Presidential Election Cycle 2000 – 2013

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October 5, 2000    

Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. ….Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today I come to address each one and all for I have called each one from the womb to be apostles of Holy Love.  Each part makes up the whole.  And so, have firm conviction in your heart that you, as apostles of love, have a grave responsibility before you.  Not only did you inherit a citizenship in Heaven by merit of My Precious Blood, you are also citizens of this country in this present moment.  As such, you have a civic responsibility which must coincide with your apostleship of Holy Love.” “No one can claim to be My friend who votes in favor of the grave sin of abortion. Therefore, be educated when you vote as to whom you are giving power.  The battle lines have been drawn and the choices have been made clear.  Satan seeks the destruction of your country and wants you to elect his candidates who would perpetuate abortion.” “Solemnly I tell you, the cup of My Justice already overflows for choices that have been already made.  Only My Mother’s Sorrowing Immaculate Heart holds back the arm of vindication.  Therefore, as My apostles, do not allow the abomination of abortion to continue.  Make certain your precious vote moves against Satan’s kingdom, and for life. For I tell you, your vote is not only cast on earth, but in My Heart – the final Judge of your eternity.” “Please understand many nations have fallen from power because the soul of the nation became decadent.  Your country is already slipping militarily from prominence. This will continue and spread to the economic system if evil is not overturned in this election that is upcoming.  Therefore, make it your duty to pray that God’s Will be done in this election.”     “We’re extending to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

October 22, 2000 Fourth Sunday Service to Pray for Unbelievers

[Our Lady asked that we pray today for the intention that God’s Will be done in the upcoming election]
Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says, “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  My brothers and sisters, if you are cooperating with the grace given at this site and through this mission, your consciences will be formed in the truth of Holy Love.   If your consciences are thus formed, so too shall your opinions be formed in truth and love. Then you will see that the only issue of account in this election which is upcoming is that of abortion.  And if your conscience is formed in truth, you will realize that there is only one vote that you can cast and that is for life. …..

October 30, 2000

Jesus comes with His Heart exposed. He says, “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” He has with Him Kateri Tekawitha. She says, “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “In her day, this Indian maiden had to stand up against pagan practices in a pagan society. This took much courage and conviction of heart.” “Today, I am beseeching all who are listening to stand with the same courage and conviction against abortion in this upcoming election.   Abortion is paganistic.  It has nothing to do with the law of love that I gave you – love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.   No – only a compromised heart and a false conscience could believe otherwise.  Therefore, be certain that in this election you will be voting for or against sin.” “I have told you that what is in hearts is also in the world around you. That is how the conscience of the people becomes the conscience or heart of the whole nation, through its elected officials.  If the legislators are morally corrupt, the laws will follow suit.” “You should not vote for economic security that can only come to you through God’s favor anyway.  Let your choice embrace righteousness and My favor will rest upon you.” “Often Satan hides the Truth from you and deceives you so that you cannot tell right from wrong.  Today, I have laid bare the Truth.   Choose it.”

November 5, 2000  


Jesus: ….. The message I have imparted to you – the mission I have given you – impose a spirituality which dictates the moral issues you should support in any election.  Therefore, see that the Commandments of love dictate that you support life.” “I have come to solemnly repeat to you that America stands at a crossroads. One path leads to Mercy, and the other Justice.  The choice will be deliberate and decided in the upcoming election.”
“Yours is a nation given many graces, bountiful resources, and immense opportunities. Yet it as a whole has regurgitated much of what God has given in His generosity in its decision to execute its own young.” “For 100 years the cup of My Justice has been spilling over.  It is only through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother it has been stopped.  Do not add further insult to Our Hearts already wounded by so many assaults.” “My brothers and sisters, I desire that your nation be a sign to all nations, as one who has changed its stand on abortion.  Therefore, when you go to the polls this week do not vote according to political party or personality or stance on economy, but look at how each candidate stands on life.  Choose life and you will choose great favors upon your nation.” “America! Do not be indifferent to Heaven’s plea.  Vote for life for this is the only path of grace left open to you.”      “We extend to you today the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

November 6, 2000     

Monday United Hearts Confraternity Service

Jesus: “….. My brothers and sisters, tonight My Mother is covering your country with the cloak of Her mantle and I am protecting it with My Precious Blood.”

“Make no mistake, Vote for Life. All of Heaven is praying for you as you cast your votes tomorrow.  And We are extending to you tonight the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

November 13, 2000    

Monday United Hearts Confraternity Service

Jesus: “…..My brothers and sisters, tonight I want you to solemnly realize that it is not each candidate whose victory is being challenged in your presidential race. It is your democratic process that is being challenged.  This is so because Satan has his fingers on the heartbeat of America.  Continue to pray that the Divine Will be done, and that this confusion, that only comes from Satan, [will] pass.  I’m praying with you and We are extending to you tonight the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

November 17, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, all of this confusion that has come into hearts concerning this presidential election has been brought on by evil that seeks to destroy confidence in your democratic system of government.  This is so, for Satan seeks to make a new form of government look more appealing. You know in your heart I refer to a one world government – the new world order.”
“Keep your eyes fixed on My Heart of Love whose reign has already come into the world through the revelation of the United Hearts.  Do not be confused by false promises of wealth or peace.  Your wealth is Divine Love, as well, your peace.  See that I am raising up a royal nation amidst chaos and confusion, a nation whose power comes from above and whose bylaw is righteousness.     You will make it known.”

