Guardian Angels


March 1, 1995

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She nods and says: “I am Mary, Mother of Jesus Incarnate. I desire you make known My desire that the Prayer Cells serve as a distribution point for My messages. I encourage the guardian angels to form Prayer Cells themselves, and become more powerful in their service to Me. Take the time each day, My daughter, to pray for the formation of these groups. It is important the names of the leaders of each cell be filed at the Ministry for easy accessibility. The Prayer Cells are the complete unfolding of My plan.”


April 5, 1999 Monthly Message to All Nations

Part 1 “I am here, your Jesus, born Incarnate. Alleluia! Today, once again, I come seeking peace in all hearts. I remind you, peace only comes to you through love – Holy Love. You have war in the world because love was replaced in hearts by evil. Do not be concerned only for how the war might affect you or if it will affect you. With compassion pray for those left homeless. Pray for those who have accepted ethnic cleansing as righteousness. Pray that Satan retreats and loses his grasp on hearts.” “Let My Resurrection be a sign to you now – today – in this present moment – that I will be triumphant in the New Jerusalem. I am victorious in every heart that loves, today and always. This message of Holy and Divine Love draws you out of compromise and into the reality of holiness. It takes you away from the artificial values of the world. The message itself uncovers for you everything in your hearts that lies in conflict with your salvation.” “Today, as you contemplate the great value of My Resurrection, understand that without the Cross, there would be no Resurrection. Then, understand that you too are given crosses that will bring victory.” Part 2 Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Our Lady says: “Praise be Jesus.” Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, offer the Glorious Mysteries today for all those who have no peace in their hearts. Once again I tell you, genuine peace is based on Holy Love and you will not gain true peace by any other means.” “My brothers and sisters, send your guardian angels tonight to all those who are in conflict in Kosovo and ask their guardian angels to intercede and bring peace into the hearts of those involved. My brothers and sisters, you do not see the severity of the situation at hand, but I am telling you that what is on the surface only reflects what is in the heart.” The United Hearts Blessing is given.



August 20, 2001

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, think of trust as the vessel that holds each soul’s heart still, and allows Me to fill it with Divine Love. If the vessel begins to leak, the Love I desire that the heart holds is in jeopardy. The little heart begins to squirm away from Me.” “Perhaps the vessel cracks because of lack of trust in My Mercy. Then the heart is exposed to all sorts of error. Or perhaps the vessel is chipped in some way as the soul does not recognize evil and sin in his life. Then the little heart is in grave danger of tearing as it rubs against this abrasive surface. Sin always erodes holy trust for it takes the soul farther away from Me. The farther the soul is from Me, the more difficult it is to trust in My Love and Mercy.” “Consider then, that trust is your protection against evil. This is why Satan does not want you to trust, and why he comes as a thief attempting to steal your trust in Me away. Ask your guardian angel to stand guard over this vessel of trust that I place every heart in at conception.”     “I will bless you.”

June 9, 2003 Monday United Hearts Confraternity Service


…..Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My brothers and sisters, I call each of you to be perfected in love, for this is the Will of My Eternal Father. Let your guardian angels stand guard over your hearts, weeding out all that is evil, all the suggestions that Satan wants you to grasp, and clinging only to Holy Love in the present moment.” …………

November 17, 2003
“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to you seeking your greater understanding of these truths. Just as humility is the light that shines through every virtue, pride is at the root of every sin. Every soul has some pride in his innermost heart. The journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts is a journey that helps the soul discover where pride takes over in thought, word and deed in any present moment.” “The one that is full of self-interest, the one that seeks recognition in the world, the one who safeguards his reputation is the soul who must look into his own heart, and ask Me to help him eradicate the inordinate self-love in his heart. When the soul discovers inordinancies within his heart, he must not by presumptuous supposing he can overcome these faults on his own without the help of grace. As he begins to conquer his areas of pride, he must ask his guardian angel not to let him fall into self-righteousness. This is a trap leading to pharisaical pride.” “In every present moment I am your fortress–My Mother’s Immaculate Heart your shield. Trust in these words.”

July 30, 2005

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”     “I desire your complete submission to My Father’s Will in every present moment. Therefore, begin each day with this prayer:” Prayer for Personal Sanctification in the Present Moment “Heavenly Father, I desire to live in your Divine Will in every present moment by living in Holy Love in thought, word and deed.”


