Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Novena below is followed by chronological messages* relevant to Our Lady of Guadalupe 

November 29, 1995



Our Lady appears as Our Lady of Guadalupe. A small angel is with Her. The angel dictated the following:

Immaculate and Perpetual Virgin of Guadalupe, You appeared on Mount Tepeyac to reconcile mankind to God. Plead and intercede with Your Son, Jesus, today, that a bond of Holy Love is formed between all humanity and God.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Immaculate and Perpetual Virgin of Guadalupe, You left Your Image on the cloak of Juan Diego using a humble vessel to bring Your grace into the world. Imprint on our hearts the virtue of humility, dear Mother, and use us to bring others to You.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Immaculate and Perpetual Virgin of Guadalupe, Your Image of Guadalupe was a symbolic story to the Aztecs, converting them from paganism to Christianity. Pray for us, dear Mother, that our lives will be symbols of Holy Love converting those around us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Immaculate and Perpetual Virgin of Guadalupe, Your Image has remained intact on the frail cactus fiber of the tilma for centuries, free from corruption of the elements of the world. Give to us, dear Mother, a lasting and enduring faith. A faith that will not be compromised by the world.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Immaculate and Perpetual Virgin of Guadalupe, You proclaimed Yourself Our Mother and Protectress when You appeared on Mt. Tepeyac. Take us into Your Maternal Heart, dear Mother, and protect our faith.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

*Chronological Messages

December 12, 1993
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. The stars on Her mantle look like lights. She said: “Praise be to Jesus, My angel.” I replied, “Now and forever.” Our Lady then said, “Pray with Me now for those who do not choose life.” We prayed. Then Our Lady said: “Dear children, choose always Holy Love in every moment and you will be in Father’s Will. Remember, His Provision is always perfect. Therefore, you need not fear the future. Let Holy Love be the measure of your every thought, word, and action.” She blessed us and left.


March 5, 1994

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe and says: “My child, the reason I come under this title of Our Lady of Guadalupe is this: when I appeared to Juan Diego hundreds of years ago on Tepeyac, it was a decisive point in the history of Mexico and an hour of conversion for millions. My messages to you on Holy Love can affect millions of lives if they are taken to heart and lived. So it is appropriate that I come under this title to effect a conversion of hearts through Holy Love. It is important that those who have accepted this message and are living it, pray that those whose lives are touched by the messages of Holy Love, also accept them and begin to live them. I am Holy Love and I proceed from Divine Love. I offer you My Motherly Blessing.”

August 12, 1994

From Our Lady
“I desire that under the Protection of this Image [Our Lady of Guadalupe ] – “Mother of the Americas” — you place the Roman Catholic Church in America, so that I will protect it against sacrilege, apostasy and the worship of false idols. In this way, I will place under My Mantle of protection My Son’s Church in the Americas.”

August 13, 1994

A bolt of lightening and a loud clap of thunder preceded Our Lady. She comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe and She is holding the Eucharist in Her hands. She says: “Pray with Me now for unbelievers.” We prayed. “I am pleased you are all here together, here praying and loving. My Son, Jesus, sends Me under this title, Our Lady of Guadalupe – ‘Patroness of the Americas’, for He desires there no longer be apostasy, sacrilege or worship of false idols in His church on earth. Under this title, He desires that I protect the Roman Catholic Church, most especially in the west where it is much maligned. He desires to be esteemed and honored in the Blessed Sacrament and recognized in every tabernacle in the world. Dear children, it is My joy to tell you all the water on this property is truly blessed and holy. For I have touched it Myself. Tonight, I am imparting to you My Motherly Blessing and asking you to pray, pray, pray.” She blessed us and left.

August 15, 1994
Feast of the Assumption

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. The stars on Her mantle are like lights. She says: “I am Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I ask: “Blessed Mother, why are you coming under this title?”

I come as Patroness of the Americas to draw the Holy Roman Catholic Church under My Mantle of Protection. Time is short and soon the malefactor will fasten his grip around My Son’s Church. Most especially, I come to maintain the faith in the Americas. Already, the seed of apostasy is in hearts that will influence the faith of a multitude. My Son is already too greatly put to shame in the tabernacles around the world. He is truly present and little esteemed, in most churches. It is the outpouring of prayers that brings Me to you. My presence in your midst on the thirteenth of September, October, and on December Twelfth, comes amidst great prodigies and signs, so that hearts will return to devotion of My Son in the Eucharist.”

