Warfare with Evil Spirits



September 28, 1998

Our Lady comes…… My daughter, perhaps this is a bit simplistic, but I wish to compare prayer to the baking of a cake – a task I have watched you perform often.” “The bowl is Holy Love, for without the bowl nothing comes together to form the final product (the cake). The batter is the words of the prayer. It has many ingredients (many words that make up the whole). The batter is placed in a pan. The pan represents prayer intentions such as, petition, thanksgiving, praise, etc. The cake is baked in an oven, which represents the action of the Holy Spirit in the heart as you pray. The final product, the cake, is the prayer the angels take into Heaven for you. While this process of prayer is going on, there are many, many ways the universe is affected. Satan sends his cohorts to attack the person at prayer. (He wants to make the cake fall, the prayer less effective.) The good angels are waging war with the evil spirits trying to allow the prayer to rise to Heaven. Meanwhile, in Heaven, the frosting, or grace, is being prepared for every prayer being offered. Even a cupcake is frosted. Therefore, see even the smallest ejaculatory prayer merits grace.” “I am always with you when you pray. I measure your breath, watch your lips as they pronounce each word, and call you into the presence of God. It is so with each soul. If you forget an ingredient, I add it. I love to flavor your prayers with My love. Therefore, see that you cannot fail in this endeavor, for I am blessing you, I am baking the cake with you.” She smiles and leaves.

October 7, 1998 Feast of the Holy Rosary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Fatima. She spreads Her arms and says: “Praise be to Jesus. My angel, take down these words. I wish to speak to you about prayer in general, and the Rosary in particular.” “Prayer, at its best, is the language of love between God and the soul. The most effective prayer rises from a humble, loving heart. When the soul recognizes its own littleness before God, and at the same time recalls how much he loves God, you can be certain God listens.” “This is why the Rosary is so powerful, and carries with it so many graces. With the Rosary, whole nations can be reconciled to their Creator. With the golden chain of My Rosary, Satan will be bound and gagged. He will be totally defeated and cast into the depths of hell. Therefore, understand it is always Satan who tries to discourage your recitation of the Rosary. It is through the Rosary Holy Love takes root in hearts and ignites personal holiness. When you pray the Rosary, meditating upon its mysteries, I am with you. The angels surround you, the heavenly court defends and assists you.” “My Rosary will defeat Satan and bring peace to hearts and so to the world. I hold special favor in My Heart for those devoted to the Rosary. I encourage the downtrodden, protect the vulnerable, convert the unbeliever -all through My Rosary. My little one, you will please make this known.”


June 3, 2002

“Please take this down. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today the battle cry of all mankind needs to be ‘God’s Will be done’. This is the way to surrender every event–every aspect of life. Holy Love does not insist on its own way (1 Corinthians 13), but asks for God’s Divine Will to triumph in every situation. When you pray this small prayer, ‘God’s Will be done’, the good angels align themselves against any evil that is affecting the present moment.” “These few words alone call the grace of My Mother’s Heart into your petition. My Heart cannot resist such a cry of complete surrender to the Will of My Father. It tells Me you offer no resistance to God’s Eternal Plan.”                   “Make this well known.”




June 25, 2006(Read: Matthew 5:1-12) Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field; Feast of the United Hearts

….Jesus: “Truly, I tell you, the extent and depth of My Mercy is unrecognizable these days, for no one can see nor understand the proliferation of sin in the world during these times. The world at large can be compared to Sodom and Gomorrah multiplied a thousand times over. What withholds the Hand of Justice are the small pockets of those devoted to prayer, especially the rosary and to the Tradition of Faith. Such a site is this Mission here, and also the areas it has reached throughout the world.” “My Sacred Heart bleeds for those who make a mockery of religion. They will find no peace and be confounded by their own misdeeds. An accounting will be asked of them before My Throne. If you really understood the importance of My Words, you would never cease praying for such as these.” “My Mercy falls upon the repentant heart–My consolation upon those described in the Beatitudes. In wisdom, model your hearts in Holy Love, and you will receive consolation.” “Understand that the sun is setting on the generation of apostasy, and rising upon a generation of Holy and Divine Love. As the first rays of this illumination shine upon this site in the world, you will see the glittering Triumph of Our United Hearts take place. Because Mercy and Love, when they are genuine, are inseparable, the graces of Divine Mercy and Divine Love will pour down on the multitude who come here.” “This generation of Holy and Divine Love will outlast Satan’s attacks. Indeed, I tell you, it will reach into the New Jerusalem. Upon this generation I bestow My Trust, and they will be able to accomplish more than any generation in Love and Mercy. I confide to them an army of angels.” “My Father wills that this site of the New Jerusalem become the doorstep of the world. Even your enemies will come in their need. Those who have opposed this site will find their arguments turn to dust in the face of new evidence of Heaven’s presence here. It is beginning and continuing.” “My brothers and sisters, tonight We invite each of you, and all of you, into Our United Hearts, which is truth itself. Brothers and sisters, you must always be searchers for the truth, seek it out before you act or speak; then you will be true instruments of God, and living in His Holy and Divine Will, which is Holy Love.” …….

