Satan’s Tactics / Guises / Deceits

September 12, 1993

From Our Lady
“Dear children, I come to ask that you make of your hearts burning vigils of faith, ever mindful of Satan‘s attempts to undermine the true faith by means of his deceit. These days in the final struggle My adversary portrays black as white, and white as black. ‘Freedom’ has become slavery to sin. And My Beloved Son has been de-frocked of the dignity and awe due Him in His Real Presence on the altar. Only by the merit of your prayers and sacrifices can darkness come into the light. Therefore, My dear little children, pray, pray, pray.”

December 22, 1993

“Please write down what I have come to tell you. Let all the world give praise to Jesus.” Our Lady is here in gold and white. “Dear children, in order to uncover Satan in the world, it is necessary to uncover him first in your own lives. The adversary is everywhere. He is in all self-love. He is in every thought, word, or action that is contrary to Holy Love. He opposes your every effort in this regard, trying to obstruct your journey on the path of holiness. Therefore, little children, you must live in Holy Love in the present moment. This will require effort and a conscious choice, as your will becomes Holy Love.” She leaves.

April 5, 1995

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Fatima. She is bending over me and Her Heart is exposed. She says: “My daughter, let us give praise and thanks to Jesus. Today, I come to remind you once again to have every confidence in the grace of My Immaculate Heart. It is Satan who tries to make you lose focus and makes everything seem most desperate. My Victory is coming and with it the glorious reign of My Son’s Eucharistic Heart on Earth. It is then ideologies will be harmonious, faith will be pure and unadulterated once again, and people will be united in truth and peace. These days preceding the hideous reign of the Antichrist – both in hearts and in the world – Satan uses division as a tactic to bring down the good and uphold evil. This is why I continue to call you to reconcile yourselves in the safe Refuge of My Heart. There is no other attainable goal of merit, for no good lives outside My Heart.”

July 28, 1995

“My angel, I desire My children realize the course of Satan‘s attack. He seeks to destroy belief in the means by which good will triumph. This is why, in the world today, you find diminished respect for My Son’s Real Presence. He attacks the hearts of My Son’s Priests, making it difficult for them to keep the Eucharist the center of their lives. The adversary deplores devotion to My Immaculate Heart and to the Rosary. He uses every means to discourage such prayer. He comes against ministries and apostolates that promote these truths. Evil knows in advance the war is lost, but he is trying to snatch as many souls from My Heart as he can before the appointed hour of his defeat. Therefore My little daughter, pray for strong faith and ask My children to seek My protection in every attack. Where Satan is revealed, he is weakened. Then I ask you to make this known. Give praise to Jesus.”

August 31, 1995

Our Lady is here in gray and white. She is floating on a pink cloud. She says: “My daughter, I have a message for the good people who will come tonight. Dear children, last week I requested a united prayer effort in September for My ministry. Be generous in your response as Heaven is ready to act. Jesus desires that you pray against the evil about to unfold in Beijing. This is the serpent striking against the heel of The Woman Clothed with the Sun. Only evil hearts could contrive such atrocities against love. Once again I emphasize; Satan has removed just reason from hearts and from the world, and replaced it with his evil. You, My dear, dear children, are My warriors of Holy Love. Your weapons are the Eucharist and My Rosary. The third weapon I give to you is the Truth. You must use it to reveal evil where it lies hidden. Satan’s greatest weapon is his deception of non-existence. Truth discloses evil. Where deception is revealed, it lies weakened and open to defeat. My words to you on Holy Love are truth and scripturally based. There is no intellect who can truthfully dispute this. Use My messages to unclothe evil in the world around you. My dear love warriors, I am with you tonight and always. I am holding you in My Heart.” She leaves.


