Founding Fathers, Independence, Constitution and Freedom

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February 12, 1995


Our Lady is here…..”Dear children, Jesus sends Me as a loving Mother in order that the eyes of the conscience of your nation may have the scales removed from them. Dear children, the tempter is already in the sanctuary, concealed in hearts full of compromise, and you do not see the grievous errors… Satan takes dominion over many hearts clothed in goodness so as to confuse and confound the holy. Your country will suffer the grace of many misfortunes as a means of revealing and correcting her errors.”

December 23, 1996


Our Lady comes….. “Today I come to you to ask your prayers for a correction of conscience in all nations. These days it is true that many hold themselves blameless where they are in sin. The healthy conscience does not accuse falsely, but neither will such a conscience be persuaded to false innocence. My coming to you with the Holy Love message is a call to all sinners to reexamine the path of their lives according to Holy Love. I tell you, nations that refuse My call and will not repeal ungodly laws, such as abortion, continue to move the world towards chastisement. What is coming can still be mitigated, but only if abortion is eliminated from the world.”
“Mankind expects much but wants to give little back to God. When he should be prostrate asking forgiveness, he is petitioning for favors. In your country many are coming to see My Image on a window. I want to imprint on hearts My message of Holy Love. You will find soon in your midst My favor and grace towards this end.” *NOTE: In December of 1996, a 2-story image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was discovered on the window of a bank building in Clearwater, Florida, USA.


July 30, 1997

….. Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love…..Your country is in great peril, for it does not embrace love of God but love of self.   It governs by human conscience instead of the Ten Commandments.” “Pray, pray, pray!”

October 4, 1997


Our Lady comes…..”My angel, I have come to help you understand in depth My mission here. While your country has flourished physically and has been made a leader among nations, it has failed spiritually to embrace the sound doctrine of Holy Love. The soul of your country has become easy prey for Satan’s lies and compromise. And so… you have abortion.” She looks down sadly. “Most people, it seems, look only to their own interests and do not care for, or love, their neighbor. And so… the innocence of many is scandalized for personal gain.”     “God has been taken out of schools in an effort not to impose upon consciences. And so… you have a lack of conscience in the general populace.” “People view modern technology as their own doing and not a gift from God. And so… certain technology has become a tool of Satan.”       “All of these things have spoiled this nation and others from the inside out.   Most do not realize it.      This is why I have been sent here – to awaken hearts as to the spiritual apathy all around you.    I come to draw you into the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart which is the way of your salvation.     I come to lead you through this ‘way’, which is Holy Love, to the Heart of My Son.” “People must open their eyes and their hearts to the choices they are making.    I have come so that you can behold the Woman clothed with the sun – the Woman of Revelations.   Recognize the apocalypse is upon you.   Then hasten to your conversion.”
“My daughter, My angel, proclaim it.   I will help you.   I will lead the way.”


December 9, 2001Second Sunday Service to Pray against Abortion

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed…..”My brothers and sisters, do not be discouraged in your efforts against abortion.   Satan has tried to compromise consciences so that they do not see the effects of this sin upon your nation and the world.    But your prayers strengthen the illumination of consciences and will bring about My Victory.”…..

March 26, 2009

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”…… Times are critical and at a turning point.  The conscience of this country and of the world has become compromised and dulled to reality.  Untruths are not challenged.”
“This is not like any other crisis your country has faced, for it is rocking your nation off of its foundation.     By the time most realize what has happened, they will be unable to regain the freedoms they once had.    It is not by mishap that this Mission is here.   It is not by accident that I have upheld this Mission in the face of controversy.    These Messages reflect the path that Satan is pulling the world along.    They are a wake-up call to the conscience of the world.”               “Make them known.”


August 11, 2014Read 1 Thessalonians 5:8-10


Blessed Mother says:…..”Every soul is given the freedom to choose thoughts, words and actions according to his free will. The choices he makes determine his eternal destiny. These days, the courts have presumed responsibility for defining sin as a freedom. The conscience of the general public is not formed in the righteousness of God’s Commandments and, therefore, these legal freedoms have become what many see as a good choice.”
“Dear children, you must not allow the courts to determine for you what is good in God’s Eyes.     God sees what is right and what is sinful.   His judgments do not change and are never influenced by Supreme Court rulings. Do not allow your conscience to become muddled by the term, ‘freedom’.  Liberty has always been yours, but it does not change bad to good. This is why you need to be wise and discerning in the face of distorted Truth.”….. December 31, 2015New Year’s Message

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: …..”The conscience of your nation and of the world will slowly be convicted of their lack of cooperation with God’s Will, as they become less enchanted with politics and more united in truthful leadership.  The Refuge of My Immaculate Heart will become more important to many.”     “Continue to choose the rosary as your weapon against evil, especially the evil of abortion. The Truth that abortion is murder needs to be accepted in hearts before much of what I have spoken of can be avoided.”

March 3, 2016


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:…..”When obedience interferes with prayer, it is not of God. I come to you seeking your holiness and your love. Those who oppose this Mission* only read the Messages** hoping to find a way to support their negative positions. They can read and re-read all they want, but there is nothing against faith and morals in any Message.” “I come always seeking your welfare which is your salvation. Those who discourage your faith in this Mission have chosen to discourage Heaven’s intervention during these most evil of times. I would not need to come here*** at My Son’s behest if sin was clearly defined from the pulpit and if Doctrine was strictly adhered to. As it is, confusion is in leadership positions within the Church. Evil is accommodated and social justice is lauded as the way of salvation.”
“I do not come to assist you in changing the laws but in upholding the laws. I am here to help you to recognize what is good and what is evil. This is basic to your salvation. The conscience of your country clearly needs a renewal in this grace.” “Therefore, come here often and pray. Let no one discourage you.The angels are awaiting your arrival here, as am I, your Heavenly Mother.” * The ecumenical Mission of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine. ** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine. *** The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.


