Holy Perfection




October 19, 1993

Our Lady came in gray and gold. She said: “Let us glorify God through this prayer.” She parted Her hands and raised them to heaven. As we prayed the Glory Be, angels supported her. She was completely absorbed in prayer. Then She looked at me and said, “My angel, please pick up your pen.”

“Dear children, the path I call you upon moment to moment, the path of holiness that leads to My Heart, is the path of holy perfection. The tool and the measure given to attain this holy perfection is Holy Love. You will only be as perfect and as holy as you love. The obstacle to Holy Love and, consequently, holy perfection, is always self-love. Therefore, My dear children, in order to progress along the path of holiness- the path of holy perfection– you need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you all the areas of self-love in your lives. Perhaps you love your reputation. Perhaps you love your ideas and opinions. Perhaps you love your appearance. None of these are lasting. Only Holy Love is eternal. Surrender to the Father all that self-love, so that He can fill you with Holy Love. Then you will be given a greater love of God and of souls. Then you will progress along the path of holiness to holy perfection.”

October 23, 1993
Saturday Morning

Our Lady came in a radiant light in white. “All praise, honor and glory be to Jesus, Redeemer and King.” I answered, “Now and forever.” She says: “My child, I invite you to realize that Satan’s only entry into a soul is through any imperfection in Holy Love. Knowing this, I extend to you, and to humanity through you, this prayer:”

“Dear Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother, perfect me this day in Holy Love! Keep me mindful that every thought, word and action should come from and lead to Holy Love. Bring me along the path of holiness by means of this love, so that by loving God and my neighbor, I will attain holy perfection. I ask this in Your Name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

October 24, 1993

Our Lady came in gray with a red lining in Her mantle. She spreads Her hands and says: “All praise be to Jesus. I am the Mother of Jesus crucified. My angel, My little child, I invite you to further understand in your heart that Holy Love is a selfless love. It opposes the world and self. In like manner, holy perfection is a selfless perfection in that the soul chooses to perfect himself in holiness to please God. My daughter, as I, your Mother, stood beneath the Cross, I suffered everything for love of God and for souls. I suffered this way in Holy Love and it was holy suffering. Holy suffering has no regard for self, but sees only what is being accomplished for souls. The more the soul is steeped in Holy Love, the more holy his suffering. So then, even at the darkest moment, the soul sees God’s purpose and unites himself to God. I am showing you all of this in the Light of Truth so that as error spreads, as it will, you can be light to others. Pray for the love of souls.”

October 27, 1993

Our Lady comes, but I can see only Her face. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” “My little daughter, you are beginning to understand. There is a way of living and there is a way of living in holiness. There is love, and there is Holy Love. There is suffering, and there is holy suffering. There is patience, and there is holy patience – perfection, and holy perfection. The difference always being the willingness of the soul to practice the two great commandments: Love God above all else, and your neighbor as yourself. These two commandments separate the wheat from the chaff. These are the embodiment of the Ten Commandments – indeed the embodiment of holiness. To live contrary to these two greatest commandments is to leave the path of holiness that leads always to My Heart. Make it known!”

November 2, 1993

All of the other virtues – holy humility, holy suffering, holy obedience, holy purity, holy patience, holy perfection – every virtue comes to naught without Holy Love. For it is through love of God and love of man, virtue becomes holy virtue. There is no virtue unless it is motivated by Holy Love.”

January 23, 1994

Our Lady is here dressed all in white and She is holding a rosary that looks like lights. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. Dear children, I come to invite you to place all of your needs in My Heart.” She’s looking at each of us. “Dear children, I need your prayers more than you’ll know in this life. For each one helps Me assist a soul from the path of perdition to the path of holy perfection. The hour has come, indeed is already here, when this Ministry will pass from patient waiting, to trials and intensified ‘graces. Therefore, My little ones, pray, pray, pray.” She blessed us and left.

August 28, 1994

Our Lady is here in a red mantle and a blue gown. Her Heart is exposed. She bends over me and says: “Oh, that souls would long to be purified in the Flame of Holy Love that is My Heart! Oh, that they would plunge themselves into the depths of this Refuge in this way! This Flame cleanses the soul of all that obstructs the path to holy perfection. My child, call My children into this Flame of Holy Love, which so long has sought to sanctify the world through love. My Son sends Me over and over to call souls from the path of perdition through this Consuming Torch that is My Immaculate Heart – Holy Love. Give praise and homage to He who so sends Me.”

