Holy Souls


Paternal Love Blessing

“I extend the Blessings of Paternal Love to the Poor Souls in Purgatory.”

Sacrifice of Most Precious Blood Prayer

“I offer, through you, this devotion to the world of the sacrifice of My Most Precious Blood. The devotion is short, but powerful; it is five ‘Hail Marys’.”

“These are the meditations:”

“The sacrifice of the shedding of My Blood under the whips and thorns perpetrated by My persecutors;”

“The sacrifice of the shedding of My Blood as I was nailed to the Cross;”

“The sacrifice of the shedding of My Blood as My Heart was pierced by the sword;”

“The sacrifice of the shedding of My Blood in every Mass;”

“The sacrifice of the shedding of My Blood as I abide Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the tabernacles of the world.”     (April 11, 2004)

“…each time this prayer is recited, a drop of My Precious Blood will fall on a soul suffering the flames of Purgatory.”

Messages regarding Holy Souls

May 28, 2007

Alanus (angel) comes to me. He says: “All praise be to Jesus.”

“Today in your country the citizens commemorate the dead by visiting cemeteries and decorating grave sites with flags, flowers and so forth. But what I have come to show you should change the outlook of all people concerning the hereafter if they enter into this vision of Purgatory with sincere hearts.”

He then leads me, mystically, along a path which seems to be covered in brambles. We go up a little incline and he asks me to stand beside him on the edge of a rocky cliff. He motions with a sweep of his arm, and below us is a big canyon. At one end are great flames. It looks like people in silhouettes bobbing up and down in these flames. There are loud cries for mercy and shouts of pain, but it does not alleviate the suffering.

Alanus says, “These are the souls in greatest need of prayer and sacrifice. This is the lowest part of Purgatory–the part closest to Hell itself. Many suffer here, for no one prays for them. They were regarded as ‘good’–some even ‘holy’–in their lifetime, but it was all a facade. Many priests are among these poor souls, for they were not faithful to the precepts of the Church.”

“There are those who lied about others, and destroyed their reputations. These are them.” He shows me souls who are having molten lead poured down their throats. It burns holes through their necks but does not stop. On a ledge around this fire are many angels–more than I can count. Alanus says, “These are the guardian angels of those poor souls being purified at this level. Through all of this suffering, the souls’ greatest trial is separation from God.”

I saw souls who seemed to have their flesh melting away. This, too, was unending. Alanus said, “These are the ones who were guilty of sins of the flesh.”

We moved on to view the next level. There seemed to be something like water poured down on the fire so the flames were smaller–not as intense. Alanus said, “Blood and water from the Side of Jesus continually flows upon the souls on this level.” The souls were suffering, but all their suffering seemed more

alike, and for some reason, the souls seemed more united. They had their hands raised towards an opening. They seemed to be begging for mercy. Alanus told me, “They suffer intensely for not being in God’s Presence.”

We moved on to what seemed like a much better area. These souls looked more like people, but they were gray. Alanus said, “These are the ones closest to Paradise. They are almost completely purified. They need maybe one Mass, or one rosary; maybe one Hail Mary to enter eternal joy.”

“So you see, decorating graves is not what souls, long deceased, cry out for. Many spend long centuries in Purgatory, for their loved ones think they are in Heaven. If you pray and sacrifice for these holy souls, they will assist you now and at the hour of your death.”

“Make it known.”


May 30, 2007

St. Michael says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to continue the information being sent into the world through you on Purgatory. It is important for people to understand that Purgatory is a gracea place of God’s Mercy and Love. It is a source of purification because souls stained with sin cannot enter Heaven. The holy souls realize this, and through every purification, their greatest suffering is not being in the presence of God. The holy souls love God’s Divine Will so much, however, that they want to be purified so that they are worthy of the Beatific Vision.”

“Souls in Purgatory suffer according to the lack of Holy Love they were guilty of in the world. Remember, sin is always some flaw in Holy Love. It behooves the soul to know himself well while he is on pilgrimage in the world so that he can overcome flaws in Holy Love, and repent for them before death.”

“In this light, My Shield of Truth should be used to uncover false virtue and even the smallest flaws.”


May 31, 2007

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The holy souls in Purgatory are able to unite in prayer for certain causes. Their petitions are efficaciously heard by the United Hearts.”

“Today I desire you take this prayer to the world on behalf of the Confraternity:”

Dear Holy Souls, I have confidence in your power to bring petitions before the Throne of God. During this present moment, hear my petition for the protection and propagation of the Confraternity of the United Hearts.”

“You understand the great need for this spiritual journey through the Will of God. Therefore, I feel confident in your intercession.”