January 5, 2007 Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

…..Jesus: “Today I have come to help My Remnant understand that it is the subcultures of the world which control and manipulate society in this age of relativism. I speak in particular of the subcultures of homosexuality, feminism and the Masons. All of these are far more widely spread and influential than the average citizen realizes. Their influence is felt in church and world politics, moral standards and finances.” “Remember, I do not come here on the fifth of every month to cooperate with Satan’s lies. I come to uncover evil and to shed light on darkness. I come to strengthen My Remnant Faithful and to fragment the enemy.” “My brothers and sisters, I desire your unity in the truth. Herein lies your peace. Power, as an end in itself, divides. Greed is the fruit of corruption. Reputation is passing at best.” “You, My brothers and sisters, must harvest the truth which is Holy and Divine Love. Only then will you have myriads of angels at your defense and My Immaculate Mother as your Refuge.” “My brothers and sisters, realizing that the heart of the world is controlled by a subculture of perversion, you must decide not to be a part of it. Live always in the Light of Truth. Then, as children of this Light, you will not be tricked into easy compromise.” “This Mission of Holy Love is one of My Command Posts of Truth of the Remnant Faithful and of certain victory. Truth must be victorious in your hearts first and foremost. Therefore, pray to be enlightened as to any fault within your own heart, which presents itself as an obstacle to living in the truth of Holy Love. Such a prayer pleases Me.” “The more souls choose to live in Holy Love, the less the world will be threatened by wars, terrorism, disease and every sort of disaster. People must learn to depend on this Divine solution more than any power in the world. It is this Divine Remedy of Holy Love in hearts that is your peace plan, your cure and your salvation.” “Holy Love is a challenge to live under the sovereignty of God’s Divine Will. Do not be tricked into thinking there is another alternative. Such a suggestion appeals to the god of self-love. You cannot be your own god. Such arrogance has destroyed past civilizations.” “I am telling you these things to help you realize that moral degeneration marks the beginning of the end for certain cultures and nations. This is not My Father’s plan for you, but a path you choose yourselves out of self-love. Only through God’s Will can the victory be won.” “My brothers and sisters, once again I come to invite you into Our United Hearts which is Love and Mercy itself. The path has been laid bare–the way made known. Do not look for any new twist or nuance but follow the tried and true path of Holy and Divine Love, and allow My Father’s Kingdom of His Divine Will to be established in your heart in this present moment.” …………
June 29, 2009 Monday St. Michael Shield of Truth Prayer Service

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, tonight I have come to ask your loyalty to the Messages of Holy Love; be united in these truths. Follow the path of holiness that I have laid bare for you. Do not mind the obstacles along the way, for angels will guide you around every obstacle. Be at peace and have hopeful hearts.”


September 15, 2015    Read Matthew 7:13-14….. Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Sorrows. Before Her are two paths. One is narrow and filled with obstacles and dangers. Wild Beasts are on it. The other is more inviting – wider, no danger that is apparent. Our Lady says,….. “The wider path you see does not seem to hold immediate danger. But many of its dangers are hidden! It seems to lead to salvation, but once on this path the soul is assaulted by Satan’s deceit and is in grave danger. This path does not lead to salvation. The narrow path, though under attack, leads to Heaven. See the angels ready to assist the ones who make the choice of following this path.” (Now the path to Heaven is lined with angels). “The wider path that seems easier to follow opens onto Satan’s snares and pitfalls.”* “So it is, I suffer yet today for those of My children who make poor choices – choices which lead away from their salvation. I cannot choose for them or oppose their free will. Mankind has been given every grace to enable him to make the right choices – choices which lead to Heaven and around every obstacle. But, even when a most obvious grace – such as this apparition** is placed in the midst of the world, it is opposed, disbelieved and the Truth is concealed by lies.” “Yes, My Heart mourns along with the Most Mournful Heart of My Son for those who foolishly choose the wrong path and travel it wholeheartedly – many with a Pharisaical spirit of self-righteousness.”   “Dear children, return to the Truth of the difference between good and evil. Influence those around you to do so! Hasten to your conversion.”
January 28, 2016 Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says:…”The Truth will always be the Truth no matter man’s opinion. Holy Love is fundamental to each one’s salvation. The spectrum of compromise circulating around this Mission of Holy Love* indicates mankind’s reluctance to pursue without reservation his own salvation.”   “If I were to give you a straight path to Heaven, it would be Holy Love. If I were to show you a path to perdition, it would be all that opposes Holy Love. This is a simplification but what you must choose to live by in this valley of tears. Satan places many obstacles upon this straightforward path. Many are disguised as good. This is the reason you have been given angels to assist you along the way – to help you discern good from evil.” “Stand steady in the Truth of Holy Love despite nefarious opinions of others. Hold fast to the Truth.” * The ecumenical Mission of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.