Messages for the United States 2007 – 2013

 Prayer to Angel of U.S.A. – Zechariah

Holy Angel, Zechariah, to you God has entrusted the protection and the guidance of this country. Send the Spirit of Truth into the heart of this nation. Let no legislation become law, or remain as law, which transgresses the Ten Commandments.”

“Carry the Light of Truth to all corners of this country and expose Satan’s deceit, his lies and his plans for what they are. Help us to maintain our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amen.”

November 5, 2007
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

(This message was given over the last two days.)

Jesus is here with His Heart in His Hand. His Heart is encircled with thorns. Blessed Mother is here with Her Heart exposed. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “In the world of entertainment, you have, as you call it, ‘reality television.’ What I am addressing here today is ‘reality religion.’ In the political realm, there are conservative and liberal politicians. By searching out where loyalties lie on certain issues, the voter can easily identify if the politician is liberal or conservative.”

“In the religious world, the same battle is being waged, liberal vs. conservative; but the battle, for the most part, is hidden behind prestigious titles. These positions and titles bespeak authority despite the school of thought that is supported. Therefore, the average lay person accepts opinions by merit of title and not by merit of substance.”

“But I have come today to open the eyes of all. You must strengthen the heart of the Church by rallying around those who support tradition. (Eph 2:20-22) * These are the ones loyal to the Holy Father, devoted to My Real Presence and to My Mother through the rosary.”
(Mt 16:13-19) **

“Open your eyes and your hearts. Realize that your religious freedoms are being taken away from you under the catch-phrase of ‘civil liberties’. You have removed God from all public places and allowed violence and confusion to be the replacement.”

“Be aware of motives behind titles of your leaders and of the direction they lead you in. (2 Tim 3:1-5) *** A false conscience is not a reason for misplaced loyalties. Each soul has the responsibility in this life to discover where the truth of righteousness lies. Do not be spiritually blinded by pomp, but educated in the truth.”
(2 Tim 4:1-5) ****

“Solemnly I tell you, you must be strong enough in Holy Love to hang on to the sound doctrine of these Messages, and let go of the opinions of those who oppose the righteous path of Holy Love; for this is the hour in which I call for reconciliation and unity amongst all people and all nations.”

“If you are Catholic, realize that the Consecration of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood can only be accomplished by a man who is ordained a priest. Avoid any other opinion. Remember, Satan is at the root of every discord.”

“The reason I speak to you in such a straightforward manner in this Message is I do not wish any of My lambs to be led astray by the deceit of Satan. Compromise is Satan’s tool. You must openly stand for the truth. Learn to look at the words and actions of those who try to influence you, and not at their title or importance in the world.”

“Remember, I look at the heart, not at power or influence in this worldly existence. Therefore, allow Holy Love to flourish in your hearts. In this way, you will strengthen the world and the Church according to righteousness.”

“My brothers and sisters, today My Heart is encompassed by many thorns, thorns that My friends have placed there, for they do not understand this Mission; they do not believe in the Messages, and they oppose Me. You, My children, are children of light, for you have accepted this Mission and the Messages in your hearts, and you live in the light of truth.”

“Today, We’re extending to you the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

February 7, 2012

St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“As your country faces another election year, Heaven is praying that a wise choice will be made. Every nation deserves a wise leader – a leader who wants what is best for the people he governs – a leader that is sincere and parental towards those he is chosen to lead.”

“What you should beware of – what you do not want in a leadership position – is a duplicitous politician full of self-interest and hidden agendas. This type of leader is not a leader in the best interests of the nation, but of self-advancement and cannot succeed in governing this country past the problems it now faces – nationally and globally.”

June 1, 2012

St. Michael says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I encourage each one to be patriots of the Truth. In this fellowship, do not support any politician on one issue alone, but on his fidelity to the Truth based upon Holy Love. This is the path upon which all nations would prosper. Social and economic woes would be resolved; but today Satan enters the doorway of disordered self-love to lure souls away from this perfect solution.”

“This is why sin is now a political issue. These moral issues cannot be relegated to legalities if you want to please God. To do so is to embrace moral degeneration. The nation which lives according to God’s Will, which is Holy Love, would be greatly blessed and the Hand of Justice would not fall upon it. There is no such nation in the world today.”

