Status: Incomplete, In Progress

October 15, 1999

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, some who receive the consecration to Divine Love will recite it with their lips, but not have understanding in their heart. It is like receiving a present, but not opening it. Therefore, I have come to bring each heart deeper into the consecration.”

When you surrender to Me your appearance, it means you are not distracted by the way others perceive you, either on the outside or the inside. This means you do not make excuses for yourself. You do not concern yourself for your reputation, so long as you are on the path of Holy Love. Further, it means you do not pride yourself on achievement, but understand all good is accomplished through Me. The only concern for your physical appearance should be that you appear simple, neat, and clean as My representative.”

As to your health, often My Cross comes to you as a physical ailment. Do not let it become a physical complaint! Seek help in the world and allow Me to work through the medicine and doctors. Accept as God’s Will a cure, or no cure.”

As to your comforts: This is an area where many sacrifices can be given to Me. Do not always eat and drink only what you like best, but offer Me something less desirable. If you cannot sleep, instead of tossing and turning come to Me in prayer. Go after unpleasant tasks instead of avoiding them. In this, let your sacrifice be hidden. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, pray for the grace to overcome this, as it leads to confusion. Begin and finish all the tasks before you.”

Do not avoid people who do not agree with you, or who you find unpleasant. Each person is put in your life so that you can be Holy Love to them.”

“In all of this, see God’s Holy and Divine Will for you, for it is there.”

“I will bless you.”

December 31, 1999

Jesus is here and He says, “I am Jesus, born Incarnate.” Blessed Mother is here and She says: “I am Mary, ever Virgin. Praise be to Jesus.” Maureen sees a large key floating in front of Jesus and Blessed Mother.

Jesus: “Child, this key represents your free will. It is the latchkey which opens every Chamber of My Heart. At first the key may turn in the lock with difficulty and entrance to the First Chamber – (which is Holy Love) – may be wrought with obstacles. But when you surrender this difficulty to Me it is removed by the Hand of My Provision.” Jesus then reminded Maureen of a time on a pilgrimage when it was imperative that she open a locked door. When she repeatedly tried to turn the key, it would not open. Then she prayed ‘Mary Protectress of the Faith, come to my aid.’ She stood back and the key turned in the lock on its own.

“It is when the soul is able to surrender to Me by accepting God’s Will in the present moment that I am given the power to act. It is impossible to enter the abode of the United Hearts or to advance in the Chambers of My Heart outside of God’s Will. This is because the United Hearts are the embrace of God’s Will. The confines of My Heart are enfolded in this Eternal Divine Will. I remind you that God’s Will is Holy Love. Therefore, the more your heart resembles Holy Love, the more your heart is absorbed into Our United Hearts. This soul’s nourishment is Holy Love. It is Holy Love that allows him to grow and take form.”

“The more the soul loses his own wants and will, the more he takes on the Divine Will.”

“You will please make this known.”


November 21, 2013

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

When you surrender your heart to Our United Hearts each morning, it is as though your heart becomes a crown jewel at My Feet that is polished to its fullest beauty. This surrender means you accept every cross and every grace as from the Hand of God. The Lord cannot refuse a petition from such a suppliant heart. He looks upon the heart that surrenders its will with graciousness. What He does not grant such a soul is offered in a still better way – a way for His Greater Glory.”

“Souls who surrender are full of trust and harbor no fear – no unforgiveness. This, then, is the measure of a soul’s surrender. To surrender partially is futile, for such a one is holding back and still hoping in his own will. He does not trust completely in the Will of God.”

“Present God today the complete surrender of your heart. Then you will be at peace.”