She is crying now. “I can no longer console My Son. You must console Him through your love. I do not come to bring prestige to earth , but to return love and faith to hearts.” She opens Her hands, and a light comes from where Her Heart would be. “I desire souls come to Me now, and always, under this title.” She leaves.

November 16, 1994

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. “Those who will come on the Twelfth (of December) will be edified. Dear child, My angel, Satan is bringing confusion into the lives of all who are instrumental in propagating My messages. Most will endure through the grace of My Heart. A small number will submit to discouragement. My grace can always overcome evil. It is only when souls reject grace that they succumb. Take the power of the attacks as a sign of the power of My messages to you.”

November 19, 1994

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I have come, and I continue to come, under this title in order to call souls back to the faith through Holy Love in their hearts. No one is converted who does not embrace the two great commandments that are Holy Love. It is what is in the heart that determines the life or death of the soul. It is what is in hearts that determines the course of human history. Therefore, forgive Me if I do not come with the warnings of great catastrophes and Armageddon. Here, I come not to threaten but to invite hearts to change. It is only in this way the world around you will change. It is free will that is choosing the future. God does not choose to prepare great punishments and purifications for humanity. These things are chosen by people who decide against love. See that the Refuge of My Heart is all you need. Choose this good over all that is evil. It is in My Heart I will mediate love, peace, and joy.”

November 22, 1994

After Communion Jesus said: “My Mother desires to speak to you.” Our Lady said: “I desire My children know that there are many graces attendant to this Image [Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe]. It is through this Image many will be converted. I desire My children be called back to the faith and away from false gods; and so, I continue to come to you under this title and through My image. Lay your petitions at My feet.”

December 11, 1994

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come for the greater honor, glory, and praise of Jesus. I come as the Woman of the Apocalypse – ‘the Woman Clothed with the Sun“. I continue to come to you in this posture as a sign to humanity of My continued call to conversion. Only when you are living in Holy Love – which is conversion – do you understand My call to you. Do not waste time fearing opposing ideologies, other countries weaponry or even God’s retribution. It is evil that is in hearts you must oppose. Take on the cloak of apostleship of Holy Love, and spread the message to the most distant points of earth which are all hearts steeped in darkness. Take as a sign of My call to you, this Image of Guadalupe. [A bright light comes around Her.] Be the light that shines in darkness. Be the rays of the star leading souls to My Son. Dear children, I come because I love you. Pray, pray, pray.”

December 12, 1994
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Windsor, Ohio
The Sun danced in the sky for one and half hours.
Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has two angels with Her and says: “All praise be to Jesus, My children. Pray with Me now for the unbelievers.” We prayed. “Dear children, tonight I come to you with great love in My Heart for each of you. I ask that you turn away from evil and choose good. Do not allow the sacrilege to continue in the womb. This is more erroneous now than in the days of Juan Diego, for today, it is not ignorance and paganism, but Christians who perform such acts. Dear children, I am calling you to unite in love, in Holy Love. I will return to you soon, on this spot, on May Twelfth. Dear children, I come because I love you so much.” She blessed us and left.

January 12, 1995
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her Heart is exposed and has drops of blood coming from it. She says: “Pray with Me please at this time for all those who hear My words in their ears but do not live My Message in their hearts.” We prayed. “Dear children, the whole and entire reason I come to you is to return hearts to God. Know for certain there are many hearts of leaders in your country and in the populace that are like the heart of Pharoah – obstinate and unbending. It is for this reason many tribulations have come to your country by way of natural disasters. These events follow one after another and will come closer together unless your nation abandons the cause for abortion and alternate life styles. Dear children, My coming to you is a grace. I ask your prayers that hearts open to My messages to you, and read the signs of the times.” Our Lady blessed us and left.

