Holy Love

February 7, 1997

Our Lady is waiting for me when I arrive in the chapel. She is in blue. Over Her Heart is a mirror. She says: “Let this mirror be a sign to you that you are to be a reflection of My Heart, which is Holy Love in the world. This is why I have come and why I am sent. My mission of Holy Love is a mission of hearts. It is a mission of hearts in the United Hearts. It is a mission of hearts in each soul, as each one is called to be perfected in and through Holy Love.”

Holy Love is the arch foe of Satan for it opposes all the points of entry into hearts. These are the faults that stem from pride, including: anger; jealousy; unforgiveness; self-righteousness; fear, which is lack of trust; and self-aggrandizement. These faults oppose My mission and My victory both in hearts and in the world. Each one needs to stand guard over his heart and extricate these errors from their souls.”

“Now in this present moment, I am blessing you.”