November 18, 2000    

Saturday MSHL Rosary Service

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says, “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  My brothers and sisters, the ongoing battle over your presidential election results is an example of the ongoing battle between the Eternal Father’s Divine Will and the free will of mankind.   My Father’s Will is unchanging and eternal, and will not be compromised by the opinions of others.   In a similar way, you must not allow your views to be compromised.   Continue to pray for life to be victorious over death…..

November 25, 2000    

Conversation with Divine Love

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.   You have had many distractions in your life which you chose instead of Me.  But I have come so that you may know that nothing befalls you that I am unaware of.  The Flame of My Heart stands ready to consume every burden and petition and reduce it to ashes.  Thus do I present them to My Father.  In such a humble state His Will is meted out upon them. Therefore, do not dwell on that which My Heart has already consumed.”
“Allow Me to take dominion over your heart and with burning love envelop your soul. I am unable to reach most hearts in such a way or to even express My desire to do so. You, My child, must make known this passion of My Heart – the passion I long to show all humanity.”    “The battle your country is engaged in over votes is representative of the battle that is waged each day and every moment in every heart.   I speak of the battle between good and evil.   As in this election, most people do not see the opponents as good versus evil, but see issues as an end in themselves.   Every decision is based on good versus evil.  Holy Love is the means by which you discover good and see that which is evil.   To the undiscerning this is not easy.   Values often become ambiguous due to self will and inordinate self love.    But the Flame of My Mother’s Heart which is Holy Love lays all bare.” …..

December 5, 2000   

 Monthly Message to All People and All Nations

Jesus: “I am your Jesus of Mercy, born Incarnate.   I have come to help your nation understand what is taking place in its midst and all around it. Your nation has been like a ship on a stormy sea.   All around her the storm of controversy raged, pitching the vulnerable ship first one way, then another.   As this began, I lay asleep in the bow [of the ship].   But when the storm became apparent and gathered strength, I was awakened through the power of prayer and the outcry of the righteous.” “Now I stand erect – My Hand raised to calm the storm and quell the fears of those aboard this ship [this nation].  For every element of nature falls under My domain, and prayer is the force that awakens My power to change hearts and so too the world.” “In this election the face of Satan was revealed.   He did not want peace, but controversy.  He did not want unity, but division.  He did not want life, but death.  Only the unwise could miss seeing this. But in his efforts to conquer, he united the righteous and he himself will suffer defeat.” “Trust in the power of prayer, for in it lies the victory of Our United Hearts.”   “My brothers and sisters, every ship needs an anchor, so too every nation and each heart needs a firm foundation of Holy Love.    My prayer is that all hearts open to this message of Holy Love and that it reaches the farthest corners of the earth.”…..

January 5, 2001    

Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.  I have come to thank those who supported Heaven in this last presidential election.  Through your prayers righteousness has been victorious.  I say we won a victory, but we are not yet triumphant, as the battle between good and evil wages on in hearts and in the world.  Therefore, continue to pray towards the hour of triumph.” “Yes, the sea lies deceitfully calm as I speak to you, but on the horizon of the world brews another storm, one of greater intensity.   Remember, the victory we have just won together and understand that prayer overcomes evil.”         “Yes, the hour of triumph of Our United Hearts is within reach. But it is not approached by spectacle and grandeur.  The path of triumph is humble, little and unassuming.   The path of this holy perfection through love is not even recognizable to the proud of heart.   For My triumph must come into the heart through simplicity not importance.”     “As I triumph in hearts, so shall I triumph in the world, claiming each soul that allows love its victory from within. As righteousness has won out in this election, so it must win out in hearts. This is what you must endeavor to pray for.” “My brothers and sisters, My Mother and I are praying for those here today for grace to be accepted into hearts.   Just as I prayed for healings when I walked the face of the earth, so I pray here today.” …,..

May 5, 2001 Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation; 4th Anniversary

Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. As we are celebrating this Feast of Holy Love, I invite you to see that the measure of Holy Love in the soul of your country was revealed in the last presidential election.   A narrow victory, though it was, Heaven awaits the fruits of this victory in resounding government policies.  Love of God above all else and your neighbor as yourself should not be set aside in favor of more popular political stands.   Here, I speak of abortion in its every form.   Overcome this evil, America, and you will have God on your side.  Then you will need no other political ally.” “I wish to describe to you the lukewarm soul.  Such a soul is neither warm nor cold. He lingers in a nebulous state, full of doubts, ambiguities and compromise.   Morally, he is full of indecisions and duplicity.  Truth eludes him.  This soul is an open door to Satan’s deceit.   But I have set down the law of Holy Love.   I am the Just Judge and the Defender of the Faith.   With Me there is only right and wrong.   Half measures and indecision are self-condemning.” “As Heaven awaits action in lieu of words, innocent lives are being lost.   The abyss between Heaven and earth widens with each abortion.  My brothers and sisters, you seek peace in the world, and yet you make war on the unborn.  You seek to discover the secrets of life, but you destroy the very life I create in the womb.  Do you not see the path you follow?   Are you so deceived that you see wrong as right?    Have you forgotten the commandments of love?” (The wind is gusting 20-40 mph.) “My brothers and sisters, as quickly as the wind passes over your face, that is how quickly My Mercy fills a repentant heart.   So any soul, and indeed every nation that turns to me with a contrite heart, will be forgiven – for in the end it is My Mercy that will save, and My Love that will triumph.” …..

July 17, 2004

St. Thomas Aquinas comes and says: …..”Please understand that your country is on the verge of grave decisions.   Much hinges on the next presidential election.

If your country chooses compromise over righteousness it will sink into even deeper moral degeneration.   Evil is trying to influence the outcome of the election.”     “To further complicate matters, those who are orthodox in their beliefs choose disunity.  This separatism is according to individual loyalties to certain devotions, mystics and apparition sites.   All of these have the common goal of living in the Divine Will.  If they would only recognize that the Divine Will of God is Holy Love, then all would be united and be a powerful force against evil.    Even amongst smaller prayer groups there is disunity due to ambition and spiritual envy.   The solution, once again, is Holy Love.”      “Leaders, both in the Church and in the world, should put an end to ambiguity in their decisions.    Once again, Holy Love is decisive and should be the measure of all decisions.”

September 15, 2004 Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field;

 Feasts of The Triumph of the Cross 9/14 and The Sorrowful Mother 9/15

Our Lady is here…..”Dear children, I tell you solemnly that your Heavenly Mother sorrows with equal measure today as I did at the foot of the Cross. Most of all I sorrow for those who have heard the message of Holy Love but refuse to live it.  Some believe they live the message, but they do not live it when it is most difficult to do so. I weep for these My children who do not love with their whole heart.” “Perhaps they love when others are watching, but as soon as their pride is pricked they are outraged. Perhaps they cast their vote for candidates who do not support life. You must not make this type of decision in your country’s next election for much depends on the outcome of this presidential election. You will not have peace in the world until all people and all nations live in harmony with the Divine Will of God.”    “Abortion is a sin and opposes God’s Ordaining Will.   So much of what God orders, mankind destroys  –  human life, human dignity, childhood innocence to name a few.” …..

October 5, 2004   

Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

…..Jesus: “Truly I tell you, the nation which condones sin in the name of ‘freedom’ supports convoluted truth which has brought about the demise of many a society.”    “Today people are drawn closer by means of modern communication and transportation. Yet the abyss between mankind and his Creator grows wider and wider.  This is because humanity has chosen a perverse self-love over love of God and neighbor.” “I have sent My Mother here to this site and I come Myself, too, with the purpose of drawing My people closer to God through Holy and Divine Love.   Let your hearts be filled with this Message. Respond to My Call to conversion, holiness and sanctity. It is not too late to change the course of human history.” “In this nation each one has a solemn choice to make in the upcoming election. If you live in righteousness you must choose a president who supports righteousness. He must mean ‘yes’ when he says ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when he says ‘no’–all according to Holy Love and not the political atmosphere.  Your vote should support life from conception to natural death.  Your vote should support the institution of marriage towards the end of procreation–not lust.  These are moral issues that should be accepted by all according to righteousness  –  not voted upon. But today, the extreme is the norm and sin has become a political football.” “I wish to describe to you the New Jerusalem. It is the Kingdom of the Divine Will which I am establishing in hearts and in the world around you.   In this Kingdom there is no confusion  –  only peace.  It is a deep peace that comes when the soul is in union with the Will of My Father.   The soul wants for nothing except deeper union  –  to be more holy.   He has no fear, for he is not attached to reputation, physical well-being or even his own comforts.   His comfort is complete confidence in God.   His only concern for reputation is how he stands in the Eyes of God.  He accepts everything as from God’s Hand.   It is this peace I call each soul to embrace.” “My brothers and sisters, please understand that My Victory and the New Jerusalem can be in your heart in this present moment when you say ‘yes’ to the Divine Will of My Father.     Accept with trustful surrender everything that the present moment presents, and know that My Provision is yours.    Prayer is the way out of every situation.”  …..