November 12, 1995
Monthly Message to All Nations – Indian Hollow Park, Lorain County, Ohio


“I desire that these things come to light so that souls understand more deeply the profound nature of My call. These days My Son’s Church lies divided and faces the challenge of compromise and rebellion against the true dogma of faith. Just as there were the devout, the doubters, and even a traitor amongst the first apostles, so it is in the Church hierarchy today. But the Church will not succumb and will prevail. It is necessary that She pass through a period of purification to bring about wholeness. This trial is upon you. Satan who was unable to defile Jesus in My Womb — the first tabernacle — now seeks to compromise My Son’s Real Presence in the tabernacles of the world through doubt and error. In a similar way the adversary challenges all life in the womb. In order to accomplish these atrocities, he takes hearts away from sound spirituality and pulls them into the false reasoning of the world. Often this is accomplished through the door of the pride of intelligencia. Real wisdom comes from God and does not challenge the sound doctrine of Church tradition. Real wisdom leads to Holy Love.”

“Dear children, these days you must realize that wars are not waged between nations, but in hearts. Satan‘s weapons are compromise, doubt, and confusion. But your weapon, dear children, is your strong faith, with which you give Me your Rosaries. This weapon is stronger than anything that Satan can conjure up.”

“Dear children, I want you to let Me protect your faith. I come to you today as your Mother and your Protectress. Do not hesitate to call upon Me. It is through your prayers, I am converting millions.”

Now there are many angels here; and, as Our Lady blesses us, they move about the people here. She leaves.

February 10, 1996

“The time is fast approaching, when that which is outside of the United Hearts will be laid waste. Satan is conspiring in certain hearts to destroy peace. Cling fast to the present day Manna of the Eucharist. Do not be swayed by free thinking, for today, the guise of Satan is free conscience — free choice.”

April 3, 1997

Our Lady comes under the title ‘Refuge of Holy Love’. She says: “Praise be Jesus. I am coming to you under this title of Holy Love because these are such decisive times. I want to help you, my dear children, to choose good over evil. Do not allow Satan to make every decision look trivial or the same as another. Every decision is for or against love, and so leads you closer or farther away from God. The evil one does not want you to understand this. His ultimate goal in every heart is to make damnation look like salvation. This is what compromise leads to.”

“Let us discuss compromise. The heart of the church is the Eucharist. My Son is either truly present in the Eucharist or He is not. There is no in between. Jesus says He is present.”


September 29, 2014

“Satan has successfully disguised evil as good. He does this by

  • concealing hidden agendas,
  • by using people of high authority and rank in the world, and
  • by promoting within hearts love of worldly esteem, money and power.

Such ambitions oppose humility and Holy Love.”

February 18th, 2015

“Satan is the ‘father of lies’ and uses his lies to

  • discredit good,
  • misdirect the ones searching for Truth and
  • misinform the well-intended.

Satan is the enemy of all Truth and therefore, the enemy of God’s Commandments and Holy Love.”

“Recognize Satan’s smoke in the world today. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Protect your hearts with St. Michael’s Shield of Truth. Realize that your faith is Satan’s target. Then come to Me, as I am the Protectress of your faith.”


June 24, 2006  

“My little children, you do not understand with what guile Satan attacks you. You must always pray to uncover the enemy’s lies. All sin is a betrayal of Holy Love in your heart. The adversary has a higher intellect than you realize. He knows the portal of your self-love he can enter, and before you see his hand in your thoughts, words and deeds, he has made you an enemy of Holy Love.”

“Begin to see that your Heavenly Mother comes seeking your welfare, your salvation, and to offer you the safe Refuge of Her Heart, which is Holy Love itself. Do not make false gods of title, money, power or reputation. Have the heart of a little child which holds no guile or self-interest, but only love. I am the Patroness of the spiritual child that comes to Me in littleness.”



March 11, 2004

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you recognize Satan’s tactics so that you will not be under his influence. Satan is in confusion, anger and fear. He is the carrier of lack of peace. He tries to discourage any positive effort by telling you there is no way out of certain situations, that prayer and sacrifice are useless because the petitions in your heart are too awesome for any prayer to be effective.”

“If none of this works and you persevere in prayer, he moves to a higher level. He tells you that which you are praying for is probably not the Divine Will of God; therefore, better to give it up, for if you got what you prayed for it would be disastrous anyway. If you still do not give up, he brings in one distraction after another as you pray, hoping to keep you from prayer altogether.”

