Special Angels




October 3, 1993

4:30 PM Our Lady came in white. She said: “All praise be to Jesus.” I answered, “Now and forever.” She said: “Just as the grace is spilling from My Heart, so it shall pour forth from the spring, ‘Maranatha’.” She had Her Heart exposed. Golden rays of light seemed to be pouring out of it. She said: “Each one that comes that is to be part of the remnant church will receive a special angel for protection.” She blessed me and left.


January 16, 1994 Treatise to Pilgrims

Our Lady comes in gray and pink. There are many crosses on Her mantle and She is holding a pearlish-pink rosary. She first tells me to head the message ‘Treatise to Pilgrims’. Then She says: “Praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” She looks back to me, as She was looking up to heaven, and seems to compose herself. “My daughter, I have come as Jesus has sent me, especially to speak to the pilgrims.” “Dear children, thank you for answering My call to come to My House of Prayer and to Maranatha Spring. It is here, the faith of the remnant will be nourished and replenished. It is here, I appoint you to be apostles of Holy Love, so that the path of holiness is laid bare to many. It is here, those seduced by the powers of darkness will find the Light. No one comes who will not be touched. I invite all to come and to pray. Many will arrive besieged and forsaken, but will leave encouraged and accompanied by a special angel, who will guard the soul against the adversary. I leave My presence amongst you. Come in procession to My spring of grace.”


December 30, 1994

From Jesus   (Locution)
After communion Jesus said: “The angel that each one is given at Maranatha is the angel of Holy Love. This angel stands guard over the doorway to your heart, repelling that which is not of Holy Love, and preparing the heart to be part of the New Jerusalem.”

September 18, 1998


Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus, truly present in all the tabernacles of the world. My angel, allow Me to clarify the issue concerning the angels given on the property. Each one who comes to the property receives an angel who assists them in going deep into the Holy Love Message. The soul that unites to the Will of God through Holy Love is already in the New Jerusalem and living in union with Divine Love. Thus it may be said that the Holy Love angel leads the soul into the New Jerusalem.” “A second angel is given to those who will be part of the Remnant Faithful. It is not necessary that those who are part of the Remnant realize it now, or know that they have the angel of the Remnant. They should just stay in the present moment.” “People should not be concerned about the name of their angel. They can choose any name. The angel will respond. But they should learn to call on the angels in times of need. I am blessing you.”


October 2, 1999 Feast of the Holy Angels; Saturday MSHL Prayer Service

To the Missionary Servants of Holy Love

Blessed Mother is here as Queen of the Angels. There are 10 to 15 angels all around Her, and one of them blew a trumpet as She appeared. Our Lady says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “My dear Missionary Servants of Holy Love. I have come, as I desire that you believe in the angels you have been given to help you and guide you to salvation. When you are sorrowing, your angel is caressing your soul. When you are happy, your angel is joyful with you. When you are sad, your angel is sorrowing with you. All through life this heavenly companion pulls you back onto the path of Holy Love and assists you in propagating the Message of Holy Love.” “Yes, My dear children, believe in your angels and follow the directions they place in your hearts. Tonight, I’m extending to you my Blessing of Holy Love.” Note: During this service we had been singing the song “We Believe There Are Angels among Us…”



October 14, 1999
“Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit of God, I come before You as I have consecrated my body and soul to Divine Love. I ask Your assistance in living out this consecration in every present moment. Help me to surrender to every cross, and to recognize and respond to every precious grace You place in my life. Through my consecration to Divine Love, I beg Your assistance in annihilating my own will and living in Your Divine Will. Amen.” “Sister, I am Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come bearing this promise. Recite this prayer with the consecration to Divine Love* daily, and you will receive an angel by your side to assist you in faithfulness to the consecration.”



October 12, 1999


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today, at last, I have come to give you the Consecration to Divine Love. Here it is.” * “My Jesus, Divine Love Itself, I consecrate myself completely to You. In and through this consecration I unite my soul to Divine Love, understanding that in so doing I will be a martyr of love. I choose to seek only Your good pleasure in the present moment, Jesus. Thus, I surrender to You my health, my appearance, and even my own comforts. Through this surrender I pray that Divine Love will be victorious in every heart. Enfolded within this consecration to Your Divine Love, sweet Jesus, find my ‘yes’ to the Divine Will of God in every moment and with every breath.” “I seek nothing that You would not have me seek. I love no person, place, or thing beyond Your Will for Me. I embrace every cross You permit and cherish every grace You provide. Amen.”