May 24, 2016      Feast of Mary Help of Christians

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “Unless a conscience is formed in Holy Love, the soul cannot possibly form the right opinions in the Eyes of God.     Such a conscience rationalizes his erroneous choices and cannot calculate the poor consequences of his decisions.    This is why Truth is so under attack and Satan’s lies readily accepted.” “Consciences have been compromised in the dim light of rationalization which has affected whole nations and ideologies.     God did not create such confusion.     He did create the key to discovering the Truth, which is Holy Love.” “There is a grave responsibility on the shoulders of religious leaders these days to clearly define sin as sin and not to make the sinner feel comfortable with his error.    Every citizen of this nation has the responsibility of electing a president who would appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices.     Many innocent lives hang in the balance.” “I come as I am sent – for your welfare. Take to heart My words.”




June 25, 1997

Our Lady comes …..”When your country was founded, hearts were well-centered in Christ. Your country even adopted as its by-word. “In God We Trust!”   But today, God has been forced out of hearts. Consciences have fallen asleep. The word ‘freedom‘ has been convoluted and now stands for every sort of abomination and debauchery against God’s law. Because your nation leads and holds much influence over other nations, great, great are the consequences of ungodly decisions. …..

“I am calling the laity to unite in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Pray for the courage to battle, in the present moment, every type of hypocrisy and lie Satan is spreading. I am with you. I want to protect you. The future depends on your prayers.”


June 30, 1997


Our Lady comes…..”Dear children, I invite you to comprehend the course of human decisions and the impact of free will upon your nation and the world. Your country was founded upon the rock of trust in God. But over the years that rock of faith has crumbled and turned to sand. Sand washes away in the tide of secularism. Therefore, see that the foundation of your nation will, in a series of events to come, crack and open to swallow up iniquity. Physically your nation will change. Also the cornerstone men have made for themselves fiscally will be shaken.”

“Your country has not experienced such events in the past. Hearts are unprepared, for people no longer depend on God but on their own resources. It is during this series of events that mankind will find human efforts lacking and empty.” “I am calling you to understand this now, during these times, so that you will pray and know that I am with you. You are prepared if you are in the Refuge of my Heart.”


July 4, 1997


Our Lady comes…..”My daughter, I come to you today seeking your prayers for this nation. To whom much is given, much is expected in return. This is true of nations as well as souls. Your country was founded on sound ideology, given many resources and great leaders. But all of these assets have been taken for granted and abused. Most do not see God’s hand in the course of history and even less in the present moment. Good has been convoluted and made into evil through free will. Consciences have become the law of the land. Man’s ingenuity has been credited with God’s grace. Abortion is accepted and set as a standard before all people and all nations.”
“God will enact His Justice not in small measure but according to the evil in hearts. Your country and many more have chosen ways contrary to the perfect balance in nature and the universe.” “All that prevents sheer justice from God’s hand is prayer and My mission of Love around the world. I come, not just for you or this nation, but for all peoples and every nation.”     “I continue to intercede for you before the throne of God. I ask your perseverance in prayer.”      “I am blessing you.”

July 4, 1998

Our Lady comes in pale colors. Her Heart is exposed with thorns around it. She looks sad. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.”      “My angel, today, I invite you deeper into My Heart to understand the pain I feel as your country celebrates the birth of its freedom.” “Your country is entering a new century, far distant from the God it proclaims to trust. Instead of freedom your government has chosen slavery to sin. The Christian principles it was founded upon have been distorted, twisted, and compromised so that the citizens of most value and esteem are the rich, the young, and the powerful. This is not of God.” ….. Now the thorns around Her Heart open, and a stream of light comes out of Her Heart. “Please understand, My daughter, that My merciful love is upon this Mission and upon you, yourself. Great graces are forthcoming. Many and great doors are opening. As you proceed along this path, I invite you to come closer to Me. This is possible through your own efforts in holiness.” “Understand, Satan is always busily trying to unravel My plans. Be watchful.” ….. “I have confided to you My greatest need, which is Holy Love in each heart.”       Now I see many little hearts coming out of Her Heart. “These are My apostles of love – My missionaries, whom I am sending into the world. Pray for them.” …..
July 4, 2000Tuesday Prayer Service – Independence Day

Jesus is here …..”. My brothers and sisters, today your nation celebrates its independence. But, I have come to invite you to see that your nation is not free, but a slave to sin through apathy and complacency. It is only through obedience and unity to the Divine Will that freedom can be won. Now, in these times, you must pray for this message to be spread and this mission to become part of your nation’s policy. I’m extending to you the Blessing of Divine Love.”

September 5, 2005Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: ,,,,,”I have come to help you comprehend the desperate hour your country is in. Already in this young century, you have experienced two apocalyptic events–these being the 9-11 attacks, and this most recent hurricane which destroyed an entire city.” “It is the hour in which America must choose to unite in Holy Love. Thus, mankind can turn back the wrath of God. Only in this unity based on love will you truly be ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.‘ This means even the weakest and most vulnerable–the unborn–have rights. Indeed, it is your treatment of the weakest amongst you that will determine the future of your country and of every nation.” “This is not the hour when you should further distance yourself from God through the insult of encouraging still greater promiscuity and disregard for life. Here, I am speaking of making available ‘over-the-counter’ what you term the ‘morning-after pill.’ Nor should you allow gambling to spreadacross the country. It becomes a false god and carries hearts away from Me.” ……

January 15, 2007Monday St. Michael of Truth Prayer Service

…..Jesus: “Today, My brothers and sisters, you celebrate the civil holiday,* celebrating freedom; but I have come to tell you that your true freedom lies in enslavement to the truth.When your heart supports the truth and is engulfed by the truth–which is Holy and Divine Love–then you are truly free from the wiles of Satan.” ….. * Martin Luther King Day

