Gen 3:15 Strike at His Head

July 13, 1998
Feast of Rosa Mystica

Our Lady comes as Rosa Mystica. She says: “All praise be Jesus in the tabernacles of the world.”

“My angel, thank you for coming. I need your prayers. When you pray, a blissful fragrance ascends to Me. God allows that I should come to you during these times as Protectress of the Remnant faithful. More and more the prayer site will become a fortress of faith in the true tradition of faith. Battle lines have been drawn. There is no longer room for compromise. Those consecrated to Me have already been signed by Me and are ready to take up their shields and go into battle.”

“Do not be afraid now to make known the position you are given to uphold – one of staunch tradition in support of this Holy Father. Others may waiver and pretend not to decide. Once again, I tell you, not to decide is to decide.”

“While My Mission here remains ecumenical, those who respond as Catholics must be true to their faith – unwavering in their position. The faith is not a political football. When you take a stand to please God, you must not compromise it to please those in the world. What has been decided by this Holy Father is the decision you must abide by, or you cannot say you are Catholic.”

“Please Me; soothe My Heart by realizing all that My simple Message of Holy Love entails. You cannot give a qualified ‘yes’ to Holy Love, just as you cannot qualify the Catholic faith, only believing part of Church teachings and tradition.”

“We must pray together for many with great influence who live lives of compromise. Satan does exist. He strikes at the heel of the Woman who crushes his head. My heel is all the Remnant Faithful who come to be consecrated to Me – who live in Holy Love.”

“I am always with you, blessing you.”