November 5, 2004     

Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

…..Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I congratulate your nation on its recent election.   Your country will be spared further moral degeneration for another four years.   We must work diligently now to oppose the convolution that is in so many hearts.  Moral issues should never become political issues. A couple of decades ago it would have been laughable just to think of voting on the issue of same sex marriage.   How obtuse consciences have become!”    “Once the dignity of human life was challenged, the door was open to anything being challenged.  The key that Satan uses to compromise hearts on every issue is inordinate self-love.    Yes, self-love has become an opiate for this generation.  I have come to call this prodigal generation back to the center of its existence in time which is the Divine Will of My Father.”    “Today the term ‘freedom’ covers a multitude of sin.   I give each soul his own free will at conception.   The decisions each soul makes from moment to moment are all part of this free will.   These choices can be good or evil.   Therefore, choosing evil such as abortion or homosexuality is the by-product of free will.   When souls choose such evil they really become slaves to sin.   The ultimate freedom is to live in acceptance of My Father’s Divine Will for you in every present moment.” “Do not think that you can sit back and ponder endlessly your decisions between good and evil.  Once again I remind you–not to choose, is to choose.  Your indecision not to oppose evil lends power to Satan.  I have given you the laws of Holy Love with which to decide.   Holy Love has four more years with which to strengthen hearts and fortify this country in righteousness.   Each heart matters.”
“Understand that every affliction or trial can be used to either strengthen or weaken the soul.   The more the soul accepts My Father’s All-Knowing and Divine Will for him, the stronger he becomes spiritually.   In your acceptance is your trustful surrender.”      “You see the recent hurricane season which wreaked havoc on Florida as a terrible disaster – which it was.   But I tell you because so many accepted these trials in the light of Holy and Divine Love, a far worse disaster was avoided, for much evil controls certain hearts.” “Today, My brothers and sisters, I am dispatching St. Michael and his warrior angels to protect the borders, the ports and every mode of transportation of this country from the evil that threatens them What I cannot protect is the choice of free will that man makes within his own heart.   Therefore, we must pray against Satan’s tool of hatred, and we must make this Message of Holy and Divine Love known with courage and conviction.”  …..

November 13, 2006

St. Thomas Aquinas says:…..”The election results should have been anticipated by those who really understand these times. They reveal what is truly in the conscience of your nation, and so, too, the world.   God permits these times as a precursor to His coming.”

“This is not to say that prayer and sacrifice are useless.   To believe so is to believe in Satan’s lies.    It is prayer and sacrifice that are lifting up the Remnant Faithful and supporting this Remnant with love.”

November 5, 2007    

Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

…..Jesus: “In the world of entertainment, you have, as you call it, ‘reality television.’ What I am addressing here today is ‘reality religion.’ In the political realm, there are conservative and liberal politicians. By searching out where loyalties lie on certain issues, the voter can easily identify if the politician is liberal or conservative.”…..”

“Open your eyes and your hearts. Realize that your religious freedoms are being taken away from you under the catch-phrase of ‘civil liberties.’   You have removed God from all public places and allowed violence and confusion to be the replacement.” “Be aware of motives behind titles of your leaders and of the direction they lead you in. (2 Tim 3:1-5)    A false conscience is not a reason for misplaced loyalties.   Each soul has the responsibility in this life to discover where the truth of righteousness lies.   Do not be spiritually blinded by pomp, but educated in the truth.”     (2 Tim 4:1-5) …..
“The reason I speak to you in such a straightforward manner in this Message is I do not wish any of My lambs to be led astray by the deceit of Satan.  Compromise is Satan’s tool. You must openly stand for the truth. Learn to look at the words and actions of those who try to influence you, and not at their title or importance in the world.” …..                                                   May 21, 2008 St. Thomas Aquinas says:…..I have been sent to help you understand the necessity of the Blessed Mother’s request.  Imagine, if you will, two bookends. These represent the two dates Our Lady mentioned the feast of the United Hearts and the feast of Our Lady’s Sorrows.  Between these imagined bookends are many books whose imagery represents the many pages of petitions to be offered for this country during these two dates.  This is very simplistic, but the Holy Mother needs prayer and sacrifice in order to sway public opinion against the tide of evil sweeping through your country.” “After the feast of Her Sorrows, She will once again address your nation and offer a new assessment before the upcoming presidential election.”   “Cooperate with the Virgin.  She has your country’s best interests at heart.”

September 15, 2008 

 Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Jesus is here…… Soon, very soon, you will have an election for president, which will be a defining moment in your country’s history.  More than any other election, this one will chart the course of future events.”     “Once again I tell you, the country that chooses to protect life in the womb will receive My Abundant Blessing.   Do not tempt Justice by choosing to chart an alternate course.” “My Mother has revealed to you the great impact and influence that loving prayer has upon hearts and even world and cosmic events.  Today I, your Jesus, ask that you return to the practice of the family rosary.  Through the family rosary prayed with Holy Love in the heart, families can be reunited, Satan’s covert actions will be revealed, solutions will be found to the most difficult problems and conversions will be inspired.”     “The families that embrace the family rosary will have in their midst My Immaculate Mother – Refuge of Holy Love.   Distractions and errors will dissipate.  There will be peace.” “My Mother’s Sorrows today are compounded by the numbers of unbelievers who disregard Her intervention here and reject the grace of the spiritual journey into the United Hearts.   If more would propagate this journey, if more would live the messages and be the messages, this country would be a sign of conversion to a faithless world.  Every country that supports these messages can be a countersign in this evil age, if they believe.   The present and the future of each person, every country, and of the world itself, is determined by their willingness to live in Holy Love, which is My Father’s Will for them.   Holy Love builds up the moral fiber from within.   When moral integrity begins to deteriorate, the person or nation slowly slips into the grasp of Satan.” “My brothers and sisters, this country is looking for a president who will promote change.  But I tell you, the change that the country needs is not new programs or new policies. The change that should be promoted is an END TO LEGALIZED ABORTION and the placement of GOD back in public places and in schools.  Such a candidate I would support Myself.” …..