“When I am distracted or tempted, I ask my guardian angel to remind me of the present moment so that I may sanctify each moment through Holy Love. Amen.”


July 28, 2006
“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”   “I have come to remind you to let Holy Love stand vigil over your heart in every present moment. Ask your guardian angel for his help in this regard. Otherwise the enemy will find the same port of entry into your thoughts, your actions and your decisions. You must be cognizant of the way that Satan operates if you intend to oppose him.” “Make it known.”

October 27, 2007

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque says: “Praise be to Jesus. Jesus allows me to return.” “Just as everyone’s present moment is individual, so too, everyone’s surrender is an individual effort. Surrender to God’s Divine Will is not, as some believe, a one-time event. No, indeed! Surrender to the Divine Will must be accomplished over and over throughout the day, sometimes in every present moment when the cross is most burdensome.” “Jesus’ surrender in Gethsemane was complete and perfect. Yet, He had to continually surrender to His Father’s Will throughout His Passion. This is because Satan tried to tempt Him to come down from the Cross. It is no different in the moment to moment surrender that each soul gives to Jesus. Satan tries to tempt the soul into rejecting the cross, the greater the cross, the greater the temptation.” “Remember, Jesus had angels minister to Him after His surrender to His Father’s Will. Each soul has his guardian angel next to him helping him to surrender, and supporting him in the face of each temptation to abandon his surrender.” “Jesus desires that you seek the shelter of your angel’s wings in living out these Messages of Holy and Divine Love, which is God’s Divine Will


May 17, 2010 Monday Service – Peace in All Heats through Holy Love

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, each of you has a guardian angel which stands watch over your heart day and night and every present moment. Open your hearts and allow this angel to usher in the power of the Holy Spirit.” ……………


September 27, 2010 Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, tonight I invite each one of you to surrender to My call to personal holiness. Follow the inspiration of your guardian angels which will lead you down the path of perfection in Holy Love and in every virtue; then you will be deep in the Chambers of Our United Hearts. This is the way to peace in your own heart and peace in the world.” ……                                                           

                                                                        March 14, 2011 “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”   “Today, solemnly I tell you, it is lack of wisdom which contributes to many of mankind’s problems; for it is wisdom which gives intuition as to the scope of situations and decisions. Thoughts, words and actions clothed in wisdom are never hasty, impulsive or rash.” “It is wisdom which guards the heart in Holy Love as a great treasure of priceless value. It is wisdom which prompts the soul to follow the positive path his guardian angel directs him upon.” “Wisdom has a sobering effect upon the heart committed to sin. Wisdom always comes clothed in the truth.” “Wisdom is like a shield around human frailty – always urging the right decisions in Holy Love.” “If wisdom were heeded, Holy Love would be victorious. There would be no more war, violence or moral degeneration; for wisdom is freedom from the imprisonment of sin. Wisdom is the revelation of Satan’s temptations and traps.” “It is through the gate of wisdom that all truth is accepted and revealed.”


December 24, 2011

Alanus (My Guardian Angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.”     “I am with you in every present moment. This is true of everyone’s guardian angel. It is our job to help those in our charge to live in Holy Love; but I stand next to you as a Seraphim – the most powerful of all the angels. When you pray, I surround you with ministering angels that carry your prayers to God’s Eternal Throne on High. Therefore, never be discouraged in prayer. Heaven has turned a benevolent ear towards you.” “Do not be afraid to send me off to serve others. I, like all other Heavenly beings, can bi-locate. Therefore, I can assist others far away and still be with you. That is what it is like to live in Heaven where there is no time or space.” “I am your strength in your weakness. I am your peace in any anxiety. I can turn the crudeness of people to mildness. I can suggest alternatives in the face of seeming failures or defeat.” “Therefore, learn to depend on me all the more. I stand at your service – as your guardian and companion.”

January 27, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas says:…..”I come today to tell you that all grace is Holy Love. This is so, as all grace passes through the conduit of Holy Love – the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The grace of the present moment, then, is always the invitation to accept or reject Holy Love. Free will can allow the action of this Holy Love Grace to influence thoughts, words and deeds towards Holy Love or free will can reject the graces offered.” “The soul is never abandoned by Holy Love, but always surrounded by this Grace and encouraged by his guardian angel to accept the grace of the present moment. It must be made clear, then, that all that opposes this present moment Grace of Holy Love is not of God, but inspired by the enemy of every soul. Never before in the history of mankind has the world so freely rejected the law of Holy Love unchecked.” “Consciences, in the name of freedom, do not allow themselves to be guided by Holy Love. In so doing, they reject graces.” “I tell you these things today, for in order that the heart of the world mend its relationship with God, a renewal of positive response to Holy Love in the present moment must begin.”