February 5, 2007Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus says….”Listen graciously now as I unravel Satan’s web of deceit. Through the subculture of secularism, the evil one has erased the constitutional right of mankind to acknowledge God in schools, in public places, in courts of law–right down to the public greetings given at Christmas. He presents the reason for this as a violation of the rights of those who are not Christian.  In the same way, he promotes the right to choose life or death for the unborn–the expectant mother being the only one whose ‘rights’ are considered.” “In both cases, the evil one promotes the rights of one group while transgressing the rights of another group.  So, in fact, the adversary is not promoting liberty at all, but he is supporting the ideals of past regimes–such as, Communism, Nazism, and even more if you go back to past declines of earlier civilizations.” “You, My Remnant Faithful, must not be duped by his tricks.  Do not seek to please the majority – please Me!   Do not be ashamed to show Me reverence as you approach the altar to receive Me.      Do not be afraid to listen to Me after Communion.   Outwardly, show signs of your Faith.    Always carry sacramentals with you as a sign to all that you love Me.” “Christians are not meant to hide under a lamp stand.     If some are offended by what you stand for, the fault lies within the heart of the accusers.      Do not try to make your special relationship with Me blend in with the mundane world so as to please others.”…

September 15, 2007Feast of the Sorrowful Mother


Blessed Mother ….. says: ….. “Mankind tries to create life outside of the womb using components only God can create.   At the same time, man destroys life in the womb that God created.   In the name of liberty, God is removed from schools and all public places. This is also a paradox, as the freedom to display anything religious is removed – only Satan could convolute freedoms in such a way.”
“Secular humanism has greatly widened the abyss between Heaven and earth – the abyss which exists between God’s Divine Will and man’s free will.”      “Dear children, you cannot recognize the works of Satan in your own hearts if you do not believe that you are vulnerable to his attacks. Your station in life, your esteem, power or even your religious vocation, does not exempt you from falling into sin. You must ask for the grace to see clearly and truthfully into your own hearts. Satan’s most powerful disguise is anonymity.   Secular humanism denies the very existence of Satan and, therefore, the possibility of sin.   You, My children, are being called to live in the truth.   Do not be afraid to unmask evil.” …..

November 5, 2007Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

,,,,,Jesus: …..”Open your eyes and your hearts. Realize that your religious freedoms are being taken away from you under the catch-phrase of ‘civil liberties.’ You have removed God from all public places and allowed violence and confusion to be the replacement.” ….. December 12, 2008 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Blessed Mother is here…..  “In the world and in this country especially, you are losing your religious freedom in the name of civil liberties.   You must care about this; otherwise all your founding fathers fought for will slip through your fingers. The truths of the Bill of Rights and your Constitution have been twisted into weapons in the hands of evil.   You must care, dear children. If you do not care, God cannot help you.” …..
“Dear children, be united in prayer for this My intention–the victory of truth in hearts and in the world. For I tell you, until this victory is realized, Satan will continue to manifest his power.”

“Dear children, you are mistaken if you believe that the sins of abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriages affect only individuals.   Every sin affects the entire cosmos and the future of the world.   You cannot, through arrogant choices, change God’s Divine Will for you.    When you choose to cooperate with Satan, God places new and harsher burdens upon the heart of mankind.   Then you experience unjust leadership, economic problems, wars and the mounting threat of terrorism.  Your protection from all of this is to live in Holy Love, which is righteousness and truth itself.” …..
March 5, 2009Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus is here…..”Satan is leading this country into policies which betray its very foundations. Many other countries are forming unions not based on God and neighbor, but on fear and control. Most government leaders are not open to the truth of where they stand in God’s Eyes or to the damage that many of their policies are causing. The abyss between the Heart of My Father and the heart of all humanity widens.” “At the root of all earth’s woes today is a disordered self-love. This inordinate self-love has become a god of its own–consuming governments, economy, church leadership, despoiling well-intended projects and misdirecting good towards the evil of selfish gain. Laws are being legislated to protect evil and consciences are forming around Satan’s lies. My little ones who speak the truth are being mocked and belittled for their righteousness.” “But in all of this, My Heart is the constant of all who believe. Do not fear. I am with you and I am helping you support your cross.” “My brothers and sisters, how grateful I am for every morsel of love that you hold in your heart for My Father’s Will. How grateful I am when you enter petitions to My Father’s Will and await trustingly for His answer. With gratitude I look upon you as you love Me upon the Cross. Surrender everything and await the Will of My Eternal Father for this is what pleases Me the most.” …..

March 10, 2009


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”        “Because your nation’s prosperity was the basis of a feeling of security, and now that the economic system is failing, there is a general sense of insecurity amongst the people. This is the result of the placement of trust in people and material goods rather than trust in God, which is what your nation was founded on.”
“I can only tell you where error lies. I cannot correct it. It is through free will that hearts must turn towards the truth of Holy Love. Any compromise of My commandment of love is encouraged by Satan. Certainly, then, you can see the gravity of any taking of life at any stage–conception to natural death. The human embryo is a life and must not be destroyed for scientific research or any other reason.” “Each life that is taken illicitly affects the entire world. Every life is given for a reason. I have in My Heart a particular destiny for every individual. Every present moment that each individual lives is his alone. In each present moment he is given graces to become a saint, to overcome obstacles, to save other souls, to pray and sacrifice for the conversion of the world, to redirect those in error and to earn his own salvation. Every present moment takes him either closer to Me or farther away. No one has the right to rob anyone of an opportunity of any present moment. To do so tempts My Justice.” “The humble-hearted easily recognizes the truth.”