October 27, 2008

Monday St. Michael Shield of Truth Prayer Service

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, during the upcoming week, before the presidential election that approaches quickly, pray the elected one supports democracy and life in the womb.”

October 31, 2008  

Friday Rosary Service

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, My Father’s Will was that the State of Ohio would become the center of importance–not because of the upcoming election [November 4] but because of this apparition site.”      “However, free will has interfered.  Pray that free will does not interfere with the decision to choose life in the upcoming election.”

November 1, 2008  

Feast of All Saints

…..Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, this presidential election is pivotal in the history of your nation. Pray the Rosary of the Unborn and invoke the intercession of all the saints in Heaven that the truth of life in the womb is respected and truth is victorious.” …..

November 3, 2008   

Feast of St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin de Porres says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “Jesus wants you to know that people who place economic issues ahead of life in the womb in this election have placed their souls in grave danger.  The future of the abortion issue will be structured by whomever the next appointee to your Supreme Court is.  Satan supports the candidate who embraces abortion.  It is quite remarkable that people do not recognize his evil fingerprints on this election.”     “I cannot make the choice between good and evil more distinct than I just have.”

November 5, 2008 

Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus is here…..”I tell you solemnly, that the greatest evil in the world today is departure from the truth  –  the truth of the two great commandments of love  –  love of God above all else and neighbor as self.    When these truths are violated, whole nations are easily led astray.  Without the firm foundation of Holy Truth, dictators easily rise to power.    Love of God and neighbor suffers persecution even as truth itself is challenged in the name of ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’.” “As soon as truth is handily put aside, sin takes its place and is even supported by law. This is the beginning of the moral degeneration of whole nations.” “As I have repeated to you over and over, what is in hearts is then in the world around you. Your country took a giant step yesterday [election day] towards being known as a liberal nation  –  a nation where anything goes.  The ones who will suffer the most will be the innocents in the womb and those who try to live in Holy Truth, which is Holy Love.” “You must draw together now under My leadership as lambs flock around their shepherd. My hope and yours, as well, is the Remnant who listen to My voice. I know them and they know Me. You are the ones who, living in truth, must reveal evil for what it is  –  not freedom but slavery to sin.   These events which are striking at the moral fiber of your nation were bound to happen before My return.” “It is because of this imminent moral decline that I have set this Mission apart and upheld it in the attacks and controversies of those who would destroy it.   Do not be disheartened, then.   I come today to renew your spirit and to encourage you in the battle that lies ahead.   None shall undo My plans here.   While those who have accepted Satan’s lies will face daunting struggles, My Mission will flourish.” “Unity in Holy Truth is the key.  Mark My words to you today.  The evil forces that will seem to conquer your nation will, in the end, crumble.  Holy Love will be victorious.   This Mission’s existence, in the face of all the evil that has opposed it, is your proof.” “I am bringing the world to your doorstep.   For while this Mission has not been popular in your own country, it will gain strength from many other nations that recognize the false allegations levied against it for what they are.”    “My brothers and sisters, be content with being part of My Remnant Faithful, for this Holy Remnant is the foundation of My Victorious Return.  Yes, on the day when all seems lost, Holy Love will be victorious.   Until such a time, I am here to guide you, to protect you, to shepherd you.” “Let My Messages, My Mother’s Messages and the messages of the saints be the shepherd’s staff which guides you past the briars of liberalism in its most devastating manifestations.   If you allow Heaven to shepherd you, you will not be confused by the legalization of sin, mistaking civil law as a moral right.  Realize that all leadership is not just leadership in My Father’s Eyes.   Cling to Me, Shepherd of Divine Love.”

“My brothers and sisters, come to realize that hearts that do not accept My Father’s Divine Will, which is Holy Love, have chosen this next president of yours.   It is very difficult for hearts, which do not live in Holy Love, to recognize evil.  Therefore, you must pray that Holy Love in hearts spreads, and that more come to recognize the path your country takes.”  …..

November 8, 2008

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”    “I have come to remind you that you are not helpless in the face of evil. Indeed, the greatest weapon of all is at your disposal.  It is prayer.   The prayer of the rosary is greater than any weapon known to man.” “Further, do not be discouraged, thinking no one hears your prayers. I tell you, all the prayers offered for the outcome of the last election that were rejected by stony hearts are now being used towards the conversion of those unworthy of offices they were elected to.”