October 10, 1994

Our Lady comes in two shades of blue. She says: “Behold My Son, always and truly present in the tabernacles of the world though little esteemed. Commend to His Benevolent Heart your every need in the present, as well as, the future.” Now Our Lady has white flowers falling from Her Heart. “My angel, you do not see the graces you merit with each trial when you accept all in Holy Love. This acceptance is your peace. It is only when the soul opposes God’s Will for him that he loses peace. So it is humble submission to God’s Divine Will that earns for the soul swift passage on the path of holiness and advancement towards holy perfection. I am sending a certain joy to you soon, which some would consider a cross but you will recognize as My grace. It will convert many. Do not speculate its nature. The grace will not announce itself but arrive unexpectedly.” She smiles because She knows I’m curious. “Be at peace in the present moment.”

October 30, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to discuss with you the difference between holy perfection and being a perfectionist. The one who seeks to be perfected in the virtues does so out of love of Me. The one who seeks perfectionism in the worldly sense has created a barrier between My Heart and his own.” 

“To desire holiness and perfection in the virtues is a lofty goal provided the only concern is to please God. Such a one does not concern himself for worldly esteem. He is at peace – cooperating with the Divine Will of My Father.”

“The worldly perfectionist is greatly concerned with the way others perceive him. If he should make a mistake, he is quick to make excuses and blame others. It is difficult for such a one to acknowledge his own error. The perfectionist is not content with looking into his own heart, but he can readily see the errors of all those around him.” 

“While the one who tries to be perfected in virtue loses his own will in the Will of God – the perfectionist is full of opinions which he cannot let go of readily. The perfectionist most often has himself at the center of his thoughts and motives, while the one who seeks perfection in the virtues tries to always have love of God at the center of his thoughts, words and actions.”

“The perfectionist has trouble forgiving both himself and others. But Holy Love always makes allowances. In humility the soul must forgive and understand that human forgiveness is a mirror of the soul’s humility and a shadow of God’s infinite Mercy.”

“Make it known.”

January 5, 2001
Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to thank those who supported Heaven in this last presidential election. Through your prayers righteousness has been victorious. I say we won a victory, but we are not yet triumphant, as the battle between good and evil wages on in hearts and in the world. Therefore, continue to pray towards the hour of triumph.”

“Yes, the sea lies deceitfully calm as I speak to you, but on the horizon of the world brews another storm, one of greater intensity. Remember, the victory we have just won together and understand that prayer overcomes evil.”

“Yes, the hour of triumph of Our United Hearts is within reach. But it is not approached by spectacle and grandeur. The path of triumph is humble, little and unassuming. The path of this holy perfection through love is not even recognizable to the proud of heart. For My triumph must come into the heart through simplicity not importance.” 

“As I triumph in hearts, so shall I triumph in the world, claiming each soul that allows love its victory from within. As righteousness has won out in this election, so it must win out in hearts. This is what you must endeavor to pray for.”

“My brothers and sisters, My Mother and I are praying for those here today for grace to be accepted into hearts. Just as I prayed for healings when I walked the face of the earth, so I pray here today.”

“Understand that My victory will come as a triumph of love and mercy in hearts and in the world. Thus shall we reign triumphant in merciful and Holy and Divine Love – United.”

“As Satan sees that this is the vehicle of My triumph, Holy and Divine Love are under attack. Therefore I beseech all here and all who this message is made known to, to pray for the strengthening of this mission. The way will be shown that it will be spread to each continent. We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

July 23, 2011

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help everyone to realize the path of Holy Perfection is strewn with many obstacles. Two of the most prevalent are discouragement and unforgiveness.” 

“These are both weapons that Satan wields against the soul who pursues the spiritual journey of Holy Love. He poses arguments clothed in discouragement so that the soul begins to feel he will never be able to become holy. The enemy brings to light past sins and nurtures unforgiveness in the heart by reminding the soul of past injuries.”

“Whenever a soul begins to lose his peace for any reason – but most certainly in the ways I have mentioned here – he can be certain Satan is at work. These are things the enemy does not want revealed; he works under the cover of darkness. I am exposing his work to the Light of Truth.”