February 23, 1995

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “Pray with Me now for sinners who are farthest from God.” We prayed. “Dear children, tonight, I invite you to understand the reason I come under this title so often is that the need for conversion has never been so great in the history of the Church. Under this title, dear children, millions have been converted, and today, I need your prayers more than ever so that those who seek their every pleasure in the world will turn to God. Dear children, Holy Love, the Refuge of My Heart, is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Pray, pray, pray.” Our Lady blessed us and then left.

May 10, 1995

Our Lady came as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Juan Diego was in front of Her kneeling. She said: “Praise be to Jesus, My daughter.” She asked us to pray for the conversion of those coming on the Twelfth. We prayed. “Dear little children, I place My fond embrace upon your loving hearts. I treasure your presence with Me here this night. I ask your prayers towards the propagation of Holy Love. My Message to you tonight is to continue to love, love, love.”

July 12, 1995
Monthly Message to All Nations – Lorain County, Ohio

Blessed Mother is standing in front of the Sun. She comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come to give honor and praise to Jesus, My Son. My little daughter, trusted messenger, My little children, see that under this title I am Queen of the Cosmos, for even the stars of heaven come to rest upon My mantle. In such a way, I invite all humanity to see that the heavens obey He Who sends Me. I come only to lead souls into eternal happiness. Let Holy Love chart the course of all souls for it is in this way harmony is restored in the universe.” Blessed Mother now asks that people hold up the articles to be blessed. “Once again, I invite you to see that what is present in hearts decides the future of the world. If hearts are not reconciled to God, the peace and harmony of the entire cosmos is destroyed. So it is, every purification proceeds from the error in hearts. Make this known.”

“My Son’s Church will undergo a purification before it is once again united in faith and tradition. Faction will oppose faction. The true faithful will be scattered and persecuted. Reverence for My Son in the Eucharist will diminish even more that it has, and become controversial. In all of this, understand I am your Protectress, Refuge and Hope. I come to lead you out of the darkness, into the light, and to the New Jerusalem. Through all of this, the Church will not succumb. When My Immaculate Heart claims triumph, so too, will the Eucharistic Heart of My Son be triumphant.”

“My dear children, I desire to share eternity with you. I desire that you be reconciled with God. I come to show you the way through Holy Love. It is not for My welfare, dear children, that I call you to this path, but for your own.”

“Your country mistakenly believes that because, it shares with impoverished nations much of its surplus, it is closing the abyss between God and man, at the same time, they are sacrificing lives on the altar of abortion. One does not offset the other.”

“Dear children, It is by your efforts, your prayers, your sacrifices, and love that Hearts will change. Tonight I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”

August 10, 1995

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun – the Woman of the Apocalypse. I come to seek your efforts in My Victory over evil. Every holy hour of reparation lessens God’s Justice and serves to strengthen the Remnant Church. It is during the great hour of God’s Justice that My Son will secure the Remnant in the Wound of His Heart. Thus, covered with His Most Precious Blood, the tide of evil will not encroach upon it. His Justice and Mercy will comprise the fiber of this Holy Remnant. Now you are in the time of trial and many tribulations, but My Grace is your strength and your ultimate victory. Do not fail in praying for your enemies. God will hear your prayer. The enemy moves amongst you trying to make all seem hopeless. He is easily defeated through faith and trust.”

December 12, 1995
Monthly Message to All Nations

The Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I bid you give praise to Jesus. I come to welcome all who come to My new site of grace and prayer. I invite you now to extend the articles you need blessed. This is the last time I will send the angels to your midst to bless these articles, because now you have been given the spring. [Note: Maranatha Spring was unearthed on Our Lady’s new prayer site this morning]. You unearthed the spring this morning as I desired, to show that it is always necessary for hearts to cooperate with grace, or else it will remain hidden from them. But, My grace is readily present here at this site today and always. Today I initiate in you My new mission of Merciful Love and I invite you to take it into the world. Do not leave it captured in your hearts. Holy Love, Merciful Love are one. They come from My Son through Me. I desire that you offer this Love to those you come in contact with, that they too may be apostles of My Heart. For it is in this way the world will undergo a genesis and be renewed in the Faith. Dear children, our beginnings here are humble just as My Son’s birth was in a humble place. The impact of My grace depends on you, on your willingness to evangelize. Dear children, I hide no grace from you. I offer all. My provision is complete on this property. I am blessing you with My Special Blessing.”