July 25, 2012

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”     “Trustful surrender is the doorway to holiness. The soul that hangs on to every problem or tries to oppose the cross is not stepping through this beloved doorway of trustful surrender.” “Never fall into Satan’s trap of trusting too much in yourself; then you will trip on the way through the doorway of trust. With such souls, God steps back and lets them discover their dependency upon Him. Ask your guardian angel to stand watch over your heart in each present moment so that you do not fall into the snare of the evil one.”


October 2, 2012 Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Alanus (Maureen’s guardian angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.”   “I have come, of course, to speak to you about guardian angels. Guardian angels are like the policemen of your soul. They are present to serve and to protect.” “They influence moment to moment choices toward God’s Will, for this is always the best choice. These angels shed light on evil and always attempt to lead the soul around Satan’s snares.” “These same angels stand guard over the soul’s conscience, convicting it in any weakness towards Holy Love. One precious way these guardians serve is to encourage the soul in a deeper life of virtue, thereby taking the soul deeper into the United Hearts. As the guardians do this, they give the soul a strong distaste for sin.” “So you understand more fully the vital role each guardian angel plays in salvation. Develop a closer relationship with your angel. Talk to him throughout the day. Ask him for his help. Ask him to touch the hearts of those you must deal with in any given moment by his speaking to their angels.”
“You will witness your guardian angel’s profound influence.”


October 16, 2012 Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”     “Entrust to Me your will. In this way, I will choose for you what is good and holy. This is the way to sanctification and holiness through Holy Love. Do not fall, as so many do, into self-centeredness. This is the open door to Satan’s wiles. Confide to My Heart the details of every cross. Then, I will be able to show you where free will has chosen wrongly and often through self-love. It is this same self-love which magnifies every cross and pulls souls away from Mount Calvary.”   “It is when you entrust your will to Me that you are the strongest, for then we do everything together. Within My Sacred Heart is your strength.” “Self-centeredness pulls you away from Me and back into the world. This is how sin enters. Always wait on My lead and the inspiration of your angel. Sometimes this may come through the words of others – sometimes it comes through circumstances which either support or oppose Holy Love. But, if I have your will in My Most Sacred Heart, I will show you the way. Surrender your will, then, to My Guidance and Care.”


January 7, 2013 Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, each morning when you arise, ask your guardian angel to lead you around every obstacle to Holy Love. These obstacles are always somehow clothed in disordered self-love.” ……..


November 16, 2013

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”   “I tell you solemnly, consciences which are formed around Holy Love are deemed righteous in God’s Eyes. These are the ones who embrace the Commandments and pursue the virtuous life. If Holy Love is not the basis of every virtue, then compromise sneaks in and begins its insidious destruction.” “The structure of compromise is always self-serving. The mentality is such as: ‘I can get away with it; there will be no consequences; I deserve this, so I’ll take – use – it.’ This is why disordered self-love is such an enemy of the soul. Self-love, when it is inordinate, stresses some worldly reward. Holy Love seeks to serve God and neighbor.” “When a soul seeks holiness, but cannot purge himself of so much self-love, it is like this. Holiness is like a beautiful apple hanging high on the tree. The soul seeking holiness begins the climb, but compromise sneaks in. Halfway up the tree, the soul slips and falls – never to reach the ‘apple’ or holiness. The good news is he can always begin the climb over again.” “The soul must remember to use his guardian angel to give him a ‘boost’ in the right direction. It is grace that makes the ‘apple’ so appealing and delectable. Some walk by the tree and never notice it. Still others see the ‘apple’ but regard it as unattainable. Still others begin the climb but easily become discouraged. Each one’s angel is ready and willing to help the soul in his efforts to reach the ‘apple’ of personal holiness.” “The tree is Holy Love and each branch is a virtue given to help the soul rise higher in his climb. The branches – the virtues – offer firm support if they are strong in Holy Love. The little birds that rest in the branches are your neighbors seeking your help, which you gladly give in Holy Love.” “You must hold on tightly to the branches or virtues as you climb towards your goal of personal holiness. Satan often blows a strong wind of compromise into the tree, hoping to make you slip and fall. A firm resolve to reach your goal and the help of your angel will enable you to hang on.” “Keep your eyes and your heart on the goal and climb ever higher towards it.”

