Defender of All Virtues

September 8, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come, as always, to persuade souls to their conversion. I invite souls to understand that while My Mother is Protectress of the Faith and Refuge of Holy Love, She is also Protectress and Defender of all virtue.” 

“Therefore, seek your own moment to moment conversion – your own personal holiness – with a sincere heart. Surrender your virtuous life to the maternal charge of your Heavenly Mother. It is within the sanctuary of Her Heart no marauder can break in. My Mother’s Heart is pure love. It is a hospice of truth. It is through the mediation of Her Heart all good flows according to My Father’s Divine Will.”

September 9, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to ask souls to pray this way as a means of deepening their personal holiness:”

“Dear Immaculate Heart of Mary, Protectress of Faith and Defender of All Virtue, Refuge of Holy Love, take my heart and place it under Your Maternal gaze.” 

“Protect the virtues I am seeking to perfect. Help me to recognize any weakness in virtue and to overcome it. I surrender my virtuous life to Your charge. Amen.”

September 15, 2011
Midnight Service in the United Hearts Field – Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Sorrows. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I come to you once again seeking the conversion of all hearts, for it is that which hearts embrace which determines the course of human events. These days mankind has made a god of his own ingenuity. With his own human intelligence, he hopes to predict and to prepare for whatever the future may hold.”

“God has established this Mission here in the center of controversy and confusion so as to inspire souls to their conversion through the Truth of Holy Love. The only preparation that is necessary is Holy Love in your heart. Herein lies your passport to salvation. Holy Love in the heart is an imperative necessity. Other needs that may present themselves must be entrusted to God’s Provision.”

“Dear children, on the subject of obedience, you must obey God and His Commandments first and foremost. Do not pledge allegiance to anyone that proves himself disrespectful of God’s Laws. Calumny, rash judgment, transgression of the truth, theft in office – all of these still remain sin in God’s Eyes no matter the compromise man may reserve in his heart. Therefore, be careful that you do not place your confidence in a Judas spirit. Search out the Truth and support the Truth according to Holy Love.”

“Once again I tell you, I come for the welfare of every soul no matter his station or posture in the world. God’s Commandments are binding upon all nations and every people. So it is, I call each one back to Holy Love. Truth will never change because of public opinion. Truth remains the Truth. Holy Love remains God’s Law and Truth itself.”

“The impact of this Mission is meant to change hearts – to turn hearts towards their conversion through these Messages of Holy Love – and the many supernatural graces abundant and evidenced here. The Mission is here in this present time to effect conversion of whole generations, nations and ideologies. Holy Love must not know boundaries.”

“If you will listen, you will have no more wars or violence. You will not fear the future but begin to love God’s Holy and Divine Will. Then all of nature will once again reflect mankind’s coalition with the Eternal Now, and natural disasters will wane; but, dear children, you must listen. You do not have time to compromise. Be united in the Truth. There is no Truth in compromise.”

“During these times when every sort of spiritual challenge weighs upon the heart of the world, it is necessary that every heart become an ark of Holy Love. This is the way to ride out the storms of controversy which oppose this Mission and your own salvation. If your heart is not secure in this ark of love, your faith will surely be washed away and you will drown in Satan’s lies.”

“Most do not see or even consider the effects of the spiritual chastisement which God is allowing to take place today; but you, My children, have been given the remedy in Holy Love. You have been given the defense in My titles, Protectress of the Faith, Defender of All Virtue and Refuge of Holy Love. You understand the scope of Satan’s power – politically, economically, and most of all, spiritually. I am depending on you to give others the protection of My Immaculate Heart by sharing these Messages.”

“Dear children, many of you seek in your hearts information about future events. Realize that you can put much effort into what you perceive as future needs. Tonight I desire you realize that the spiritual chastisement is at hand. Long standing establishments of faith are now divided and compromised. The most intense part of this spiritual chastisement is yet ahead. You will not be ready to discern the Truth unless you make of your own heart a little refuge of Holy Love. This is how to prepare. Only then will you know the Truth and whom to trust. The faith in your heart should be your primary concern – not your physical well-being.”

“I am your Protectress, your Defense and your Refuge.”

“Dear children, do not allow My Tears tonight to fall in vain. I desire that every heart here be transformed through this Mission and through these Messages of Holy Love. Let your hearts be Holy Love. No longer fear what is to come, but in the present be Holy Love to all those around you.”

“I am taking all of your petitions with Me tonight to Heaven, and I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”

October 28, 2011

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Today I come to you as Defender of All Virtue. I remind you that every virtue is founded upon Holy Love. Therefore, it is the depth of Holy Love in the heart which determines the depth of every virtue. When the virtuous life is attacked or weakened, it is always due to some weakness in Holy Love. This is why My Defense of All Virtue is so closely linked to My title of Refuge of Holy Love.”