March 26, 2009

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”…… Times are critical and at a turning point. The conscience of this country and of the world has become compromised and dulled to reality. Untruths are not challenged.”
“Sadly I tell you, that the Constitution of this country is no longer a living foundation of your government. The Constitution no longer has the last word in legalities. It has been reduced to just words on paper.Those who are not living in Holy Love have purposefully taken such actions. The voices of those who realize the evils of those in power cannot be heard above the din of the financial crisis.” “This economic crisis around the world has been staged by Satan’s instruments who do not regard the welfare of the people, but seek only power, control and their own well-being.”      “Soon you will see the world dominated by a few dictators.  Your country will fall into line of such domination with its own anarchy.   It is now beginning.   Solemnly I tell you, the world can only be united through Holy Love–love of God above all else and love of neighbor as self.  To be united economically or legally is a false union.” “This is not like any other crisis your country has faced, for it is rocking your nation off of its foundation.     By the time most realize what has happened, they will be unable to regain the freedoms they once had.    It is not by mishap that this Mission is here.   It is not by accident that I have upheld this Mission in the face of controversy.    These Messages reflect the path that Satan is pulling the world along. They are a wake-up call to the conscience of the world.”               “Make them known.”


May 5, 2009Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love – 12th Anniversary

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here….. Blessed Mother: “Dear children–apostles of My Heart–…..”Threats against basic freedoms are all around you.  Indeed, your country in the name of ‘liberty’ is surrendering its freedom.  Only Satan could turn the truth inside out in such a way.   Pandering to the enemies of freedom may cost your president dearly. Evil that is in hearts will not change by paying it respect. It is naive to believe so.”….. God’s commandments are trampled underfoot by self-love. You have yet to experience the full wrath of God’s Justice.   Do not live as though it will never come.   I tell you, angels tremble at the thought of that day.   Do not support leadership which ignores God’s laws in favor of pleasing man’s whims.” “…… The failure of mankind to even recognize evil at work is Satan’s greatest weapon. He is free to do whatever he chooses from conception in the womb to invasion of childhood innocence to compromise of the faith, and even to challenging natural death.   As long as evil is unacknowledged, it runs rampant.” “Dear little children, please understand that the grace of each present moment is a cooperation between the choices of free will and God’s Divine Will.   The greatest graces come into the present moment when the soul trusts and chooses to live in Holy Love; for instance, I cannot save the world from disaster by My efforts alone. I can only act in accord with the Father’s Will and the efforts of mankind to live in righteousness.   This is why I tell you, it is most important for each soul to discover the path of Holy Love and live in harmony with the Divine Will.   Then the Father allows Me to spread My Mantle of Protection over you.” …..

July 3, 2009Eve of Independence Day – USA – 4th of July


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”  “I have come today to help you realize that many ‘silent’ and not so silent ‘revolutions’ are taking place in the world today. In your country democracy was silently overthrown. The weapon used was rhetoric. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer carry weight.This has happened because of man’s concern for money. Satan has used and continues to use this disordered love to bring the last bastion of democracy to ruin.” “Next, we must look at the moral revolution taking place around the world. The Father’s Commandments are not upheld and obeyed. These Commandments cannot even be freely displayed in some places without protest. Homosexuality boldly demands recognition and rights as though governments must support sin. Birth control and the horror of abortion take lives and obstruct My Father’s Will for the world. Many worthy leaders have lost their lives in these ways.  Forms of nature–seasons, rocks, wind, etc.–have taken on the form of false deities.” “I must mention the revolution taking place within the Church itself. Liberalism has won over many hearts. The Tradition of Faith is too often considered a stumbling block.There are those who seek women priests and making individual consciences supreme over Church teaching.” “Is it any wonder that this Mission, which is a nail in the coffin of each one of these revolutions, is opposed? My sheep must not lose courage; be steadfast–stalwart. Many battles will strengthen and unite you, but not defeat you.”


November 25, 2009


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”   “Your nation first began to lose its freedom when it first legalized abortion. The more abortions that have been done, the more freedom has been compromised.” …..I do not surrender but wage a war worthy of victory – a war whose weapons are truth, unity in prayer and sacrifice. I am calling for the soldiers of this battle to stand up and be counted that I may bless and multiply their efforts.””Make this message known.”

December 12, 2009 Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady is here…..”Dear children, tonight I come once again seeking your unity in truth – the truth of Holy Love. Do not be surprised that Heaven’s call here focuses upon truth, for it is Satan’s lies that are leading souls and whole nations astray. When governments began to accept abortion as a legal right, they were, in fact, surrendering to the father of lies – Satan. They did not gain freedom but became prisoners of sin.”             “This was when the abyss between Heaven and earth began to widen. Now the Vessel of Justice – My Son’s Heart – is overflowing. I need your cooperation – your unity in truth – to withhold the Arm of Justice.”
“My Son has poured out His Mercy at this site and through these Messages, but it has been met with so much disdain. People and nations continue to choose slavery to sin over freedom in the truth. I came many years ago in an effort to protect the Faith, but My protection was scorned. Now you are left with the closing of many churches. Churches all over the world stand empty – many in countries which have been given the greatest graces. You must realize that what you accept or reject in the present affects your future.” “Today the world has many problems which cannot be solved without God. Through this messenger and at this site, I am calling souls back to the reality of God’s Divine Will and pursuit of personal holiness. Yet My efforts continue to be misunderstood. So, My dear little children, tonight I am here to speak to the Remnant Faithful – those who listen and persevere in truth.” “To these Remnant few, I say you are chosen to influence many. Do not fear rejection or ridicule. My Son suffered gravely at the hands of a pharisaical spirit, but He was victorious in the end. You must persevere as did He – with Holy Boldness. Prayer is the vehicle which moves hearts and motivates action. Therefore, pray before you evangelize; then My angels will assist you.”…..

