotion to Our United Hearts must be the oil in your lamps as you await My Son’s return. Then you will be prepared and Satan will not be able to pull you away from Me.”

“The time is fast approaching, when that which is outside of the United Hearts will be laid waste. Satan is conspiring in certain hearts to destroy peace. Cling fast to the present day Manna of the Eucharist. Do not be swayed by free thinking, for today, the guise of Satan is free conscience — free choice.”

“Just as I am united to My Son, so I desire that My children be united to our Sacred Hearts. I desire souls seek their perfection through Our Hearts, in the mission I have come to give you. In praise of Jesus, souls need to be consecrated to the United Hearts. I will return with such a prayer in the near future.”


November 18, 1993

Our Lady comes in white. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” “My angel, do not judge yourself so harshly. Let God be your judge. Relinquish to Jesus all the imperfections in your family. Let the incense of your soul be Holy Love so that it is evident to all around you. Let Holy Love pour from you, engulf you and become you. I am forever your intercessor before the throne of God. I impart to you My Motherly Blessing.”

October 4, 2000

I am Lord of the morning and Keeper of the night. I fix the sun, the moon, and the stars in their place. I spill the rain from Heaven to nourish the earth. I press the chill against your cheek when you arise. Unnumbered are the miracles of My creation. I am the Eternal Father, Patriarch of all generations. I am Who am.”

“Thus shall you remember Me and depend upon Me – trusting all the while in My Divine Provision which falls upon all mankind as dew upon the tender grass. As the world was created by a perfect Hand, learn to look for My perfection in every present moment. The tapestry I weave for each soul is unprecedented, the opportunities of grace abundant and irreproachable. I draw you into the secret-most Chambers of My Son’s Eternal Heart.”

October 6, 2000

“I am the Eternal Father, Creator of the Universe. It is I Who command the seasons. It is I Who call life from the earth in the spring. I Who bring forth the young and succulent new life. It is I Who renew the earth, and bring the soft showers to wash away the dormant. I am in the strong wind that forces the clouds past the sun and lifts the dry leaves off of tender new plants.”

“I am in the summer, heating the air with My loving Breath so that all of nature bears fruit in due season.”

“It is I, the Eternal Father, Who in the chill autumn night paint every leaf of all My trees in a perfect pattern so that when you arise you can marvel at My handiwork.”

“I am Lord over all the harvest, the grains of the fields, the fruits and vegetables. It is I Who bear them forth – the plenty of My bounty.”

“In the winter, once again, I give earth Her rest. I chill the air and fill the sky with snowflakes, each one My Own design. A hush falls over earth and for a moment My Benevolent Heart can be felt to beat as My children await the birth of My Only Begotten Son.”

“On which season do I show My greatest favor? On all, just as My plan for each soul is individual and perfect in My Divine Will. I order all things mightily.”

December 10, 2006
PublicSt. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come once again as Jesus allows, to help you understand the spirit as opposed to the soul. The soul is comprised of the virtues and/or sins that the person practices. The spirit is more a composite of all the person’s experiences, relationships, beliefs and disbeliefs. Therefore, if a person has a great tendency towards a certain iniquity, even though Jesus will always forgive a contrite heart, the stain of that tendency remains in his spirit for some time afterwards.”

“It is like putting a certain spice into a soup. The spice disappears forever, but the flavor of the spice remains always in the soup. So, too, certain tendencies or weaknesses remain always in the spirit of a person.”

April 2, 2015
Holy Thursday

I (Maureen) see a Big Flame I have come to know as God the Father. His Voice says, “I Am the Eternal Now – Father of all Creation. I gave you life. I gave you my Son. You are commemorating the night He gave Himself to you in the humble appearance of bread and wine.”

“He desires to stay with you – to be with you – to be part of your heart. Allow Him to do so. He never left mankind alone – but chose this way to be a part of man’s every present moment. The stronger your belief – the stronger His Presence within your heart.”

“As He is one with Me, I too am with you when you believe. I will not let you slip and fall into error if you trust Me. When you pray to My Son, feel My Presence, as well.”