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Prayer to Console Jesus
“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. As I drew in My last breath— a breath that caused Me excruciating pain—I was consoled by the knowledge that two revelations would draw My Remnant Faithful together. One was the revelation of My Divine Mercy—the other was the revelation of the Chambers of Our United Hearts.”

“Console Me even now. My greatest pain remains—it is looking into the Heart of My Sorrowing Mother.” “Say this prayer:”

“Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Sorrowing Heart of Mary, I give You my whole heart, every joy and sorrow, every iniquity and all merit that You find in it today. I offer to You my desire to be Your victim of love. With this desire, see my trust in Your Will for me, and allow this trust to console You. Amen.”
(Jesus, April 18, 2003, Good Friday, 3:00pm)