United Hearts of Jesus and Mary (2nd Sunday after Corpus Christi)

December 15, 2004
Future Promised Apparition at Maranatha Spring and Shrine; (Part of Personal Message)

Blessed Mother is here as Mary Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My children, Jesus wants you to know that He is coming at Midnight the Morning of Divine Mercy Sunday with a special message for the world. He will come in the United Hearts Field. He is doing this because Divine Mercy and Divine Love are never separated, but always together in the heart.”

“My next public visit (to Maureen) will be at midnight between the feast of the Sacred Heart and My Immaculate Heart.”

Following that, going into the Sunday that We wish to be named the Feast of the United Hearts, My Son and I will appear (to Maureen) at midnight in the United Hearts Field.”