February 3, 2012

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “These days you are witnessing secularism closing in on organized religion and opposing certain beliefs through unjust laws.  Yet, when I appeared years ago seeking to be recognized as the Protectress of the Faith, it was deemed unnecessary.   Today I come to you as Refuge of Holy Love, the relevance of which should not be lost to you during these times of turmoil.” “In My Immaculate Heart, you will find safe refuge.   Herein, there is no persecution, class warfare or anarchy.  My Heart offers to each one a Mother’s Love. My Heart is a safe Refuge of Truth and a Fortress of Peace. I do not discriminate as to beliefs, race or position in the world. I am your Mother. I only desire you choose Holy Love, for this is the passkey to My Heart.   Within this Sanctuary of Grace lies your perfection in holiness, which is all you need presently.”
“As your Mother, I am asking you to be careful whom you support politically. You are supporting not the person, but his beliefs and ideals.  Today there is great departure from the Truth in many a heart that aspires to or holds office.   Be wise enough to research candidates before you vote.   Holy Love must be your monitor of Truth.”      “You must be shields of Truth during these times, deflecting Satan’s lies and seeking My protection over the faith of the multitude.”


February 7, 2012

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “As your country faces another election year, Heaven is praying that a wise choice will be made. Every nation deserves a wise leader – a leader who wants what is best for the people he governs – a leader that is sincere and parental towards those he is chosen to lead.” “What you should beware of – what you do not want in a leadership position – is a duplicitous politician full of self-interest and hidden agendas. This type of leader is not a leader in the best interests of the nation, but of self-advancement and cannot succeed in governing this country past the problems it now faces – nationally and globally.”

June 27, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”     “I have come to remind you that one definition of freedom is the right to choose according to your conscience.   This is why I come here to form and shape consciences in Holy Love.   Your freedoms can only be taken away when you willingly surrender them.   This can easily happen when you place your hopes and trust behind a politician who desires total authority over you.” “Therefore, do not be an uninformed voter.  Look into the history of each candidate.  Do they historically support the Constitution or do they trample it underfoot?   Do they speak of unity but promote disunity by pitting one group against another?   Do they have the best interests of all people in their hearts or just their own for political gain?    Have they succeeded in helping their constituents or have they used laws to weaken the nation they claim to assist?    Do they work openly and in Truth or are their actions hidden under the cloak of darkness, leaving everyone guessing?” “Because Holy Love is the fulfillment of Truth – the embodiment of all the Commandments – these Messages today are meant to reshape the conscience of the world and place God in Dominion over all hearts and every nation.  It is with urgency I seek the propagation of this Mission – these Messages and the consecration of every heart, including the heart of the world, to Our United Hearts.”       “Make it known.”

June 29, 2012     Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

St. Peter says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “These days, title and authority are being used to oppose Truth. I am not here to appease those in power, but to support the Truth.   I have freedom of speech because I come from Heaven.    It is in this way I can lead the followers of this Mission around obstacles to their own salvation.”     “The Truth needs to take over the hearts of all government leaders so that rights are preserved and true democracy is restored.  If the citizens of this once great nation saw the evil at work in the background in Washington, there would be no election in November but a revolution of good against evil.”      “This is not the hour in history to fear speaking up for the Truth. It is the moment when Truth must stand out as the only solution.”

August 23, 2012

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “Please understand, dear little children, that living in Holy Love carries with it the responsibility of always supporting life in the womb.   This means that given a choice between two political candidates, you must support the pro-life candidate.  This is true even if there are other issues this pro-life candidate supports that you do not agree with.    It holds true even if there are characteristics in the candidate’s personality you do not like.” “I tell you this, for the battle over life in the womb is the war which must be won.  The womb is the battleground which will determine the future of your country.”          “Make it known.”

August 24, 2012   

Friday Service – For all those falsely accused within society, governments and within Church circles; that all calumnies are exposed by Truth

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, as your presidential election approaches, pray for your country’s moral integrity; for it is moral degeneration which leads to such confusion in consciences.”…..

September 16, 2012

St. Michael the Archangel says: “Praise be to Jesus.”     “Jesus sends me to make certain all know that this upcoming election is all about good versus evil.   All the issues reflect this conflict.    The difference between good and evil can only be revealed through Truth and accepted through Truth.” “For this reason, my Shield of Truth – which is the protection of righteousness – is even more important today than ever. If you will My Shield to stand in front of you in every battle, it will be there.”

October 1, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”     “This election is fast separating the Remnant Faithful from the liberals.  The conservative faithful are forming little pockets of those firm in Tradition.   These are the ones who will not allow themselves to be carried away with the whims of compromise because laws have validated immoral issues.”        “The Remnant stand up for the Truth no matter how unpopular the Truth may be.   They are unimpressed by the titles of those who support compromise, but scrutinize the stand each one takes on the Truth.”