“Virtues become diluted through disordered self-love. There is a constant battle in every heart between this inordinate self-love and Holy Love. The choices of free will in this regard determine the depth of virtue in the heart. Souls must realize this in order to progress in holiness.”

“So often false virtue enters the picture which is virtue practiced for others to see or towards some self-gain.” 

“Souls must never judge the virtuous life of another unless he has been placed as guardian of that person’s spirituality. Strengths and flaws of the virtuous life are between the soul and God. Therefore, do not make statements such as ‘He is proud’ or ‘He is disobedient’. Most often you do not have all the facts, but God does. This is a snare of Satan.”

“Work out your own spiritual journey, and in humility pray for those who do not actively seek the virtuous life. These, too, are My children.”

November 10, 2011

Alanus (My Guardian Angel) says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come once again to help people understand the role of angels in their lives and in the world at large. The sole purpose of angels is to defend Holy Love in hearts. Yes, angels are known to save mortal lives and to warn and defend people from danger; but it is always, always, so that the soul will have the opportunity to know, understand and accept Holy Love in their hearts.”

“As defender of truth, I am, therefore, the defender of Holy Love. Next to the Most Holy Mother of God, I hold Holy Love under my wings. Mary, Defender of All Virtue stands next to me – Her mantle round about me. This is with what esteem God regards the virtue of Holy Love, and with what importance He places upon Holy Love in hearts.” 

“It does not matter a person’s reputation, vocation, wealth or achievements in the world. His eternity is determined by the depth of Holy Love in his heart. Once the heart opens to Holy Love, God desires it be held secure; thus the role of all the angels.”

“It is Heaven’s hope that souls come to appreciate this and learn to use the angels whenever Holy Love in their hearts is under attack in thought, word or deed.”

November 15, 2012

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I was prepared decades ago to defend the faith of the heart of this nation against secularism, radicalism and hedonistic values; but My Title, ‘Protectress of the Faith’, was deemed unnecessary.* Today, the times of this Title’s great importance are upon you.”

“True faith, and Christianity as a whole, are becoming more and more under attack and challenged by an agnostic society. The Remnant Faithful is shrinking, rather than increasing as Heaven would desire.”

“My Son is greatly saddened by a society that scoffs at personal holiness and does not value the virtuous life. The future of your country has been compromised by the immoral values it holds dear to its heart. As obedience to God’s Commandments has declined, so too shall the power and status of this nation decline.”

“As religious freedoms deteriorate, the Remnant Faithful will need to become more and more determined in their resolve. Therefore, dear children, I tell you, I am always and everywhere the Protectress of your Faith – the Defender of All Virtue. Depend on My Protection. Though you may, as a Remnant, be scattered by time and space, be united in Holy and Divine Love. Though you may be estranged from the secular world, come ever deeper into the ‘world’ of Our United Hearts. There I will be present to you with My Grace. Be united, dear children, in Our United Hearts.”

*Note: Our Lady had requested Her Title, ‘Mary, Protectress of the Faith’, from the Cleveland Bishop in 1987. The Diocese stated that, through their expert theologian, Our Lady did not need that title because there were already an excessive amount of devotions to Blessed Mother and the saints.

November 8, 2013

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I invite you to see that as beautiful leaves wither and die, the beauty of faith in hearts is also drying up and dying. This is due to lack of nurturing by a fruitful spiritual environment. Here at this site you have a continual season of spiritual splendor. However, those who visit here must go back out into the coldness of the weary world.”

“Of all My apparitions, dear children, you are given the most here to carry on and to endure the insidious apostasy taking place in hearts today. I have come as the Protectress of Your Faith and the Mother, Defender of all Virtue. You can carry the water from Maranatha Spring with you as protection. You have received communications from Heaven and the Blessing Point.” 

“What I am telling you, dear little children, is that you are never on your own in an unbelieving world unless you choose to be. Allow the graces given here to transform your hearts and your lives. You will not experience a bleak future, if you do so. Allow the Seal of Discernment – another beautiful grace given here – to lead you away from all that would lead you into apostasy.”

“Dear children, do not allow your faith to dry up, wither and die as the autumn leaves. See that untruth and abuse of authority are like the chilled wind that carries the leaf to the ground, only to lose its beauty. Allow Me to protect your faith from the wind of controversy. Place every doubt in My Immaculate Heart. Ask Me simply, ‘Mary, Protect My Faith’.”