Way to Heaven through the United Hearts


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“Here is the way of salvation, holiness, perfection, and sanctity, simply put.”



Step 1: Salvation. Surrender to Holy Love, which is the two great commandments of love.
In this surrender the soul is taken into the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Her Heart is the Spiritual Refuge of all mankind and the gateway to the New Jerusalem which is the Heart of Jesus.
In this surrender the soul begins to see his greatest sins and faults.
Also in this Heart of Mary the soul begins to recognize the power and importance of the present moment.

“I call attention, in particular, to this universal call by sounding the trumpet blast universally into the First Chamber.  Do not be mistaken—the First Chamber cannot be bypassed.  It is the basis and foundation of all the others. No one progresses spiritually without first being purified in the Flame of My Mother’s Heart. Who amongst you can become more holy without knowing himself better?”  Jesus August 12, 2007

Step 2: Holiness. Entrance into the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Divine Love) through deeper surrender to love. Soul begins to equate Holy and Divine Love with the Divine Will of God. He aspires to personal holiness by greater surrender to God’s Will, which is always Holy Love in the present moment. He begins to understand that his will is directed by what he holds in his heart.

Step 3: Perfection. The soul, now rooted in Holy and Divine Love, puts all his effort into being perfected in the virtues. He practices the virtues diligently, prays for them in his soul, and when God sees a worthy effort, He infuses the soul with these virtues.

Step 4: Sanctification. This Chamber of Jesus’ Divine Heart embraces those who have successfully conformed to the Divine Will of God. There are still two entities: the soul who continually seeks conformity and is successful in this; and the Divine Will of God.

Step 5: Union with the Divine Will. Few reach this inner sanctum of Our Lord’s Heart.
There is now only one entity. Self is no longer present. The soul is one with God and His Divine Will. This is the New Jerusalem. (St. Anthony / May 20, 2000)

Step 6: Immersion in the Divine Will. “I have come to explain to you the Sixth Chamber.  It is the Heart of the Eternal Father.  It embraces all the other Chambers of Our United Hearts.  In this Chamber is God’s promise—a new covenant of love.  The souls that pass into this Sixth Chamber have reached the highest Heaven.  In this life it is reserved for those who have already reached sanctity.  In eternal life the saints and martyrs of love who reached the Fifth Chamber move into the highest Heaven.”

“Since My Father’s Heart embraces all the Chambers of Our United Hearts, realize He calls each soul to be immersed in this highest Heaven.  For to him who has faith, all things are possible.”
(Jesus / April 1, 2003)

“The Sixth Chamber is the embrace of the Heart of God which is the Divine Will.  The soul feels the embrace of the Father’s Heart increase as his soul is drawn deeper into the Chambers of the United Hearts.  This being so, please see that as the soul is drawn into the First Chamber, he feels the Father’s embrace begin.  Each subsequent Chamber allows the soul to feel the Father’s embrace increase.  The Eternal Father tries to draw each soul into the highest Heaven.”
(St. Margaret Mary Alacoque / April 2, 2003)