October 3, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”      “I invite you to understand that Satan is the father of lies and the mastermind of discouragement.   In this political race your country is experiencing, he has made the polls to falsely appear as though the contest is already won by his candidate.   This is to discourage votes in opposition to his agenda.”    “Comprehend that he is using the same spirit of discouragement around the world today. He makes it seem useless to pray for the victory of good over evil and that evil has already won out.” “I am telling you: do not be discouraged. Every prayer counts. Every sacrifice – no matter how small – matters.”     “This Ministry has been raised up, despite lies and discouragement, as a sign that good will persevere and be victorious.   Learn to recognize Satan in every form of discouragement.”


October 5, 2012

Blessed Mother says:…..”Dear children, God does not want you to be led by someone that summarily transgresses His Commandments.   Realize the decline of your nation, not only morally and spiritually, but also economically, and in regards to your international reputation is the result of the legalization of sin.   I speak specifically of abortion, same sex marriage and embryonic stem cell research.   You cannot change any of this, except to change the laws.   You must choose a leader who lives in the Truth.  By your efforts, you can do this.” “Dear children, it is imperative that you cast your votes for the Truth during this coming election.   If Truth does not win out – Satan will win.  Today, I ask of you your prayers, sacrifices and positive actions in support of the Truth.  The future of your country rests in the Victory of Truth over evil.”     “I am praying with you. Your freedom is at stake.”

October 7, 2012   

3:00 P.M. Service in the United Hearts Field – Feast of the Holy Rosary


Our Lady is here….. “Today, dear little children, I have come to tell you that your rosaries are the key that unlocks the door to untold graces.  The rosary is a decisive weapon against evil.  It cannot be unpiloted like a drone aircraft, however.  Your heart must be in the prayers you say, for this is where the power lies.” “These days, your country is faced with important decisions. You need a strong leader; a leader not enamored with the importance of his office, but one who seeks the welfare of the people and the strength of this nation.    Such a leader supports the Truth.”
“Once again, I tell you, do not trust what someone tells you simply because of his high office.   We have seen in this Mission that this can be misleading.    The same is true in the political arena.   Truth, dear children, is the reality of the facts.   Lying must not be considered business or politics as usual.   Lying is Satan’s deceit.”     “Dear children, do not allow yourselves to be tricked by Satan to think that your prayers and your vote do not count. Both your prayers and your vote in this upcoming election affect your future and the future of the world.” “You do not understand how the rosary works in concert with the Will of God.  Nor do you comprehend the evil that threatens your national security if you make the wrong choices.   I am praying for you that you see Truth for Truth’s sake.  Then My Victory will be possible.  Then the citizens in this nation will be led – not manipulated.   Pray your rosary daily for My Victory and your Victory of Truth.” “Dear children, to those of you who pray My Rosary from the heart daily, I promise My eternal assistance.  I take your rosaries and use them to stop wars, influence politics and international affairs, and most of all, to transform hearts into Holy Love.”    “You must not have hatred in your hearts for anyone or any group.  You can hate only the actions of others.   You must pray for those far from the Truth of Holy Love.   Realize, My dear little children, that Truth is the standard by which good is discerned over evil.   Holy Love is the Truth.   No one, no matter their influence, can change this.” “Your Rosary of the Unborn is My weapon of choice during this present age.   Your future lies in the welfare of these innocent unborn lives.   Wage war with Satan with this – Heaven’s most powerful weapon.”    “Dear children, once again I remind you that law, title or even vocation do not preclude the compromise of Truth.   If Truth is compromised in any way, My Son’s Dominion is diminished.  Jesus does not take up His Sovereignty in a heart which does not live in Truth.” “The Holy Rosary grounds your heart in the reality of Truth.”    “Dear children, your prayers are like weapons of mass destruction against Satan’s lies.  Be assured I take each prayer and lay it on the altar of My Son’s Most Sacred Heart. You hold no petition in your heart that I do not know of.   Therefore, have courage.”     “Today I am extending to you My Blessing of Holy Love.”

October 11, 2012

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Jesus desires parallels be drawn between what is happening in world politics and in what has taken place in this Ministry. First, let me say that Truth is the reality of genuine facts. Untruth is the distortion or compromise of facts to suit a selfish end.”

“In the world, untruth is the order of the day for government leaders – those who wish to rise to power in foreign lands and in many seeking reelection. In this Mission, untruths have been ratified by many who seek to suppress the Messages and the graces offered here. Lies beget lies. Often it is very difficult to discover the actual truth.”

“But, on issues such as life in the womb, marriage between a man and a woman – even embryonic stem cell research – the demarcation between Truth and untruth should remain clear and decisive. Truth supports tradition and life. In this Mission, the call to holiness through the Chambers of the United Hearts is a call to holiness through Truth no matter the theological misinterpretation.”

“Jesus does not want confusion to enter into your hearts, either in world events, elections or in regards to this Mission. Those who do not choose the Truth or to live in the Truth do not live in God’s Divine Will.”