December 20, 2009

Jesus says: ……”This Mission has become a frontier in the battle to maintain religious freedom; that is, the right to gather and pray no matter the belief that is held in hearts – no matter the label as to religious sect. To stand up for such freedoms requires courage – even Holy Boldness.” ….. “You must be warriors of truth, never accepting compromise for any reason. As missionaries in a world that nurtures lies, you must stand upright in the truth. Sin is only accepted in the heart through Satan’s lies, trickery and deceit.But Holy Love is the bastion of truth that will be victorious.”

June 5, 2010


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” “I have come to notify the world that there is significant meaning to the oil spill off the coastline of your nation. The waters seem irreversibly polluted. Innocent bystanders watch as their livelihoods slip away.” “So it is with the heart of your nation which has been polluted by sin. The sin of abortion snatches innocent lives from the womb. Worthy leaders have been killed in the womb and continue to be sacrificed in this way. Your country has sacrificed its independence through a financial crisis which could have been avoided.Instead, polluted hearts led the nation off course.” “In the Gulf of Mexico pollution is further weakening your economy. What was given to your country by God as pristine, is now greatly compromised by error. In your nation, what was founded ‘Under God’ is now compromised by man’s choices against Holy Love.” “Your nation will not meet with success or prosper in its attempts to be free from God’s influence; instead, God will continue to weaken this once great nation. It was founded as a haven for religious freedom; it is becoming a haven of sin.” “The Remnant, who live in the truth, must persevere in prayer and sacrifice. I desire to save, not to destroy. I desire your welfare, not your demise.”

July 4, 2011

“I am your Jesus, …..”Today your country celebrates its independence but I have come to describe to you ‘real freedom’. This type of independence comes from surrender to My Father’s Will. It is only in this surrender that you are free of Satan’s grasp; then you are no longer held bound by your transgressions against Holy Love.” “The soul who pursues evil towards self-gain or who breaks any Commandment is a slave of Satan. Allow your hearts to be solely possessed in every present moment by Holy Love; only then will you be truly independent.”

August 5, 2011Blessed Mother’s Birthday

Blessed Mother says:…..”I have come once again this year to celebrate the anniversary of My birth with you. “In this country, artificial birth control will soon be available free of charge for the asking. What consequences await this decision against God’s Will and with what covertness this was made law. I remind your government officials that it is Satan who works under cover of darkness.”

“Disregard for human rights is also disregard for the Constitution your nation was founded upon. Sadly, the composure of this nation is slipping away under the guise of social justice.”         “So today, My children, I celebrate all God has done for Me – My Immaculate Conception, the Virgin birth – and much more. I celebrate God’s Plan which came to fruition in Me. I pray with you that God’s Plan will be recognized in the heart of your nation, and come to fruition in and through you, as well.”


February 6, 2012


“I am your Jesus,…..”These days Satan makes his presence felt in many ways and influences many people. This is evident in unjust and biased laws, rulings and decrees. You must let Holy Love be the Monitor of Truth. I do not expect blind compliance to unjust laws. The office held by a person is not always his credential of Truth. This is a misconception; nor is every law levied in Truth and Justice. You must be discerning in what you choose to comply with. If a law transgresses conscience – a conscience formed in Holy Love – your responsibility is to Holy Love, not to blind obedience.” “In your country today, a movement away from God-given freedom is underway. Do not give up your rights as God’s Creation – God’s children. You have a right to freedom of conscience. This must not become political. You have the right to believe in and live in Holy Love. This, too, is a matter of conscience and should not be dictated against unjustly. Be aware of the parallel between the ones taking away the freedom of your conscience.”      “I have come to defend the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves, and those intimidated into silence.”

June 25, 2012


Blessed Mother says:…..”Dear children, you must be careful of any law or those politicians who support such laws which take away human, God-given rights. Do not surrender what God desires you to have. Understand that freedom of conscience is such a God-given right.”

“Governments must not intrude upon freedom of religion. Learn from human history where such freedoms were stripped from My children by the Nazis and the Communists. Do not allow your hearts to be compromised in this grave matter; for then, the heart of your nation will be compromised, and then, the heart of the world.” “In Holy Love, be staunch supporters of religious freedom. Remember, the loss of one freedom leads to the loss of still more. Then, what was once a democracy becomes a dictatorship.”

June 26, 2012


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”      “Always, always, My Victory comes into hearts, and so, too, the world when decisions are made based upon Holy Love. It is in this way that My Father’s Will comes alive in the world.” “So you see where Satan’s attacks most certainly lie; it is in weakening Holy Love in hearts in the present moment. Then the enemy of your salvation ushers in disunity, greed and distorted thinking. It is in this compromised state that souls are persuaded to surrender God-given rights and individual freedoms. Never before has freedom of conscience been so under attack – without outrage.” “Do not cooperate with Satan’s agenda with meekness and docility. Stand firm in righteousness which is always Holy Love. Speak boldly for the Truth. Let the Light of Truth shine through you and all around, revealing evil for what it is.Do not allow the enemy to remain hidden under the cloak of darkness he prefers.”      “Truth is your weapon. Truth is Holy Love.”

June 28, 2012


(This Message was given minutes before Supreme Court’s decision on Obama Care was announced.) Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “Today I tell you, your country will only be as strong as it is free. It will only be as free as it is in union with God’s Divine Will. It can only be in union with God’s Divine Will when God-given rights are protected and upheld.” “The Lord gave mankind the inheritance of a simplistic existence, all based upon Holy Love; but man has complicated every aspect of life with his attempts to be sophisticated apart from the Will of God. Modern forms of technology have become the end – not the means of pleasing God through Holy Love; that is to say, technology has become its own god, and not an instrument of God. In this way, it is clear that the goal of personal holiness has been obscured. Salvation is not sought after. Personal freedoms are slipping away unnoticed.”       “Once again, I come to persuade you to notice where leadership is taking you. Giving up freedoms does not lead to freedom.Be aware of personal agendas behind ear-pleasing words. Pray for wisdom.”


