Information About the Seer

My mission in you is the function of My ministry in the world.
October 15, 1995

Our Lady comes in blue with a crown on Her head. She has Her arms around the dresser I bought. She says: “I come in praise of Jesus to teach you that even in this, there is a lesson. This furniture you chose is not unlike My ministry. God created the wood just as He created each one in the ministry. He did not dictate to the wood: ‘You must be furniture.’ Just as He does not dictate to each of you: ‘You must be in My ministry, or you must choose to be single or married, etc…’, that is always according to free will. To create the furniture from the wood, He gave certain gifts to certain ones, who used these gifts to make the furniture. So, too, God gives each one in the ministry certain gifts, which united comprise the ministry. The furniture is given a lacquer and a certain design to enhance its appearance. I give to the ministry My Grace to enhance its work among men. When the furniture is completed, it has a certain function in the world. My mission in you is the function of My ministry in the world. I make this simplistic analogy so that all will hear and understand. You will make it known.”


March 20, 2009

Today Jesus told me after Communion — “The Ministry is like a flower in the Spring that turns its face towards Heaven and opens in full bloom. The roots of this ‘flower’ are the Messages themselves. The stem would be the physical face of the Mission in the world–buildings, lakes, land, etc. The leaves are all the miracles. The beautiful bloom itself is all the souls whose lives turn towards God because of this Mission. Each petal is such a soul.”