June 27, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to remind you that one definition of freedom is the right to choose according to your conscience. This is why I come here to form and shape consciences in Holy Love. Your freedoms can only be taken away when you willingly surrender them. This can easily happen when you place your hopes and trust behind a politician who desires total authority over you.”

“Therefore, do not be an uninformed voter. Look into the history of each candidate. Do they historically support the Constitution or do they trample it underfoot? Do they speak of unity but promote disunity by pitting one group against another? Do they have the best interests of all people in their hearts or just their own for political gain? Have they succeeded in helping their constituents or have they used laws to weaken the nation they claim to assist? Do they work openly and in Truth or are their actions hidden under the cloak of darkness, leaving everyone guessing?”

“Because Holy Love is the fulfillment of Truth – the embodiment of all the Commandments – these Messages today are meant to reshape the conscience of the world and place God in Dominion over all hearts and every nation. It is with urgency I seek the propagation of this Mission – these Messages and the consecration of every heart, including the heart of the world, to Our United Hearts.”

“Make it known.”

July 1, 2012

Zechariah says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Do not trust any politician who does not tell the Truth. If he can lie about one thing, he can lie about many. One unscrupulous act leads to another.”

“There should be no hiddenness in politics – no hidden agendas. Each one should uphold the law in righteousness. Only then will this nation return to a true democracy – a nation that would not single out any one group in persecution.”

“When you pray for this nation, pray that the next president is a leader, not just a politician. A leader would defend democracy. His leadership would not weaken, but strengthen the nation. A good leader would not divide, but unite the citizenry.”

“His policies, as leader of the free world, would demand respect worldwide and not pull this nation into the One World Order.” *

* Also known as One World Government; New World Order.

Note: Blessed Mother introduced Zechariah to me [Maureen] last Thursday. She said he is the Angel of the United States, and is from the Choir of Powers [The 5th Choir].

July 4, 2012

“I am Zechariah, the guardian angel of your country. Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, as your country celebrates the anniversary of its independence, I have come to solemnly point out how far from independence your country has come.”

“The Constitution, which was heavenly inspired, is being transgressed by those in power. The law is being twisted to support sin – even debauchery. Your President is even taking command of freedom of conscience in regards to the promotion of abortion and birth control by those who do not believe in it.”

“The New World Order is being touted as desirable when, in Truth, it moves all people and all nations under a dictatorship. Do not be fooled.”

“As a nation, return to the ideals of your Founding Fathers, for herein lies the hope of true independence.”

September 7, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, a politician can promise you anything. His or her worth is in fulfilling the promises. It is the same in the spiritual realm. A person can say, ‘I am going to be holy’. But if he doesn’t act on that resolve, he will not be holy.”

September 13, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I have come to remind the public that there is a vast difference between a genuine leader and a politician. A genuine leader desires the well-being of his nation and its citizenry. He works to protect and defend everyone, and to unite the nation under just laws. In this country, a good leader defends the Constitution and would never concoct laws to oppose this Constitution or come against any one group. In the same way, a genuine leader would not be persuaded by special interest groups to redefine existing laws to favor their disordered interests.”

“The one who is just a politician does not know how to lead the nation out of crisis. He has no sound policies, but only policies which lead to more confusion and greater chaos. His political well-being is more important to him than the well-being of the citizenry.”

“Such a politician may even abuse his authority without regard for long-standing laws. He may use his authority to weaken rather than to strengthen the nation.”

“Pay attention, My brothers and sisters, to what I am telling you today. Do not be charmed by politicians. Lend support to genuine leadership.”

October 12, 2012
Friday Service – For all those falsely accused within society, governments and within Church circles; that all calumnies are exposed by Truth

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, as your country is going through its passion before this election, I too, am suffering with you and praying that you will make the right choices, choosing not a politician, but a leader. Hopefully, in the end, your country will be resurrected in the Truth.”

Tonight I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

October 12, 2012

(Dictated by Alanus, Maureen’s angel)

He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Prayer to Angel of U.S.A. – Zechariah

Holy Angel, Zechariah, to you God has entrusted the protection and the guidance of this country. Send the Spirit of Truth into the heart of this nation. Let no legislation become law, or remain as law, which transgresses the Ten Commandments.”

