Dictated by Our Lady, 1986 (Detailed J/S/G)

Dictated by Our Lady, 1986     (THB: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious)


Dictated by Our Lady, 1986




That night, so long past, I was alone – deep in prayer a great

light came into My little room illuminating it more than any

lamp. From this light stepped an Angel of God — His goodness

emanating from his being. I was taken aback, thinking at first

he had come to reproach me, but his words were calming. I had

found favor with God he told Me. His message to Me followed,

and I could say nothing but “yes”, for since My earliest memory

I was obedient to God in all things. He spoke of My cousin and

then left, leaving My humble room quite empty and forsaken.

I would ask all mankind, then, to be obedient to God’s will in

their lives in all humility. Praise be to God!



I went quickly to My cousin Elizabeth’s home after receiving the

Angel’s message. Though the journey was quite arduous, I knew

in My heart that upon seeing her I would receive confirmation of

all the Angel had spoken to Me. Indeed, upon My arrival she told

Me the babe in her womb had jumped for joy as I approached.

So aged was she but yet with child. I had no doubt she had been

given a great gift from God. Empowered by The Holy Spirit, I

spoke from my Heart, speaking of generations yet to come and

of the great miracle God was bringing to earth through the power

of the Holy Spirit.

My dear people, in praying this mystery, I would ask that you

reflect upon so great a God that He can answer all prayers. For it

is through God all things are possible. Perfect your prayer lives

and come to Him with expectant faith. He will always answer

in His way, in His time. Praise be to Jesus!



It is impossible to describe in terms of earth the joy and awe

of that night. All things leading up to this joyous event caused

anguish. The trip so long and arduous, the separation from

our families, the lack of proper dwelling upon our arrival in

Bethlehem. Yet, when My eyes beheld My Infant Son’s

countenance, so fresh from Heaven, none of the trials could I

remember. He was all holiness. In His presence Our meager

surroundings faded from sight. I felt the presence of Heaven on

earth. He could have chosen to come into the world in the palace

of a king — sharing all the comforts of the world. Yet this was

not his choice, for He was not of this world. His kingdom was

with His Father in Heaven. As He grew, He never chose the world

or its pleasures but kept His eyes ever on His Father’s kingdom.

So I ask all who pray this mystery of My Rosary, pray for this

same spirit of detachment. This grace is indeed vital to salvation.

Those who worship the things of this poor world cannot truly

say My Son is first in their lives. In His omniscience He knows

the hearts of all men and shall not welcome into His kingdom

those who place Him last in their hearts. Praise be to Jesus!



When I recall this mystery, the Presentation of My Infant Son

in the temple, I have mixed emotions. I recall the many days of

prayer and sacrifice leading up to it. Joseph and I wanted our

Son to be blessed in a most special way. Then we set out so

that according to Jewish custom We would arrive in the temple

when He was of proper age. We took with us a simple offering of

some birds. He was blessed having been presented to the priest.

Several times while we were on the steps of the holy temple

a man of some years approached us, his name being Simeon.

At one point, he asked to hold My Beloved Son, and so doing

spoke most prophetically. He thanked God for sparing him for

that moment, then told Me that My Soul too would be pierced

with a sword. Indeed, I knew at once of what he spoke, for My

Cross throughout the rest of My life was the knowledge of Jesus’

future. I knew He would suffer a torturous death, one that I would

witness. I knew that his darkest hour would be brightened by

His resurrection. At once, I was saddened and peaceful knowing

He, whom I held in My Arms, would redeem mankind. I held

all these things in My heart, pondering them as I cared for My

Divine Son. Joseph and I set out for home, both of us reflecting

quietly the events of the day. Later Joseph spoke to Me softly of

what Simeon had spoken, hoping to calm My fears. But I, with

the wisdom God had given Me, knew the day was coming when

I would indeed suffer as too would My Son. It was the Cross I

was to bear for 33 years.