February 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

Hundreds of angels preceded Blessed Mother. Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come as The Woman Clothed in the Sun, The Woman of Revelations, Morning Star, The Path. I come in praise of Jesus, My Son. Pray with Me now, for all the unconverted.” We prayed. “I come to invite you to see that God’s Mercy and Love are the means by which the New Jerusalem will take up reign in hearts, and the means through which My Son will return. Understand that the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are, and must be, the trumpet that announces My Son’s Second Coming. It is through Our United Hearts the Church will be purified, renewed, and made whole.”

“It is important that you pray and sacrifice for hearts to change now while there is still time. Many, many (She is crying now) will die sudden and unprovided deaths. My Son’s Church is undergoing a purgation. I want you to understand that there is a false pope in hearts. This pope is free conscience, and for some, has taken precedence over the real Pope, John Paul II, and his undeniable infallibility.” I asked Blessed Mother what She wants of the people here today. “I desire their faith, their prayers, their sacrifices. It is My desire, and that also of the Eternal Father, that devotion to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary be propagated in the world; for it is the final call, and it is the NEW JERUSALEM. Your efforts on My behalf will be proliferated through My grace. It is My great pleasure to invite pilgrimages to come here. For this is the hour of grace, the hour of decision. And Holy Love is the path and the bridge that spans the abyss between heaven and earth.”

“I thank you for your sacrifice, dear children, of coming here today [wind chill -11]. And I invite you to continue to pray for hearts that are frozen in sin and error. I am blessing you.”

February 29, 1996

Weekly Rosary Service
Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her Heart is exposed. She is in a blue light. She says: “I desire tonight that you join Me in prayer for all the pilgrims who will come on the twelfth.” We prayed.
“Dear children, I come so that all hearts will be reconciled to God through Holy Love. Please understand, My children, it is your conversion through Holy Love in the present moment which is the heel that crushes the head of the serpent. I come to you as the Woman Clothed in the Sun, the Woman of Revelations. Soon, very soon, all I have confided in secret, to this seer and many other seers, will be made known in the world and will take place just as I have predicted. These are serious times and require your serious efforts. Dear children I am blessing you.”

April 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. There are deep pink roses around the edge of Her mantle, and there are hundreds of angels with Her. She says: “Dear children, pray with Me now for all leaders of countries who legislate against Holy Love and God’s law.” We prayed. “There is a great bear of a nation in the East whose leaders follow the Antichrist. “Dear children, today I desire that all prayer groups designate the Twelfth of the month as days of prayer support of all life, for abortion is a sin which greatly grieves the Heart of My Divine Son. Dear children, today the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary take dominion over this property and this site of prayer. Do not come here seeking new messages, but begin to live the spirit of Holy Love. In your lives, let the United Hearts come to reign and take dominion over your families and your places of work.”

“I invite you to return here on May 5th, My special Feast of Holy Love, where I will show certain signs and grant certain favors to individuals.” Now Jesus is with Her. They are giving us The Blessing of the United Hearts.

September 5, 1996
Weekly Rosary Service

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says, “All praise be to Jesus. My children, pray with Me now for those who must weather storms within and without.” We prayed.

“Dear children, tonight you are not only in the Field of the United Hearts, but you are also with Me at the foot of Mt. Tepeyac with My little son, Juan Diego.” Juan is now kneeling in front of Blessed Mother.

“The roses that I am giving you tonight are the graces that I place within your hearts, and the image that I give you is the Holy Love that I imprint upon your hearts. Please bear witness to all that is happening here (Maranatha). For I tell you, what you experience is real. Tonight I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”


November 29, 1996

Our Lady’s here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “Tonight I have come with special news. My coming to you on My Feast Day of December 12th will be a telling sign of prodigies yet to come and of the urgency of My Message to all nations through you, My daughter. Many of the things I have foretold to you have taken place within the Church and world itself. But the year to come will hold special tribulations, most especially for those outside of Holy Love. While these hardships unfold, My grace will support you. My mantle is around My consecrated ones. Cling to and propagate the devotion to Our United Hearts. I am blessing you.”

