August 2, 2016

St. Francis of Assisi says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Always remain childlike, simple and unassuming. I have come today to speak to you about Purgatory , since today is the day of the indulgence of Portiuncula.”

“Purgatory is different for every soul. The soul may commit the same sin as another and yet his Purgatory may be completely different according to his propensity to serve self or God. The one who slips into sin without remorse and does not repent until his deathbed suffers greatly in the flames of Purgatory . The one who is weak in sin, but tries to overcome his faults suffers less.”

“There are many in the world today who love their own opinions above and beyond what is good and what is evil. They do not recognize Satan’s influence over them. These are the ones who suffer gravely their separation from Divine Love in Purgatory .”

“Be renewed in this indulgence today so that you will be innocent in the Eyes of God. Try to avoid Purgatory at all costs in an effort to always please God first and foremost.”