When Jesus was twelve years of age, Joseph and I took Him

to Jerusalem for a holy day celebration. We were not alone but

traveled with a large number of family and friends. It was on the

way home I started to search for My Beloved Son among the

group we were traveling with. At first, I felt sure I would discover

Him tucked away in a corner asleep or speaking of God the Father

to His cousins and friends. As the hours wore on, I grew more

and more distraught. Joseph decided we should return at once

to Jerusalem fearing He had been left behind.


Now it was many days journey to return. The heat was

overwhelming and added greatly to our burden. As we again

approached Jerusalem, Joseph suggested that we search the

temple first as this was the place most pleasing to My Son.

It was late in the afternoon. The shadows were already growing

long. As we mounted the huge stone steps of the holy temple

I felt a great sense of peace. Even from the top steps we could

hear His voice echoing through the great stone chambers. Joseph

found Him standing in the midst of several learned men speaking

profoundly on writings of a prophet from ages past. My heart

was flooded with joy as He placed His youthful Hand in Mine

once again.


We told Him of the great concern He had caused us, not

withstanding the long trip back. He asked if we did not know

He must be about His Father’s business. I turned this over and

over in My heart for many years to come. Yes, He was about His

Father’s business, but it was not yet time. He, in His great and

overpowering love of God, could not wait to share with others

His infinite knowledge. It was an act of love that took place that

day, not an act of disobedience.

Jesus returned with Joseph and Myself to our humble home. He

was never disobedient to us but humble in all things. He grew

under our watchful eyes to maturity.




While on earth, I was not present during My Divine Son’s agony

in the garden, and I did not see His great anguish at the thought

of His approaching death. As His Mother, however, I felt within

My own Soul a pressing sadness which consumed My entire

Being. I knew He thought of the injustices to befall Him often

during the last months of His life.

Now in Heaven, I possess all knowledge and can relate to you

the events as they took place. My Son, aware of the violent death

He was to suffer for all mankind, took His eleven Apostles into

a nearby garden, the purpose being to pray. Now Judas was not

present as he was already about his dirty work. The Apostles were

very weary and fell asleep, but My Beloved Son noticed nothing

of His surroundings once He became enveloped in prayer. He saw

each blow of the scourging. He felt the weight of the crossbeam

on His Shoulders. He knew each Muscle and Nerve that would

be severed by the nails. He saw the sinfulness of mankind not

only at that time but in the future as well. He saw atrocities of

war and terrorism, the degradation of the human body, the hate

man would hold in his heart for his brethren. At last He saw the

many lukewarm souls who were acquainted with Him at some

point in their lives but chose, and continue to choose, the world

over Him. At this point, He addressed the Father and asked for

the cup of suffering to pass Him by. But finally with a deep

resignation to the Will of the Father, He said, “Not My will but

Yours be done”.

I tell you — none of earth have or will suffer mental anguish as

did My Son in the Garden of Gethsemane.



I witnessed this Myself. My Beloved Son was led by the soldiers

to the courtyard. Their treatment of Him was particularly rough.

They chained His Wrists high up on a pillar so that His Flesh

was pulled taut, thereby making it more easily lacerated. He

was stripped of His garments. The whips that were used were

not ordinary whips. They were so designed to tear and gouge

at the victim’s flesh. A soldier stood on each side of Jesus and

took turns assailing His Sacred Flesh. In all, He sustained over

5000 wounds. When all was done, He was left standing in a pool

of Blood. For modesty’s sake, He again covered Himself and

was led away leaving behind bloodied footprints. By this time,

His Head throbbed from dehydration. How I longed to comfort

Him. I was so grief-stricken at the sight of Him. The soldiers,

knowing well their craft, had stopped just short of rendering Him

unconscious. So now in His Divinity, He knew well each pain

that still awaited Him.

I would ask, that you console Him in prayer and penance. Thank




The soldiers were not content with the brutal scourging they

inflicted on My Beloved Son. Now they draped His Body with a

garment as for a king, all done with a gesture of mockery. They

knew not that they had before them the King of Kings. They

fashioned a crown for Him of thorns which grew close by. These

thorns were much longer than what you imagine. They placed

His crown upon His Sacred Head and proceeded to bow before

Him, mocking His royalty. They struck the crown of thorns with

long sticks, thereby forcing these instruments of torture into His

Sacred Head. This caused the Precious Blood to flow down His

Face into His Eyes and in so doing blocked His vision. But He

loved them so. Yes, He loved deeply even these who tormented

Him. With great humility He bore all. He could have, with one

sigh, beckoned all the Legions of Angels to His aid, but He chose

to suffer in humility for all mankind.