December 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

I returned to adoration and Our Lady was waiting for me. She bowed Her head when I came in. She said, “I am glad you have returned.”

“I desire you make this message known to all nations on the 12th of the month.”

“It is impossible for God to reveal Himself to the proud heart. Therefore, before much of humanity can be reconciled to their Creator, they will be made humble through global warnings, tribulations, and unprecedented occurrences which will make them turn to God for help. Those already converted and consecrated to Me will be under My mantle of protection. The action of grace during these times will bring many to conversion.”

“The evil in certain hearts will spread as a contagious disease, leading certain others off track and fooling the universe.”

“The greatest threat to the world is mankind’s inability to acknowledge God and to understand His omnipotence. Thus he calls God’s justice upon himself.”

“I come as the herald of My Son’s return. Each soul must take heed of what Jesus sends Me to say before time as you know it runs out.”

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come to give praise to Jesus. I come to you under this sign and title of Guadalupe to bring notice to My call to all nations and peoples to conversion. Only when mankind is reconciled to God will there be true and lasting peace in the world. Then balance will be restored to nature and to the universe. I do not come to bring honor to Myself but to bring souls to My Son.”

“My Heart stands as a burning flame of love ready to consume any soul who draws near. But today (She is now crying), too many hold themselves aloof. Out of pride they do not see their sins and do not love. I am extending My grace here today so that more believe and more begin to love.”

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She came with many angels (30-40) that formed a line on both sides of a path of light that She descended upon.

“I come in praise of Jesus. Ask the faithful here to pray with Me for all intentions in hearts.”

“Dear children, thank you for answering My call to come here today. I plead for your prayers. Because of your faith I come to you.”

“Sadly I tell you that this nation’s leaders have chosen to follow a path of darkness. There are many who are being led astray following man’s law and opposing God’s law.”

“Please ask the people to aim their cameras at the Missionary Image [of Our Lady of Guadalupe].”

“Thank you.”

“Dear children, I come to you to bring My grace into the world. When My Son returns, He will come not with grace but with His justice. Therefore, I beseech you to follow always My message of Holy Love which is your salvation.”

Now Jesus is with Blessed Mother. They extended to us the Blessing of the United Hearts.

December 23, 1996

Our Lady comes in white and She is radiant. She has large rays of light coming from Her and little sparkling lights around Her. She says: “Praise be Jesus.”

“Today I come to you to ask your prayers for a correction of conscience in all nations. These days it is true that many hold themselves blameless where they are in sin. The healthy conscience does not accuse falsely, but neither will such a conscience be persuaded to false innocence. My coming to you with the Holy Love message is a call to all sinners to reexamine the path of their lives according to Holy Love. I tell you, nations that refuse My call and will not repeal ungodly laws, such as abortion, continue to move the world towards chastisement. What is coming can still be mitigated, but only if abortion is eliminated from the world.”

Mankind expects much but wants to give little back to God. When he should be prostrate asking forgiveness, he is petitioning for favors. In your country many are coming to see My Image on a window. I want to imprint on hearts My message of Holy Love. You will find soon in your midst My favor and grace towards this end.”

*NOTE: In December of 1996, a 2-story image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was discovered on the window of a bank building in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

January 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

The first part of the message was given prior to the prayer service.

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “All praise be to Jesus Who is Lord of all hearts. Today, I come to you with a mother’s heart to help you comprehend the meaning of My visits to you under this title and in these times. When I came to Juan Diego in the 16th century, the meaning to the people in those days was symbolic and told a story which converted millions. Today, My coming to you in this way and under this banner is of no less importance. I come during these last days to convert the world. I come to reconcile man and God. Under this image I am the Woman of the Apocalypse — the Woman clothed in the sun, the moon beneath Her feet. (Rev. 12) Further, let it be clear, I am Queen of the Cosmos as you see the stars in pattern on My Mantle. I am with child. Therefore, let it be known, I am the Mother of All Mothers. It is decreed in Heaven that life be given. Mankind must not assume the role of God and take life from the womb. In all of this, My head is yet bowed in humilty to the One Who sends Me. I am praying as I desire all to pray and with humble hearts. The greatness in this image is in the Creator. The greatness in My coming to you is in the Creator’s Mercy.”