September 5, 2005 Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation


…..Jesus: “I have come to help you comprehend the desperate hour your country is in. Already in this young century, you have experienced two apocalyptic events–these being the 9-11 attacks, and this most recent hurricane which destroyed an entire city.” “It is the hour in which America must choose to unite in Holy Love. Thus, mankind can turn back the wrath of God. Only in this unity based on love will you truly be ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ This means even the weakest and most vulnerable–the unborn–have rights. Indeed, it is your treatment of the weakest amongst you that will determine the future of your country and of every nation.” “This is not the hour when you should further distance yourself from God through the insult of encouraging still greater promiscuity and disregard for life. Here, I am speaking of making available ‘over-the-counter’ what you term the ‘morning-after pill.’ Nor should you allow gambling to spread across the country. It becomes a false god and carries hearts away from Me.” “Do not be mistaken or confused. There is one purpose that brings Me here; that is, to draw you into Our United Hearts. Herein lies the Ark of the Apocalypse–the Spiritual Refuge of these times.” “Today I do not come so much to offer solace in recent tragedies, although My empathy is always in your midst. I come to warn you that each one must make the conscious effort to become more holy, for it is only in this way you can avoid future disasters. It is only by your efforts My Mother can hold back My Arm of Justice which sadly aches to fall.” “I come in truth to lead you in truth. The Prince of Lies spews lies about this Mission to pull you from the path of righteousness which I desperately need you to follow. He comes clothed in goodness and title, and engages you in spiritual warfare. I come clothed in truth, and love and mercy. Follow Me.” “I tell you, there has never been an age when My Mercy and Love has been more apparent or more needed. Through Divine Mercy and Divine Love, I have laid My Heart bare here at this site, and I continue to do so.”     “I am moved by the many prayers offered here to give to the world the following prayer, which, if propagated and accepted by all people and every nation, will change the course of human events.” “Here it is:” “I choose with my free will to love God above all else, and my neighbor as myself. I choose this–Holy Love in the present moment–and seek God’s help in doing so in every future moment. Amen.” “My brothers and sisters, I invite you to understand that the greatest grace, the greatest miracle given at this site is the grace to live in Holy Love in the present moment. Appreciate this; ask for it when you come here and it will be granted. You are given special angels to assist you.” ….


April 23, 2006 Divine Mercy Sunday – 3:00 p.m. Service

Jesus is here as He appears in the Divine Mercy Image. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”     “My Merciful Heart stands always ready to embrace you. Run to Me with confidence, then, and allow My Divine Mercy to heal your wounded hearts. Your angels will lead you if you have a contrite heart.”


October 2, 2006 Monday St. Michael Shield of Truth Prayer Service; Feast of The Guardian Angels

….Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, once again I repeat to you that here at this site you are given an extra guardian angel to stand guard over the Holy Love in your hearts. Be open to his guidance and his inspirations, which may come through people or events, and you will advance quickly in the ways of Holy Love.” …….
February 28, 2007
Once again I see a great Flame surrounding the tabernacle. I know It to be the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Praise be to Jesus truly present in the tabernacles of the world.” “Dear child, no one can fathom the depths of My Divine Will any more than they can fathom My Divine Mercy. But in the same way that Jesus petitions your heart to trust in Divine Mercy, I beg your trust in My Divine Will. Remember, trust is the fruit of love. Therefore, pray for a deep and abiding love of My Divine Will for you.” “Do not be quick to question circumstances and events of the day, but see My Will in every present moment. Carry in your heart and upon your lips, the ejaculation, ‘Eternal Father, I trust in Your loving Will for me.’ This little prayer carries with it–peace. I send an angel to assist you when you believe.” “I, your Eternal Father, desire this be made known and be made popular.”





September 18, 2009


Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”     “In this country, truth has become so compromised that people do not know truth from fiction. That is why I extended to everyone the Baptism of Truth on My Feast of Sorrows. Those who were here present* can now extend this Baptism of Truth to others by simply desiring to do so in their own heart. It can be multiplied and proliferated by all who receive it. The angels given to My children in the Field of the United Hearts on the night of the apparition will not be multiplied with each Baptism of Truth, but will continually guard the truth in the hearts of those who had received angels at the apparition that night.”You will make this known.” * Blessed Mother is referring to those pilgrims present in the United Hearts Field at the time of Her apparition.


October 17, 2009


Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”   “My children, you are asking about the Baptism of Truth. It can be extended to groups, but at the time it is being extended, you must ask the angels to carry it to each individual; otherwise it will be less effective. It is most effective person to person; or in prayer, person to person, even if you are not in someone’s presence.”


March 29, 2010 Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love


Jesus is here…..”My dear brothers and sisters, each of you has received an additional angel* upon your arrival here at this site. This angel has been given to assist you in living in Holy Love. Therefore, understand deep in your hearts that this angel assists you in carrying your own crosses just as Simon assisted Me.” …………. * Each person that comes to this site the first time receives an angel in addition to his own guardian angel.


November 28, 2011

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”   “Today I invite all to understand the significance of this Ministry and this prayer site in the world today. This property brings souls to the threshold of the New Jerusalem. This is true, for the site itself embraces the Message of Holy Love. The Message is embraced by My Heart and is, in effect, the essence of My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem.” “This is why special angels are given to those who come here. These angels assist in leading souls into the New Jerusalem; that is, across the threshold of My Heart.”


March 13, 2016


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”   “I wish to tell the world why they should come to this apparition site.”* – “Jesus invites you.” – “I invite you.” – “You receive the Blessing of Truth here.” – “Your conscience is enlightened to see how you should improve in God’s Eyes.” – “You receive an extra angel at Maranatha Spring to help you to live in Holy Love.” – “Many graces, healings and miracles abound here by Heaven’s Hand.” “These reasons to name a few should far outweigh any reason not to come. This is the place where Heaven has touched earth. The Blessing Point is a special sign of this grace. Come and see.” * The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.


July 22, 2016 Friday Service – For the Conversion of the Heart of the World

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” “My brothers and sisters, tonight I invite each one of you to pray that your angels powerfully inspire you as to what is good and what is evil. Thus helping you in your every decision.”