“Carry the Light of Truth to all corners of this country and expose Satan’s deceit, his lies and his plans for what they are. Help us to maintain our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amen.”


June 9, 2013
Feast of the United Hearts

(This Message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus and Blessed Mother are both here with Their Hearts exposed. Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Behold My Heart which has been so ravaged by the sins of mankind and in which abides such ardor for those who love Me.”

“Equality amongst mankind must come through unity in Holy Love – not in redistribution in wealth. This is not a plan, but a scheme. I tell you solemnly, social justice is the calling card of the One World Order. Unity will not succeed by dictate – only through Holy Love.”

“I tell you, it is when mankind places his trust solely in himself, in others or in exterior values that he is the most insecure. It is only in trusting in Me and the Will of My Father that peace and security are genuine. The world will never find peace through human efforts alone. True peace comes to you by placing the Dominion of God in hearts and then in the world. The challenge today is to restore God’s rightful place as King over hearts and the world.”

“My brothers and sisters, I need your prayers and sacrifices for all world leaders. I tell you truly, where unions are formed that are not based on Truth, you have unity based on Satan’s lies. This is the case with prominent coalitions today. Never before has the future of the world rested in the hands of so few. This is the bad fruit of advanced technology.”

“Mankind’s lack of respect for life and disregard for human decency is leading to his downfall. Concern for one another’s welfare is rapidly being replaced with a greedy malcontent.”

“But I have come here, My brothers and sisters, to draw you into the Light of Truth. The world cannot survive without some recognition of Truth. Pay attention, as I call you beyond self-concern into global concerns – beyond self-gratification into pleasing your Creator.”

“If you have no relationship with God, or at best, a fractured relationship, you are jeopardizing not only your future but the future of the world. You are not living in the Truth. I have come to give you the Truth, which is Holy Love. The greater the numbers who do not live in Holy Love, the more dangerous the world becomes around you.”

“This is the reason you have radicalism, abortions, addictions giving way to crimes and every sort of compromised value.”

“By your refusal to accept and live in Holy Love, you are empowering evil. You do not have time now to wait on endorsements; to do so bears grave consequences. Choose good over evil by choosing Holy Love.”

“My brothers and sisters, you are embarking upon the Age of the Reality of Truth. You will witness what has laid hidden in hearts – many of whom are influential. You will see more clearly the path of good and the path of evil. You must not choose the easiest path nor the one most acceptable by many. This Mission testifies to that. You must pray for the courage to give witness to the Truth in the company of many difficulties. You will be able to bear up through the grace that apostleship to the Truth sheds upon you.”

“In the embrace of Our United Hearts, you will clearly see My Father’s Will for you. His Will is your salvation.”

“It is a mistake to believe that position, power or authority justifies every act or lack of action. Many souls are misled – even lost – by such an assumption. Search out the Truth based upon Holy Love and be united in it. The Truth sustains you in faith, hope and love. Once again this Mission bears testimony to what I say.”

“Once again, today, We are inviting you into the Refuge of Our United Hearts – a Respite of Peace – Refuge of God’s Divine Will. We are asking you to come with confidence into this Refuge where you will be given the grace to believe and to be united in Truth.”

“Today, dear children, We are sending Our Blessing over all your articles, and are blessing you with the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

January 12, 2014

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“In the world, all events are racing towards the final unfolding of the last days. It is only the prayers and sacrifices of the Remnant which appeal to the Will of the Father and withhold the Arm of Justice.”

“The enemy has gained a stronghold under the guise of false religion and the weak leadership of the free world. Rest assured no opportunity opens to Satan that he does not take full advantage of.”

“It is the blindness of the righteous that permits all advances of the enemy. Political ambition has tied the hands of democracy and brought right reason to its knees.”

“But the Remnant are gathering into the Refuge of My Heart – more and more realizing it is unwise to wait for approvals to do so – more and more searching out the Truth as they recognize the unreliability of mass media.”

“Cling to Me, My children, as I cling to you. Together we will persevere in a world that clings to compromised Truth.”