“I come to restore harmony in the world and in the cosmos itself. It is only through Holy Love in hearts that this delicate balance can resume. Today, when so many feel all solutions come from humanity and not from God, the only real solution is left forsaken — that is, embracing God and neighbor with love.”

“Through holy predestination, I am Mother of All Mothers, Mother of All Nations and Peoples. I invite you to see, dear children, that your triumph is in the Cross, the Cross which is Jesus’ Throne of Mercy and Love. It is from this, Divine Mercy and Love, that I am sent to you. Embrace the Cross as you embrace Holy Love during these decisive times.”

“Let your dignity come from your personal holiness in response to My call and not from worldly standards. You can disarm many a proud heart in this way.”

This part of the message was given at the prayer service.

Our Lady is here in white. She is radiant and has a crown of sparkling lights upon Her head. “I come in praise of Jesus. My dear children, rejoice with Me today. You have come in answer to My call. It is through your prayers and your sacrifices that we are now meeting in this building. This is the site of My great predilection and favor. Let us pray in thanksgiving for the many graces that will be poured out here.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. Their Hearts are exposed.

“Dear children, today I invite you into the Era of Peace, for when you are living in Holy Love, you will already be in the New Jerusalem. Immerse yourselves in the Flame of Holy Love that is My Heart. Today it is your new baptism and commitment. See that Holy Love fulfills your baptismal vows. Today we extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

December 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “Praise be Jesus. My daughter, I come to you under this title, not for one nation or hemisphere, but for all nations and all people. I am the Mother of mercy and love. I am your Mother.”

I have come to lead My children out of the desert of confusion and to deliver them into the Arms of Truth.”

“My daughter, find your peace in My favor. Please ask the people to pray with Me now, to pray for all unbelievers.”

Our Lady wished Maureen “Happy Birthday.”

“Today I invite you to have a clear understanding of these times. When the King returns to review His Kingdom, He will come wielding a sword of flames. His bounty will be the righteous who pursue His unending Mercy from age to age. The fate of every nation rests with the unborn. It is the unborn who will judge and convict.”

“I call you from the death of sin to the light of salvation. When you love, you are victorious.”

“My daughter, I continue to come to you under this title of Guadalupe so that mankind will pursue reconciliation with God. During this time all that calls you back to God – faith, prayer, holiness, life itself – is opposed and persecuted in the world. The sins today are more grievous and more offensive to God than any, for they are not committed through pagan ignorance but by those who say or pretend to love My Jesus or who once loved Him.” (She has tears coming down Her cheeks.)

“My Immaculate Heart is held in contempt by many when it is always and should be a sign of Refuge. The Angel Gabriel addressed Me as ‘full of grace.’ My grace is not for Me but for all people – all nations. But fear opposes My grace. Thus the adversary uses fear to oppose My words to you on Holy Love. Those who fear Holy Love must also fear the triumph of My Heart, for it is by this means I will be victorious.”

“Everything that I come for – My presence on this property, My message of Holy Love, the graces given through the Blessing Point and sources of water – are grace from God. Since fear opposes My grace, you must recognize that suspicious fear comes from the adversary.”

“There are those who want Me to be only what they think I should, to say what they want to hear, and to perform signs only as they prefer. But I come clothed in God’s Divine Will. Everything I say and do transcends through His Holy and Divine Will. If you can accept Me as I come to you, then you will receive much. It is only your difficulties with My presence here and your doubts that stand between us. I want you to receive My grace to the fullest. Pray, and I will help you.”

“Dear children, today I invite you to understand that no peace can come into the world through negotiations or war machines. You will have peace when there is an end to abortion. The victory is through My Immaculate Heart which is Holy Love. You will please make this known.”

Maureen asked Her to pray for the woman who has the brain tumor. She smiled and nodded. “Please let the people know that I am praying for all their intentions here today. Their hearts are not unknown to Me.”

Jesus is now present with Blessed Mother. They extend to all here the Blessing of the United Hearts.