Recommended Approach

Led Here

If you are on this site you were certainly led here because no effort has been made to publicize this as of yet.

Once you start reading the messages on with an open heart, I believe you will be drawn into it and bear the fruits of it in your lives.


For some, if just now discovering the “holy love” site for the first time, it may seem a bit overwhelming with the volume of messages accumulated over 30 years. For others, who might lean toward a type “A” personality, it may prove some effort to get to the essentials. So it may help you to review this site first using the framework of the menus as a guide or a way to quickly assess the contents. But its intention is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS to lead you to read the messages on the Holy Love Ministry website.

Search Engine

The site provides a very helpful search engine for the messages for when you wish to study a specific topic. It also has all the messages archived by year for you to review as well.

Some topics are best searched as exact phrases. Other topics may not return what you desire – they made need several related terms so I have included suggested search terms when able as an aid.


If this information is new to you and you wish to discover more, here are some suggestions for you to pursue:

call the bookstore and ask for guidance as to where to start (440-327-4532)

Go to this site page to review the selected topics as online (pdf documents)

purchase and review minimally the following booklets (here) to better understand the depth of the terms/teachings that are used:

  • Revelations of the United Hearts
  • The Chambers of the Divine, Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Messages from St Thomas on the Chambers of the United Hearts
  • Holy and Divine Love Messages on the Eucharist
  • Divine Love