July 2, 2012Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, this country was founded on independence and religious freedom.You must not let anyone be elected to a high office with the ability to remove freedoms from the people. Once independence is relinquished, it is difficult to regain.”…..

July 16, 2012Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Blessed Mother says:….. “Do not follow anyone who promotes class warfare or opposes prayer or weakens independence.All of these are from Satan – the enemy of your salvation. You must not fall under the leadership of a One World leader.”   “Stand against anyone who promotes the One World Order. Fight for religious freedom, which your country was founded upon but has abandoned.” “Dear children, take to heart My words to you today. I pray you will have the courage to do so. Your future depends upon it.”

September 19, 2012


“I am your Jesus, …..”I have come to point out that which should be obvious by now. It is not the attitude of your own country towards the radicals in the Middle East which must change, but the attitude of the radicals towards your country and all cultures that vary from their own, which must change.”      “Until, and if that happens, your nation needs to be prepared militarily to defend itself – not because it is war-like, but because the radicals are war-like.” “The world is poised to suffer greatly if freedoms are not defended, and if truths are not upheld.”

October 27, 2012


“I am your Jesus,….”These times are evil. Many hearts are willing to believe in and accept evil solutions to problems. But, I am here to tell you that the solution to every problem is Holy Love, for this is the embrace of My Father’s Will for you.” …..  “My Grace transcends time and space to enlighten you as to the Truth. Then, it is free will that must choose the Truth or the path of darkness.”      “Do not build your spiritual house upon sand, which is the fleeting whims of nature. Find a secure foundation in Holy Love – the Truth itself – the embrace of the Ten Commandments.” “Satan desires the destruction of your security and, therefore, your nation. He wants to undermine your God-given freedoms, your economic system and your faith in a secure future. If he succeeds, you will lose your national sovereignty and be forced into a One World Order.”    “The path around Satan’s plans is Holy Love – the path of Truth. This is the Light Satan shrinks from. Pursue it.”


November 4, 2012

Blessed Mother says: …..”Today, dear little children, I come to you under My Title, Protectress of the Faith. Never before has there been such a need for this title. Never before in this country has faith been so under attack.Your nation, which was founded on freedom of religion, is experiencing this same freedom slipping away through unconstitutional laws.” “You have the opportunity to defend your rights now. Do not cast your support in favor of one who promises much but takes away your God-given rights. Anyone can promise anything. But you, My children, must support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – happiness born of religious freedom.”    “This is the hour of decision which will determine the future of your nation. Let your decisions be faith-filled and life-giving.”


November 11, 2012


Blessed Mother says:….. I invite you to realize that the more freedoms you give up, the more your government becomes totalitarian.Every aspect of your daily routine can be regulated by your government, which would greatly compromise finances, religious beliefs and the existence of life itself. You can see that this is already happening, as certain sins are now legalized.” …..

November 26, 2012


Blessed Mother says:…..”Today, once again, I invite you to see that all Christian values must be defended and not diminished by law or by attitude. It is the Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation which has been its protection and prosperity.” “Departure from these values is a weakening of your country, as God will permit your need for His Protection and Provision to increase.”       “I am not here to predict times or places of disasters or dire straits, but to call you to return to all that is good and truthful.”    “I desire that My Son bless you and not chastise you. I offer you My Immaculate Heart – a strong Refuge of Grace.”

December 15, 2012


“I am your Jesus,  …..”People make choices according to the values they hold in their hearts. This has been taught here all along. These days, less and less right reason is reflected in moment to moment decisions.”     “If earth chooses to reject Holy Love, they will have rejected Christian principles. This empowers evil. This Mission is here to change the course of human events, to bring peace and harmony into the world – unity in and through Holy Love.” “Accept Holy Love with a humble heart. Give thanks for its existence and the call to personal holiness through Holy Love. This is the path to freedom.”


March 17, 2013Feast of St. Patrick

St. Patrick appears with shamrocks in the air all around him. He is holding a shamrock. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”      “Today, I have come on the wings of Truth to point out an irony. The Irish fled their homeland in search of religious freedom. They helped build this nation from the ground up. Today, this once mighty nation is silently, and without outcry, being stripped of its religious freedom.” “Continue in this Ministry to promote and stand up for the Truth – no matter the opposition. Once again, it cannot be who stands for what principle, but what they stand for.”

June 27, 2013Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Blessed Mother says: …..”Today, on My Feast Day (Our Lady of Perpetual Help), I offer you the signature of My grace upon your hearts and your lives. My grace is your perpetual help. You are never alone.”      “The hour of God’s Mercy is not yet exhausted. Therefore, dear children, enter the secure Refuge of My Heart where I will direct your path to deeper holiness. Allow My grace to embrace you.” “When you see resolute destruction of morals such as your nation has chosen for the supposed sake of freedom, choose the freedom of your own personal holiness through Holy Love. Do not be a part of Satan’s distortion of rights. He desires your redefinition of morals and your destruction.”    “My grace is your portion and protection. Allow My grace to work on your behalf.”

