Prayer Augmentations

United Hearts Book of Prayers and Meditations

Prayer Augmentations Part 1 Begin

“When You Pray” pg 19

  • Begin with the sign of the cross
  • Hold a crucifix in your hands
  • Join your prayers to every prayer ever  prayed throughout time
  • Unite your prayers to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
  • Cover your prayers with the Most Precious Blood
  • Pray with a heart full of love for Jesus and Mary
  • Strengthen prayer with sacrifice
  • Pray often and from the heart


Additional Augmentations

Prayer Augmentations Part 2 Wrap Your Prayers

Prayers about Prayer

The best way to pray is to ask Jesus to let your prayers be born from Holy Love. Then He will send the Holy Spirit to engulf your heart with this precious gift

Prayer Preparations

Pray out of love and desire to please.

When you pray, wrap your prayers in love so that the wounds of the United Hearts will be soothed. God will not forsake me in my needs.

“Prayer arising from a faith-filled heart is your most powerful weapon. Therefore, precede every petition with thanksgiving for the fulfillment of the petition according to God’s Holy and Divine Will.”

Prayer Augmentations Part 3 Union

Union Prayers

Join the prayer with every prayer that had ever been prayed or will be prayed so that the Father will be honored by every syllable.

In union with your holy Passion and the Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother’s Heart.*

Unite prayers to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


“Today, I come specifically to draw the world into unitive prayer. This unitive prayer has the potential to uncover and reverse evil. When you begin to pray, say,

‘I unite my prayers to all the prayers being prayed around the world in this present moment.’

I take this collective prayer and use it as a barrier against the evil that is in hearts all over the world.”


Through Prayers

We ask this, dear Jesus, through your Servant Angels and the Protectress of Our Faith. Amen.

Prayer Augmentations Part 4 Coverage

Prayer Coverage

I cover this petition with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, your Son, and surround it with the Tears of His Most Sorrowful Mother.*

I cover all my petitions with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, and surround it with the Tears of the Most Sorrowful Mother.

Cover My prayers with the Most Precious Blood of Mary’s Beloved Son, Jesus.

I ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Lord Jesus.”

“My brothers and sisters, it is easy to pray from the heart when you are at peace. Circumstances and people often destroy the peace in your heart. Therefore, ask My Mother to wrap your prayers in Her Peace and Her Grace, making them presentable to be placed upon the Altar of My Heart. I am listening.”

Prayer Augmentations Part 5 Urgent

For Urgent Petitions

“Holy and Sacred Wounds, hidden in the shoulder of Jesus throughout His Passion, to you I surrender my greatest and most urgent needs. Cover my petitions with Your Most Precious Blood, Lord Jesus, thus preventing any evil from prevailing over these needs. Now present in Your most painful wounds and by merit of Your suffering, I trust my prayer will be answered. Amen.”

Surrender Prayers

I invite you to surrender everything to Me, remembering that the depth of your surrender reflects the depth of your love for Me

If you surrender everything, I will be free to act in your lives with much power and grace, and God’s Will will be accomplished in your hearts and in your lives

I invite each one to surrender everything in the past to Me

But as true apostles of Holy Love, you must surrender everything to the Heart of My Mother.

“Whatever you surrender to My Sacred Wounds, I will bless with My Provision… Most especially, venerate and adore the wound of My Shoulder… It is most powerful because, throughout My Passion, it remained hidden and unremarkable.

Cast petition upon the altar of the Sacred heart of Jesus. Surrender it every time it comes to mind. UHB pg 53



Dear Angels, take all our needs and petitions to Heaven and lay them on the Divine Altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.*

Holy and Sacred Wounds of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary answer my prayer.

Blessed Mother, please take all my needs to the Heart of Your Son in Heaven.

Ask the angels to flood your heart with love of God and neighbor when you arise in the morning.



 *Implied Augmentations (Extracted from Extended Prayers)