October 16, 2011

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“From the beginning of time, the Father held the Revelation of the Chambers of the United Hearts in the Bosom of His Divine Will, waiting to reveal it to this generation – at this site. The Chambers are a deliverance, a conversion and purification of heart so desperately needed in a world given over to self-love.”

“No one can live in Holy Love outside of the Chambers of the United Hearts. Each Chamber is a progression in holy perfection. Every Chamber purifies the soul in the Eyes of God, taking the heart deeper into self-knowledge and convicting the soul of all that opposes Holy Love. The Flame of Holy Love that is Our Mother’s Heart, burns through each Chamber, for here is an all-consuming, purifying Heart of Love.”

“Those who seek personal holiness with a sincere heart may think it is just a journey between themselves and God, but in reality, all who seek personal holiness are plunged into the Chambers of the United Hearts – there to be purified in the Flame of Holy Love, for Our Heavenly Mother is a part of every ongoing conversion.”

January 14, 2012

St. Francis de Sales comes and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

I wasn’t sure it was him. He said: “My feast day is forthcoming. Look on your calendar.” I found it on January 24th. He said: “Now do you believe me? I have come to you to speak about the effects of Holy Love in the heart.”

“Holy Love can transform the most mundane task into a powerful redemptive tool in the Hands of God.”

“Holy Love, when it is accepted in the heart, can transform darkness into the Light of Truth.”

“Holy Love can inspire victory over sin; therefore, Holy Love is the foundation of every conversion of heart.”

“Holy Love is the vehicle of surrender of free will to accept God’s Divine Will.”

“It is Holy Love which helps the soul to recognize God’s grace in every cross.”

These are sound reasons for souls to accept these Messages and to support this Mission of Holy Love by living the Messages. To do so is to allow your heart to be transformed by Holy Love. To do so is to follow the pursuit of Holy Perfection.”

January 24, 2012
St. Francis de Sales – Feast Day


St. Francis de Sales says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The road to salvation and Holy Perfection is Holy Love. This is a Truth that will not change due to disbelief. This, being stated, it follows that the road to perdition is all that opposes Holy Love. I cannot state this more clearly.”

“Stop and consider now who would lead you away from pursuing the path of Holy Love. Would it not be the enemy of your salvation?”

“Once again, I tell you, the Truth does not change according to your belief or disbelief. It is always the Truth. Holy Love is Truth itself – the path of your salvation.”

P.M. January 24, 2012

St. Francis de Sales says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“You see, I am permitted to return to you on my feast day. (St. Francis de Sales). Today I have come to affirm to you that the path of perfection is in and through Holy Love. This Truth cannot be altered. Even if the soul refuses to accept the Truth of these Messages, he cannot reach perfection spiritually outside of Holy Love.”

“Further I state, the rejection of these Truths of Holy Love reflects a stubborn pride, which in itself, is an obstacle to perfection. Such stubbornness is the fruit of intellectual pride which will not permit the soul to discover the Truth. It carries with it self-satisfaction – the penalty of which is evident in this world and present in the next.”

“Since these Messages of Holy Love are a light on the path of Truth, how foolish it is to reject them out of sanctimony, arrogance or any other snare Satan may lay for you.”

“Your country is facing unprecedented decisions which must be resolved in Holy Love if great trials are to be avoided. This is the only way around Satan’s traps. Laws which have little regard for human rights must be abolished. Herein lies the strength your nation now lacks. Open your hearts. Heed my warnings!”

April 5, 2012
Holy Thursday Adoration

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Refine the love in your heart until it is one with My Most Sacred Heart; then My Mother will hold you always as She is holding Me here tonight; then Our Hearts will be united, never to part. They will beat as one.”

“Do not let anyone or anything destroy your peace. A trusting heart is always at peace, for love conquers every situation. Love and Trust are always together in the heart – working together – beating together.”

“Foster no grudge against anyone. Be ambitious only for holiness – only for Holy Perfection. This is the lofty goal which does not pass, but bears everlasting fruit.”

May 18, 2013

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“When you accept everything God sends you in the present moment, not only are you practicing Holy Humility and Holy Love, you are also living in God’s Divine Will. This is how it’s done. This is how you reach Holy Perfection. There is no other way.” 

“This does not mean only accepting the cross, but accepting the roses, as well. For God is in every victory and desires you enjoy the triumph. God will support you in every trial – most especially if you accept it by your surrender – but He also rejoices with you in every victory. Be pleased to know this.”