July 27, 2013
“I am your Jesus, …..If you wonder why I am bringing these things to light now, it is because the abuse of power and the compromise of Truth will usher in the reign of the Antichrist. These two errors have infiltrated the government of this once great nation and the Church, as well. There is no place for politics within the ranks of the Church, but it is there – acknowledged but unchecked. These politics form an aura inside of My Church – an atmosphere of not knowing who to trust.” “In governments, as well, power has fallen into the hands of those with evil agendas. More and more good is intimidated by evil – evil that demands definition and rights. The undertow of evil is changing the course of the future.”     “Remain as faithful watchmen to the Tradition of Faith. Do not be fooled into obeying any evil. Stand guard over your freedoms, and do all in your power to maintain your national identity.”    “To live in the shadow of any reprisal is not freedom. Live in the Spirit of Truth always.”


November 28, 2013Thanksgiving Day

Blessed Mother says….”Today, I am thankful for all the graces God continues to pour into the world through these apparitions and other sites of His Predilection that He allows around the world. I am thankful for the Tradition of Faith that the God of your next breath is preserving and uniting in My Immaculate Heart. I am thankful for the many healings and conversions that continue to result as the good fruit of this Mission’s perseverance in the face of so much opposition.” “This Mission opposes the course of your country’s choosing, for while today is a day of Thanksgiving, the false god of consumerism has crept in. Instead of thanking God for His Abundant Provision upon families, families have decided to share the day with consumerism. Instead of taking time to count their blessings, many of My children only take account of their material needs and wants.” “Your country, which was once founded on religious freedom, is now allowing such freedoms to slip away.God’s Will is no longer a consideration – only the sinful rights of man.”     “So today, as I give thanks for God’s Provision, I also pray for a spiritual awakening of your nation, that it may continue to say with sincerity that it is ‘Under God.’Please pray with Me.”


January 4, 2014Read 2 Thess. 2:9-15


“I am your Jesus,…..”There are those in the world today who seek to redefine Truth to appease the error that is in their own hearts. There are those in power who mandate the choice of sin. My Protection and Provision stand firm in the face of every arrogance that attempts to destroy Truth.” “If you wonder why I come to you repeatedly with Messages in defense of the Truth, it is a sign to you that evil uses untruth to rise to power. Therefore, I am unrelenting in bringing the Light of Truth into the world. It is this Light which exposes evil.” “Do not allow your freedoms to be stripped away so that you must choose evil.Hold onto your right to be holy in a secular society. Those in power are in grave danger of choosing unwisely and cooperating with evil, and they do not recognize this danger.”


January 17, 2014


Blessed Mother says:…..The freedom to choose good over evil must never be surrendered. This means dictatorships must not oppose good conscience. In your country, sound laws and a firm foundation in the form of the Constitution have been set in place which are meant to safeguard this. However, now you have leaders who do not respect individual rights or the Constitution, and who create new laws that legalize sin.” “Those who live in the Truth in good conscience need to hold evil accountable for evil. If you try to accommodate evil, you become an instrument of evil – the consequence of which is ambiguity between right and wrong. There is no such thing as a gray line between these two. You cannot be a little bit right and a little bit wrong. For instance, if you support contraception but oppose abortion, you choose evil. If you choose to love some of your neighbors but not all, you are still not living in Holy Love.” “When My Son returns, Truth will be victorious in all hearts. No one will be power-hungry or unforgiving. Each soul will be able to choose his own salvation. Evil will be seen as evil and will be absent in personal agendas. What was hidden in darkness will be shown in the light.”   “I tell you these things today so that you will protect your God-given right to choose good over evil.” March 26, 2014


Blessed Mother says:…..this once great country was founded on religious freedom. If you surrender this God-given right, you are surrendering to evil. No government should be given the right to dictate matters of conscience. No one should support such leaders. You should not be put in the position of choosing between God and country, but this is the path events are following.”
July 4, 2014Read Philemon 1:4-6Read 2 Timothy 4:1-5 “I am your Jesus,….”Today, your country celebrates its independence – an independence which in many ways is in jeopardy today. This is true as you have elected leaders who do not respect individual rights as outlined in your Declaration of Independence and your Constitution. True independence will only return to you when you are freed from the bondage of sin – in particular the sin of abortion. This sin has become a lucrative business. Therefore, self-interest perpetuates it and people are unable to see abortion as an evil. This is all a deception of Satan. Church leaders need to point this out and lift the confusion.” “Freedom carries with it grave responsibility. A country will only be as free as it is living in the Truth. Departure from the Truth is evil and encourages evil. You can see this in regards to other nations, but you do not recognize it in your own.”    “You must place the Truth of good versus evil above all else. Do not let title or authority, love of reputation, money or power deter you from this course.” “Cling to your freedom to pray when and where you desire. Under no circumstances allow anyone to come between your heart and Mine. Put all your efforts towards good. There is no good law or good interpretation of law that should keep you from doing good – the Will of My Father. Remember, Satan encourages confusion and miscommunication.   I am clarity of purpose.”

August 9, 2014


“I am your Jesus,…..”I tell you, never before in the history of this nation have your political parties been so polarized. One party seeks to uphold life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The other endorses every sort of evil. Unfortunately, you have a president who is political, but not a just leader and who supports evil.”             “You must realize the necessity of replacing compromise of Truth in the Senate in November. This compromise has empowered your president and not held him accountable for upholding the Constitution.”     “As it is, your nation is hard-pressed to say it is one nation under God; for what God is being served? The God of popularity and ambition? Certainly not the God Who creates life or Who supports freedom.”      “Take account of what I am telling you today. Pay attention to My Advice.”

August 11, 2014Read 1 Thessalonians 5:8-10


Blessed Mother says:….. “The courts need to turn their attention towards protecting the human rights of the unborn, the rights of freedom to worship anywhere and to evangelize according to the freedoms outlined in your Constitution.” “Dear little children, be careful in your choices and in whom and what you choose to support. These are harrowing times. If you support righteousness, God will support you.”