My Beloved Son, His Flesh torn and pulled from the Bones, was

now given in His weakened state the crossbeam of the Cross

to bear upon His Shoulders. His whole being trembled with

weakness. His vision was now blurred from the ceaseless flow

of Blood rendered by the crown of thorns. He later told Me that

He continually saw passing before Him, as He bore the weight

of the Cross, the millions of lukewarm souls that His sacrifice

would mean so little to.

But He was prodded on, both by the soldiers and by His

eternal love for all humanity. There were the agonizing falls until

another was pressed to assist Him. When I met Him, I could

barely look Him in the Eye, not wanting Him to see My great

distress, though he felt it, I’m sure. His look was one of

resignation and at the same time compassion for Me. He fell

many times on this road of atonement for sinners, each fall

rendering Him more and more debilitated. Finally He reached

His destination. There He sat Himself down and with great

anguish offered a prayer to the Father. In all that He suffered,

He showed great patience.



They put a type of harness about My Son that He might be led

like an animal. This girdle aggravated the Wounds He sustained

during the scourging. The great crossbeam was given to Him

to bear upon His torn Shoulders and with much disgust and

contempt He was led to Golgotha.

Once there, He was unleashed and allowed to sit upon a rock

while the Cross was prepared for Him. Now He was wringing

His Hands and looking towards Heaven as though desperate for

assistance. At one point, He was laid upon the Cross still on the

ground so as to fit it to His Sacred Body. The holes for the nails

were then bored into the wood. This accomplished, they called

Him back to lay upon the Cross and have His Sacred Flesh

pierced by the nails.

Now He felt the blows of the mallets before they were even

struck, and long after. Some adjustment was made with two

of His Limbs, which did not reach the prepared nail holes. He

also suffered as though upon the rack as His Arm and Leg were

dislocated from their Sockets.

Now the Cross was erected. It was not very tall, I being able to

touch His Feet. But I could not bring Myself to lay a finger on

His tortured Flesh. As He hung in agony, the unknowing soldiers

cast lots for His poor piece of clothing. They were so detached

and unaware of their deed.

Now the sky darkened. Many onlookers began to take their

leave. My Son spoke little but each word carried great weight.

He addressed St. John and Me. I knew as He spoke to Me that

it was not just John He gave Me to Mother but all of mankind.

This I accepted gladly.

Towards the last hour of His life, He was little able to move,

to breathe, and His speech was quite hoarse, though still clear

enough to understand. As He took on the sins of mankind, He

felt abandoned by the Father. At last, He gave up His Spirit.

Now the earth began to tremble and heave as though sighing over

its loss. Still, I waited as a foreigner came to claim His Body

for burial. As His limp Form was loosened from the Cross and

lowered to My Arms I wept in sorrow. I could not hold Him as

long as I wished because of the lateness of the hour. They took

Him from Me.


I felt deep within My Soul that My Son would rise from the dead.

Yet on that first Easter Sunday, I was still steeped in the miseries

of Good Friday and My Heart ached for His presence. We set

out for the tomb early as the sun was rising. Some carried oils

hoping to better preserve His Body, as He had been prepared for

burial with great haste on the previous Friday. My companions

moved past Me as we were passing Golgotha. I paused at the

spot marked by the Cross He had been taken from. There was an

empty hole to mark the place where it once stood, nothing more.

My Heart burned inside of Me; so much did I long to see Him. I

was deep in prayer when a Hand reached out to Me. It was His

Hand, wounded by His enemies. His Face shown in Heavenly

brilliance. He smiled as My tears filled His Wounds. He said,

“Victory is Ours”. He remained but a few more moments. I

understood He yet had a mission to fulfill. He vanished as quickly

as He came. My Heart was gladdened as I proceeded on My way

to the tomb filled with the joy of the Resurrection. All praise

to the living and true God. All Praise to Jesus Christ. Alleluia!



