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February 20, 1994
Consecration to the Eucharistic Heart

From Our Lady
“Most Sacred, Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Eternal Victim, truly present in the tabernacles of the world, to You I consecrate my entire being -body and soul. I place in Your Heart – burning ember of Divine Love – my every burden and petition. Take me and use me according to Your need and bring about the Glorious Reign of Your Eucharistic Heart on earth. Amen.”


Some excerpts from the booklet are below

November 25, 1993
PublicShe has a globe of the world around Her neck, suspended by two chains. Our Lady says: “You see these chains that hold the world close to the grace of My Heart. One of these is the Rosary. The other is faith-filled reception of the Eucharist. Both of these chains are weakened the more the soul chooses his own will over the will of God. I invite you today to understand the portal to Holy Love and holiness is free will.”



December 25, 1993

After Communion, I saw Our Lady in an interior vision. She had on gold and white, and was holding the Infant Jesus. She handed me the Infant. As She did, I saw that a silhouette of the Infant had been left on Her gown where She held Him against her. The silhouette was in blood. Our Lady said: “This represents what My Son suffers in the Blessed Sacrament, those who are martyred for the faith, and those who die in abortions.

August 31, 1994
PublicFrom Our Lady
My Heart draws all sinners into this Flame of Holy Love. It is an eternal flame and the means of salvation Heaven extends to humanity. Let it be all-consuming and all-encompassing. I desire by means of this Flame to lead souls to Divine Love, which is the Eucharistic Heart of My Beloved Son. There is no path to supersede this path. I impart to you now My Motherly Blessing.”
June 22, 2008


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you in all truth, that each time a soul receives Me in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, he receives the embodiment of the Divine Will. The Triumph of Our United Hearts will be the Triumph of the Divine Will. Remember, ‘No one can come to Me unless the Father draws them.’ Therefore, understand it is the Eternal Father Who calls people to the Eucharist.”