Treatise for Remnant Faithful and Confraternity


December 16, 2002
Blessed Mother’s Treatise to Her Remnant Faithful and the Confraternity of the United Hearts

October 9, 2002

Our Lady comes. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. Today, My messenger, we begin the task of pronouncing a treatise to My Remnant, and in particular the Confraternity of the United Hearts. It is through this Confraternity that I will weave together a strong vestment of traditional faithful. This vestment will withstand the wind of controversy, and the floods of compromise that have begun and will continue to sweep through the Church.”

“Because the Church was built on ‘rock’, it will not succumb. But for all intents and purposes, it will seem to crumble. There will be much confusion in the hearts of the leaders and in the laity, as well. Even now, it has begun.”

“It is the Confraternity that will lead souls on the sure path during this age of darkness which descends upon the Church. The spirituality of the Remnant will remain strong and uncompromised, for it will be protected in Our United Hearts. Faith will return as in ages past when the darkness is overcome.”

October 14, 2002

“I am Mary, Virgin Mother of God. Praise be to Jesus. I come to fill your heart and the world with My grace. I come to tighten the threads of the Remnant Faithful. I come to unite the Confraternity in Holy and Divine Love.”

“Please understand, My children, these perilous times in which you live, Satan is fighting his last battle. It is a decisive battle waged against Holy Love. The final victory will be a Victory of Love. But until the Triumph, My little ones will suffer much persecution. I speak not only of a persecution in the body, but in spirit, as well. In the spiritual battle which lies at hand, you will be able to persevere only through Holy Love.”

“Do not succumb to the lukewarm spirits around you; nor can you allow yourselves to be discouraged by the heresy and apostasy which abounds around you. You must be My warriors in this battle of good against evil. If you surrender to complacency or to popular opinion which may oppose Holy Love, you have chosen sides with My adversary. Persevere, My children–be My martyrs of love.”

October 17, 2002

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. My daughter, today in this present moment you feel the peace and security of My Heart. The time approaches when you and all those in the world will be challenged as never before. It will be a time of great perplexities, such as the world has never known. Plenty will give way to want. Necessities will be redefined. Economic systems will be extorted by those seeking power. More importantly, in this darkest of hours faith will be put to the test by My adversary who will take religion into his own hands as a means of rising to power.”

“It is only through an outpouring of grace from your Heavenly Mother’s Heart that My children will be brought to safety. Through the grace of this Heavenly refuge, the impossible will be made possible.”

“Perhaps you see some of these signs I speak of as already in your midst. Perhaps you believe the darkest hour is at hand. I desire My children realize it is only beginning.”

“Let My message of Holy Love be your mainstay. Let the certainty of the Refuge of Holy Love–My Immaculate Heart–undermine the enemy’s plans to unsettle your peace. Take refuge in the Holy Love message, for this is the embrace of My Heart.”

“Today, I am raising up the Confraternity of Our United Hearts as a mighty army against Satan’s plans. In the end, love will be victorious.”

October 27, 2002

“Praise be to Jesus. My daughter, you recognize Me under this title ‘Protectress of the Faith’. It is by merit of this title–evil flees and the Tradition of Faith lies protected beneath My Mantle of Love.”

“Had your country abandoned itself to Me under this most powerful title, whole segments of her populace would have been saved and faith upheld. As it is, error has scattered the true Tradition of Faith to the four winds. Hypocrisy and heresy go unchecked.”

“But I have returned to you under this title of ‘Protectress of the Faith’, and I ask that you begin once again to propagate it. Essentially, it is approved by another Bishop in another country. I am inviting you not to await approvals from high places at this time. The trials are too profound and numerous against the faith. My little ones are overwhelmed with controversy.”

“I come that you might have this weapon–“Mary Protectress of the Faith’–with which to wage war against the enemy who seeks to destroy your faith.”

“Make it known.”

November 7, 2002

Our Lady comes framed in the Rosary of the Unborn. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, please understand I am here today much as I was at Fatima. The full energy of Heaven exhorts your prayers and sacrifices. When I appeared in Fatima the world was engaged in war. Today, My children, it is still so–and the war has intensified. It is fought in every human heart. It is the battle between good and evil. When evil wins over a heart, sin is the result. This is why you have abortion, terrorism and every form of human indecency.”

“The great apostasy of faith which I revealed to the children at Fatima is within the Church today. People that seek their own agenda were easily won over by My adversary. The Holy Father who has already won the crown of sanctity suffers to a great degree. This apostasy, you see, reaches even the highest positions within the Church itself. So, My little children, understand that because this apostasy remains clothed in goodness, it is an even greater threat to the faithful.”

“We must not relent in prayer and sacrifice during these end times. My Mantle of Protection is over the Remnant Faithful.”

“Make this known.”

November 25, 2002

“Praise be to Jesus. My angel, this message must be carried into the world. Historically, the Church has been slow to move on private revelation, apparitions and the like. Discernment is good and necessary, but it should not stand in the way of the genuine. The Church needs to be open to the positive aspects of such phenomena instead of groping to find the negative.”

“Many important events and revelations have been squelched and defeated by this attitude. One of these was My title ‘Protectress of the Faith’ which was so timely and necessary. This title carried with it the grace to overcome the crisis of faith your country now faces. Under this title I was ready to overcome Satan in hearts, in families, in communities and in the priesthood.”

“Now I come to you under a new title ‘Refuge of Holy Love’. My faithful children have the power to carry this title into the world along with the title “Protectress of the Faith’. Do so! When you repeat ‘Mary Protectress of the Faith’ and “Refuge of Holy Love’, the enemy will flee. It will be your spiritual refuge in the troubles which lie ahead.”

“Your enemy is not a certain maniacal dictator, but Satan himself who seeks to destroy this planet and all on it. Therefore, you need your Heavenly Mother’s protection. Do not wait for sanctions and approvals. There is not enough time. Spread this message wherever you go.”