Meditating on the Passion, 2005



(United Hearts Booklet)

Messages from Jesus


“Child, I desire to share with you facts about My Passion

and Death that have heretofore remained hidden…”

“First I will take you to the Garden of Gethsemane.

I moved towards this point in time with a heavy Heart—

heavy, for I knew so many would slip to their perdition

despite My sacrifice. The greatest suffering I bore for the

redemption of mankind was the Divine Knowledge of the

lack of love in hearts. Many times during persecutions,

you feel only a fraction of My sorrow; but imagine if you

experienced all the hate and apathy of every human

heart that ever existed or ever will exist—all at once!”

“This is what caused the Blood to flow from My

Pores. This is why I begged that this Chalice be passed

by Me. When I accepted My Father’s Will, I did not

receive any consolation of knowing His approval. An

angel came and ministered to Me by cleansing the

Blood which had fallen…”

(February 19, 2005 / Conversation with Divine Love)



“The Chambers of Our United Hearts remained open

throughout My Passion. I was willing to welcome and

forgive any one of My torturers if they would but turn

overshadowed them. They did not recognize Me, just as

many do not recognize Me today in the Holy Eucharist.”

“The insults of the whips were not easy to bear, but

I had surrendered to the Will of My Father. Therefore, I

bore every blow for mankind’s redemption. These pains

were little compared to the pain of seeing the hearts of

My persecutors. Their hearts were vessels of apathy,

hatred and disgust. How many today carry the same

spirits in their hearts?”

“My Mother suffered each blow in Her own Body

mystically that I suffered physically. I could not protect

Her from this trial which was a bitter portion of My

Passion and Death.”

“Today it is the prayers of Her consecrated children

that support My Mother as She looks into the hearts of

mankind. Do not fail Her, for She suffers much.”

(March 4, 2005 / Conversation with Divine Love)


“The Crowning with Thorns which I suffered at the

hand of My torturers had particular significance. Each

thorn represented the prideful worship of a false god

in the hearts of My persecutors—then and now and in

the future.”

“There was the thorn of the false god of wealth

which penetrated the deepest. This thorn was closely

challenged by the false god of reputation. Then there

was the false god of physical beauty. I must not neglect

the thorn of the false god of intellect.”

“The Crown of Thorns was particularly difficult to

bear for it mirrored so closely the errors in the hearts of

men. While I suffered with love in My Heart, My torturers

attacked Me with venomous hatred. Their love of God

had been replaced by disordered self-love. I bled for


(March 11, 2005 / Conversation with Divine Love)

“My brothers and sisters, see and understand that

the thorn which penetrated the deepest into My Head

represented the souls who say they love Me but do

not trust Me. Oh! How often this happens, and often to

the souls that I have been the closest to. Consider My

anguish and then see that your love and trust must be

united as Our Hearts are united.”

(February 28, 2005)


“Today I have come to speak to you about My carrying

of the Cross—a journey which led to the sacrifice of

sacrifices. Humanly, I could not have made this journey

as I was already greatly weakened by previous trials. It

was by merit of My Mother’s prayers I was able to bear

up under this burden. I kept My focus on the souls who

would succeed in passing through the narrow gates

of Paradise because of My sacrifice. I could not think

of Myself. The moments when I was most vulnerable

to Satan’s attacks to reject these trials are the ones I

surrendered to the Father for those who allow Satan to

usurp them in the corruption of others.”

(March 18, 2005 / Conversation with Divine Love)


“On this day so many hundreds of years long past,

salvation mounted the Cross. Yes, Love and Mercy

made one—suffered and died for all and for each one.

My pain was made more intense when I looked upon

My Sorrowing Mother. Still today—for there is no time

or space in Heaven—you can console My Mother as

She stands at the foot of the Cross.”

“My consolation as I hung dying was the knowledge

of the Divine Mercy devotion in these latter days, and

the spread of the Confraternity of the United Hearts.

The Confraternity opens the font of Divine Love that is

My Heart for all to share. It is through knowledge of the

Chambers of Our United Hearts souls will be assisted

in their mount to perfection and will be able to find, and

to imitate Divine Love.”

“I held nothing back on Calvary. I surrendered all

for the sake of sinners. Each of you must decide to

surrender everything to Me in order to be free to choose

for Holy and Divine Love.”

“No pain I suffered on the Cross was too great, for

I beheld the face of humanity before Me. I suffer still

when I see any sinner turn away from Me. I implore

you—imitate Divine Love and Divine Mercy to one

another. I will reach down from the Cross and help you.”

(March 25, 2005 / Good Friday

Conversation with Divine Love)

“As I drew in My last breath on the Cross—My dying

prayer—My last thought was for My Church upon


(August 7, 2002)

“As I drew in My last breath—a breath that caused Me

excruciating pain—I was consoled by the knowledge

that two Revelations would draw My Remnant Faithful

together. One was the Revelation of My Divine Mercy

—the other was the Revelation of the Chambers of Our

United Hearts.”

(April 18, 2003 / Good Friday – 3:00 p.m.)

“As I underwent My Passion and death, I saw this

Mission take form and it was a great consolation.”

(February 17, 2000)