January 10, 2014

Alanus (Maureen’s Guardian Angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “Yesterday, dear charge of mine, you found your way to your destination obstructed, but I led you along the path of a detour. You safely reached your goal. How many in life are discouraged by the first obstruction to their personal holiness and never pursue an alternative route?” “Personal holiness is not valued these days and so is not vigorously pursued. Any little distraction throws many into a dither; never to return to the ultimate goal of union with the Divine Will.” “Of course, I make reference to the journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts, which in and of itself, is the straight path to union with God’s Will. The undiscerning heart is easily misled by lack of approvals, rumors and calumnies. Thrown off track, they lose their way amongst even greater distractions in the world.” “Some – many – never find their way back to the straight and narrow path of Holy Love through these Sacred Chambers. The detours they take do not reach the desired goal. All of these alternative routes are Satan’s deception if they lead away from union with the Divine Will.” “As your angel, I can keep you on track more easily as you see me. Those who do not see their angels must listen to the quiet whisperings in their hearts.”


January 18, 2014

Blessed Mother says: …”Today, dear children, realize what a great obstacle unforgiveness is to your spiritual journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. You cannot progress spiritually in the present moment if your hearts are imprisoned in the past by unforgiveness.” “You need to imitate God’s Divine Mercy in the present moment. This is the vehicle which propels you through the Sacred Chambers of Our United Hearts. When you surrender all grudges or bitterness, you are free of the burden of unforgiveness. Then your angel can take you by the hand and lead you through the Chambers. It is only through an act of your free will in response to God’s Grace that you can forgive. Choose forgiveness.”

March 15, 2014

Alanus (Maureen’s Guardian Angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “I am the spiritual compass of your heart. Every heart has such a compass. Some souls cannot ‘read’ their compass – that is, they do not listen to their angels and they become lost along the way. Others are diverted, forgetting to check their compass, forgetting to notice where they are being led.” “But, each soul has his angel to guide and protect his spiritual journey. These days, souls need to be reminded of what direction they travel.” * * This is one of the purposes of the Lenten Season.

June 6, 2015
“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”   “When I was a lad, My Mother found Me in the Temple as I was lost. These days, I am sending My Mother into the world to find her lost children once again. This is what every apparition is about. It is unfortunate the lost ones today are not found preaching about the Kingdom but, rather, opposing the Will of God by their lifestyles.” “Many do not recognize My Mother when She calls them through the grace of Her Heart. Rather, they continue on their errant path disguising their sins as rights and ignoring the Truth. But My Mother is never discouraged and with a Mother’s Love* continues to approach each soul with the grace of the present moment. These graces may come through people or events, the spoken word or grace-filled thoughts – all meant to draw souls back to their salvation.” “My Mother’s Love for every soul is omnipresent and unfailing. She desires, as I do, to spend eternity with each one. As Queen of the Holy Angels, she tells each guardian angel the best way to influence each soul towards his salvation. There is no love in the world comparable to My Mother’s Love for each soul. You cannot grasp the depths of Her Love.” “Please Me by pleasing Her.” * Our Blessed Mother’s Love is the definition and description of Holy Love. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13

March 30, 2016 Wednesday of the Octave of Easter

Our Lady comes all in white with five or six angels around Her. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. Many do not invoke their angels enough and thus are void of their assistance. People do not understand the ways angels can help them. For instance, angels can act as emissaries suggesting peace in the midst of conflict. Angels can reverse the direction of satanic storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes and even weaken them. Angels encourage acts of kindness and discourage evil. It is your angel who leads you around danger and into safety.” “It is your angel who shows you what situations to avoid and what people to avoid. Turn your spiritual ear towards your angel and listen.”


April 18, 2016 Monday Service – For the Conversion of the Heart of the World

Jesus is here…”My brothers and sisters, during these times of confusion, pray often to be defended against a false conscience – a conscience that is compromised in the Truth. Ask your guardian angel to always help you with this, moment by moment. Do not go along with popular opinion.” …………..