October 12, 2012   

Friday Service – For all those falsely accused within society, governments and within Church circles; that all calumnies are exposed by Truth

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, as your country is going through its passion before this election, I too, am suffering with you and praying that you will make the right choices, choosing not a politician, but a leader. Hopefully, in the end, your country will be resurrected in the Truth.”    Tonight I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

October 19, 2012

Blessed Mother says: …..I have come to offer you some advice on a couple of points.” “First of all, it is not how many prayers you say or which saint you pray to, but with how much love you hold in your heart when you pray that makes a difference. Holy Love in your heart is the powerhouse of prayer.” “Next, I am telling you in no uncertain terms that you must not cast your vote for anyone who supports abortion on demand, same sex marriage or, in general, takes away any religious freedom.  Just as all your actions come under God’s scrutiny, so, too, do your choices in the voting booth.” “Finally, and once again, I clearly state:  Search out the facts and do not believe the Truth always flows from power and authority.  Corruption does not stop at title, high position or even those in place to represent heavenly authority.”

October 21, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”    “I have come to warn and to advise your nation concerning the effects of this upcoming election. You are able, through your vote, to choose the future of your country. In My day, dictatorship was already in place.  Freedoms were already suppressed and the people had no voice in the future.” “In this election, if you do not choose wisely, you stand to lose your national sovereignty, religious freedom, economic prosperity and national security through a strong defense.” “Once again, I point out to you the importance of living in Truth. It is important for every soul to choose Truth, but most especially important for government leaders.” “Do not elect a candidate for his outward appearances, charm or promises. Choose according to the barometer of Truth which is the measure of inner character.”

October 22, 2012   

Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love

Jesus is here…..”My brothers and sisters, this coming presidential election is an open doorway – not just a window of opportunity. Walk through the doorway of opportunity and overcome abortion on demand in your country; then, I will greatly bless this nation.” …..

                                                 October 29, 2012

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “Today, your country is experiencing the mounting anticipation of the outcome of two events. One is the hurricane. The other is the presidential election. Both will have long-lasting effects.   Both will affect the environment of this nation.” “While many experts attempt to prognosticate the outcome and the path these two will take, no one can be certain.  This is why prayer is so important.  Prayer can change things.  Sometimes in life, this is the only recourse you have – the Heart of God.  I will help you pray.  Together we can redirect events and change hearts, but I need your help.”     “Never believe that a certain outcome is inevitable.  Keep on praying.  Lives are at stake.”

November 4, 2012 Sunday Service – Consecration of the Heart of the World to the United Hearts and Unity in Families – For the Father’s Will to be done in this upcoming election

St. Joseph is here and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”    “My brothers and sisters, you are united in Holy Love. Tonight I am asking you – with sincere hearts – pray that your country is united in a similar way in Holy Love; for it is in this way you will be able to make intelligent and righteous choices when you vote This election is extremely important for the future of your country.   I have paternal concern for the outcome.”      “Tonight I am blessing you with my Blessing of Fatherly Love.”

November 4, 2012
Blessed Mother says:…..”Today, dear little children, I come to you under My Title, Protectress of the Faith. Never before has there been such a need for this title. Never before in this country has faith been so under attack. Your nation, which was founded on freedom of religion, is experiencing this same freedom slipping away through unconstitutional laws.” “You have the opportunity to defend your rights now. Do not cast your support in favor of one who promises much but takes away your God-given rights. Anyone can promise anything. But you, My children, must support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – happiness born of religious freedom.” “This is the hour of decision which will determine the future of your nation.  Let your decisions be faith-filled and life-giving.”

November 5, 2012   

Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love, and for God’s Will to be done in this upcoming election

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”    “My brothers and sisters, tonight I come to request that you represent Holy and Divine Love even when, and especially when you cast your vote for president – to do so is to represent the Truth and to vote for the Truth.”…..


November 6, 2012

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”   “God is an integral part of this election.   He is playing a very big part.   While one side has struggled with the Truth, his opponent has embraced the Truth.   In the coming weeks, the Truth will shed light on many things – many events.”   “Let every petition arise from a hopeful heart.   Hope begets victory.   Never pray with a discouraged heart that has already accepted defeat.”

April 16, 2013

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “Today, I have come to state clearly the difference between a good leader and a compromised leader.  List this clearly.” GOOD LEADER: o Lives and leads in Holy Love. o Lives and leads in Truth. o Is a loving, caring shepherd. o Uses the law to guide and protect those in his charge. o Has genuine concern for the well-being of others – spiritual, physical and emotional. o His virtuous life is never on display, but between himself and God. COMPROMISED LEADER: o Every virtue is compromised through self-love. o Tries to convince others he lives and leads in Truth, but has hidden agenda. o Main concern is his own power, authority and finances. o Manipulates the law to his own advantage. o Protects his own well-being and uses others to do so. o Tries to impress others with his virtues.


Holy Love Ministries –

is an ecumenical lay apostolate committed to living and propagating the Holy Love, Divine Love and United Hearts messages. These messages which support the two great commandments–love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself–are given by means of private revelation to Heaven’s messenger Maureen Sweeney Kyle. HLM Servants of Holy Love gather to pray the rosary for world peace, for an end to abortion, and that hearts open to Heaven’s messages.


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