The Ascension was accomplished in a quiet manner, as are all of

God’s miracles. There was no great fanfare, nor tearful farewells.

We were walking towards the town of Bethany. Christ stopped

and turned to face us. His Body seemed radiant as the sun. His

Wounds gleamed with the glory of God. He raised His Hand

in a final blessing and gazed on us with much love. Slowly, He

drifted away from earth. As He ascended to the Father a cloud

gathered beneath His Feet. It appeared luminescent. We could

see His outstretched Hands that seemed to embrace all of earth as

Heaven opened for Him. The Father, I know, received Him with

victorious joy. We, that were left behind, did not feel sadness at

that moment but joy and peace of heart. We were all at once in

the presence of two Heavenly beings. They urged us to continue

on our way, and we did.



We were all assembled in a large room — the Apostles,

friends of Jesus, and Myself included. Many were frightened

fearing the same fate awaited them that Jesus underwent. There

were many confused hearts and hearts that simply missed His

physical presence.

We were in prayer when the air in the room began to stir, though

the air outside remained quite still. This breath of air became

a gentle breeze and began to move through the crowd there

assembled. Some that It touched fell over as though asleep. As

this Breath of the Spirit approached each Apostle, tongues of

flame appeared over their heads, and then they sank to the floor

as though dead. I, Myself, slept in the Spirit for quite some time,

and as I rested, I saw My Beloved Son smiling down at Me, seated

on His throne at the right hand of the Father. My Soul was so

steeped in love for Him I could not move.

As we all started to come back to ourselves, we realized that

this was the gift My Son had promised to send us — the Holy

Paraclete, My Divine Spouse. Those, who had been grieving

for His presence, arose filled with joy. All confusion vanished

in the presence of wisdom and knowledge, for truths were now

revealed that were heretofore hidden. The Spirit now enlivened

the hearts of the Apostles devouring their fear. They burst into

the streets proclaiming the good news. When they spoke, all

understood the message no matter what their native tongue. Such

was the beginning of Christ’s bride, the universal Church. All

Praise to Jesus Christ!



Now while at table with many of Jesus’ friends, I felt as I often

did, a great longing to be with Him. This time the feeling was

much stronger than ever before. I could not hear or speak, for My

Soul yearned for His Divine Presence. At last, I felt a great peace

come over Me, and I fell asleep in the Spirit, this time never to

awaken. My soul ascended quickly to His Heavenly kingdom,

and once again, I was able to rejoice in the light of His Presence.

Now My dear Son was not about to allow My undefiled

Body to suffer the ravages of the grave. He summoned the

Archangel Gabriel and My beloved Guardian Angel to His side

and instructed them to collect My bodily remains and escort it

to Heaven. Such joy, such elation I experienced in My soul as I

saw My resting body borne on the wings of Angels to Heaven.

At Heaven’s gate, Saint Joseph and Jesus stood instead of the

Angels and brought this Virginal Sanctuary through the gates of

paradise. There, amidst the praise of all, My soul and body were

once again made one.

What a grace, what a sublime gift He gave Me. Now do I appear

both body and soul throughout the earth, carrying messages of

reconciliation and peace, messages My Son places on My Lips

for all mankind. All praise to The Most High.



Since God the Father so deemed My Immaculate Conception in

His great majesty, I was given many graces. I was His obedient

Daughter finding any wrong repulsive. I was to Christ the Son an

Immaculate dwelling, a loving Mother. The Holy Spirit found in

Me a most willing Spouse ready to accept God’s designs for Me.

So then upon My Assumption into Heaven, God in His great

goodness chose to crown Me Queen of Heaven and earth. I

am the Mediatrix of all His Grace. I am Co-Redemptrix of

humankind. I lead all to My Most Beloved Son, so that they may

share in His kingdom. None that come to Me with sincere hearts

shall be left wanting. All praise to Jesus Christ!