October 7, 2014Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Grace. She is framed by the Rosary of the Unborn. She says: …..These days mark the times of far greater abuse of authority than any other. The term ‘freedom’ has become a catch word for acceptance of sin and atrocious abuse of leadership.    God’s Truth and His Authority are discounted, while mankind composes his own version of the ‘Truth’.” “I tell you, solemnly, unless you pick up your rosaries and engage Satan in battle, grave consequences await you.” …..Mankind does not comprehend his dependency upon God’s gratuity, even unto his next breath!   It is this attitude which places this generation in a precarious position and unable to distinguish good from evil.    It is this attitude which pre-disposes mankind from turning to Me, picking up the rosary and engaging Satan in battle.*Dear children, be careful of this disordered self-dependency. Be God-dependent.”     “My children, you can vanquish the enemy within hearts now – if you listen to Me.” “The heart of the world teeters on the abyss. It is the fervently-prayed rosary, which by My Son’s Mercy, holds back earth’s descent into disaster. The enemy does not want you to know this, but I am sent to you to reveal the difference between good and evil and to show you the path of victory.”….. Never allow Satan to convince you that your prayers do not count. That is a lie. You strengthen the outpouring of my grace with every Hail Mary.”   “If you understood the intense need I have for your rosaries, you would never put them down. As it is, I can only warn you of ominous events which are fast approaching unless many rosaries alter the chain of events. Many lives and souls can be saved by your efforts.”

May 3, 2015


Our Lady comes…..”I have come, once again, out of concern for the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. God created man and woman to be joined in marriage and procreate life. Sex is not just for pleasure, but a means of co-operating with God’s Plan. Since this issue is basic to the moral foundation of your country, I am asking each one to offer one rosary a day towards the defeat of this issue.”


July 4, 2015


“I am your Jesus,…..Today, your nation celebrates its independence.The founding fathers sought freedom from under the tyranny of the English empire, but today your nation is losing its freedom to the slavery of sin – namely the sins of abortion and sodomy! Some see these sins as freedoms – an erroneous label for the evil that has captured hearts. This nation is no longer ‘under God’ but under the influence of evil.”      “Many do not see or comprehend the dangers of these choices. Many believe it is their right to pick these evils so long as they call them ‘freedoms’, but My Laws* do not change to accommodate error.”     “Each one has the power to make this country great again by choosing good over evil.Each soul then, must determine the Truth between good and evil in order to raise this nation up again as a bastion of Truth and true freedom.” * The Ten Commandments.

September 29, 2015 Feast of the Archangels – St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

St. Michael the Archangel says:…..”I have come to warn humanity against placing too much power and authority in the hands of one person. This opens the door to tyranny and corruption. Many of these Messages speak of the abuse of authority and the compromise of Truth, which are so prevalent in a dictatorship. You must beware then, of a one-world government. Cling to the freedoms this country was founded on.Once you surrender your freedom to any man you cannot retrieve it.”       “Do not depend upon technology or the economy. If you do, you will be more compromised in defending your freedoms. Consumerism is like a lullaby of complacency.”   “Depend on Jesus, His Holy Mother and my protection to see you through every difficulty.”


February 14, 2016


“I am your Jesus, …..”The Justice* that came to Me yesterday was a man of Truth and principle. He defended the Constitution at every turn. He was unafraid of others opinions but called error as error. Now, this president has another opportunity to demoralize the fabric of this nation. The foundation of the Constitution is at stake and will be challenged.Pray! Pray! Pray!” * U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (3/11/1936 – 2/13/2016)


February 14, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “This shows you how fragile the moral standards of this country are, when the passing of one man* jeopardizes the upholding of the whole constitution. When this nation was founded, checks and balances were put in place to prevent such possibilities. However, due to the polarization of political opinions these safeguards have been minimized.” “Sodom and Gomorrah today would have been accepted as liberal alternatives. God does not judge according to the latest moral trend, but according to His Commandments. These do not change with the passage of time or according to who believes in them.” * U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (3/11/1936 – 2/13/2016)


February 15, 2016


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:…..”The door is open now to a future where justice will no longer be justice. Freedoms, now taken for granted under your constitution, can easily be taken away by a misguided majority. This is a crucial time in this nation’s history. It is, of course, a battle between good and evil.” “The moral fabric of your nation is being unraveled by liberals who champion the wrong ‘freedoms’ in an attempt to overpower conservative opinions. These are ‘freedoms’ such as abortion on demand which, in reality, enslave people to the evil of promiscuity. On the surface, they seem to be a freedom, but are only a cooperation and entanglement with evil. The same can be said of same-sex marriage – now a political instead of a moral problem.” “Dear children, you must pray for an awakening of the soul of your country. It is no longer one nation under God, but an upheaval of diverse opinions and sinful goals. Prayer has been taken out of schools and public places in the name of freedom. In its place, you have violence and confusion. It is up to you now to choose leaders who will once again place God’s Hand of Dominion over your faltering nation.”      “I am praying with you.”

March 7, 2016


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: …..“From its inception, your nation has been a hallmark of Truth. In recent decades, however, this has not been the case, as politics has taken on moral standards as their responsibility. Now it appears that some who aspire to high office are not even held accountable to speak the Truth. The fact that such as these are even considered electable speaks volumes in regards to the moral standards this nation has sunk to.”    “This nation was founded on love of God and neighbor and consequently, every freedom which supports Holy Love. But freedom is not every whim and fancy people choose to pursue. Freedom is the right to make choices which support good and reject evil. Freedom is the right to hold government officials responsible for their moral choices without being accused of bigotry. As it is, money has given some a free pass as to accountability. This will not be so in My Son’s Eyes. His Laws do not change to accommodate political platforms. He is not impressed by popular opinions.” “Your nation needs to return to the God-given basics it was founded on in order to return to stature in the world. This is not attainable by one person but by many. However, one person if placed in prominence can further tear this nation down.”


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