“He is untiring in his efforts. He puts people in your life that upset you. Some are his cohorts-others unwittingly his puppets. Each soul must be aware of these insidious tactics of the enemy in order not to succumb to them.”

“You will please make this known.”


August 11, 2006
Second Friday Rosary Service to Pray for Priests

St. John Vianney is here. He smiles at the priest who is present, and blesses him. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My brothers and sisters, if you do not recognize the portal that Satan comes through to reach the inner recesses of your heart with his temptations–if you do not recognize the path he draws you upon with his evil inspirations–then you are giving him free reign in your hearts and in your lives. This is especially true of priests who are the most popular targets of evil. You must pray for the wisdom to recognize and to know the enemy; then you will be ready for his next attack, and he will not trip you up.”

“Tonight I’m extending to you my Priestly Blessing.”


March 28, 2000

“I have returned, My sister, to continue My instruction on the false conscience. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The soul who has taken on a false or compromised conscience stands quite ready to forgive himself of anything and everything. He grabs ahold of any excuse for his behavior, whether it is real or presented to him by Satan. Worse yet, he does not recognize Satan‘s disguises or door of entry into his soul. He listens willingly to Satan’s ‘logic’ and begins to accept sin as normal behavior. The evil one always dresses sin as attractive, easy, acceptable, and rewarding. He does not come to the soul looking like the evil that he is. He plays on the person’s ego as though it were a finely-tuned piano. He uses love of self as the keyboard. He may say to the soul, ‘You deserve this or that. Look how hard you work and what little compensation you receive.’ Or he may use this approach: ‘You must think of yourself. No one else will.’ ‘You have prayed enough.’ ‘You have had enough children.’ ‘You deserve better.’ ”

“It is this inordinate self-centeredness that leads the soul away from the axis of all good – Holy Love. I desire souls watch out for Satan – for the sign of his activity in their midst. If souls wait until they see his horns and smell smoke, it will be too late.”

“Please make this known.”


August 30, 2004

St. Thomas Aquinas comes and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I have come to tell you that discouragement and guilt often go hand in hand. These two are both Satan’s tools. Together they promote insecurity in the soul that sets out with good intentions. He is made to feel his efforts in the past were inadequate and so they will be inadequate in the future. In this way Satan sets him up for failure before he begins.”

“But you must understand that God can bring good from any situation. He can turn the feeblest efforts into a great and decisive victory. Each soul must learn to recognize Satan‘s guises. If the soul is blind to this, the adversary enters the picture like a Trojan horse. I tell you, the battle is half won when the enemy is recognized.”

March 24, 2007

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have sent St. Michael to you with his Shield of Truth, for these days there is much untruth which is presented clothed in goodness. Egos have become so sensitive that they will not stand correction. But in truth I tell you, position and rank do not rule out error–the exception being the Holy Father himself when he uses his power of authority.”

“Some elected officials feel their position deems them infallible and even above God’s law. But all are liable to judgment under the law of love. If they do not stand for Holy Love on every subject, then they stand against it.”

“Today, more than ever, all souls need the true gift of discernment so that they can recognize Satan and his insidious snares. I invite and I urge each soul to pray fervently for discernment daily. Do not presume you have this gift, but ask and you will recognize it when it is given. Do not take pride in any gift.”


July 7, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Ever since Lucifer’s fall from Heaven there has been evil in the world. It is important that souls realize this and pray to discern good from evil. Satan does not want you to recognize that there are good choices and evil choices out there. Evil masquerades as opinions and political choices.”

“Certainly you must, as Christians, realize that abortion is evil and that any politician who supports abortion is supporting evil. The evil one makes abortion appear as a right and not a sin. It is the same with homosexuality and same-sex marriage. These are choices between good and evil, not freedom or lack of freedom.”

“I come to you to help you direct your free will choices into alignment with the Will of God. This is the only course to peace and security in the world.”