Guidance and National Warnings

God, The Father – 8/7/16 “All of earth – all of mankind cries out for peace and balance.  This will not come to you unless you obey My Commandments.  When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands.  You perpetuate the cycle of evil.”

“Accept the grace of My speaking here today as a loving Father.  Move towards My Bosom of Love – not away from it.  I am prepared to share great things with you if you choose to obey My Commandments.”


Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth – 8/5/16 “Do not allow mass media to decide for you.  Too often this same media presents a tainted picture of good and an untruthful picture of evil.  It is in this way, souls are led by confusion into making choices contrary to God’s Will.  The far-reaching effects of your choices in this presidential election could turn your Supreme Court over to liberalism – thus forecasting a grim future for this nation.  In your choice for president, you are also choosing the future of your Supreme Court and of your nation.”


Jesus – 9/01/16 “As a nation, you must have more wisdom than to trust everyone who comes across your borders all in the name of charity.  This type of social justice is just foolishness in these times when hearts hold so many evil agendas.  You cannot ferret out who holds evil in his heart by appearances or even by asking questions.  It is well-documented that Truth is not a priority in many hearts – especially evil hearts.”

“Those with evil intentions have already infiltrated this country.  Do not strengthen their ranks by inviting more in.  A safe hospice can and should be established in the country of origin these people come from.  I have said this before.  This would answer the call to charity for the oppressed and for the citizens of this country whose security is threatened by mass immigration.”

“Do not allow your borders to continue to be breached under the influence of mainstream media.  Those in leadership roles have the responsibility to respect the welfare of the citizens they are supposed to be leading.  However, today the agenda is the weakening of this nation and the establishment of the One World Order.  That is why individual rights and lives do not matter in the political scheme of things.”

“Do not allow your rights to be tread under the foot of the power cartel already in play.  Wake-up to the Truth!  Set aside complacency!”


Our Lady of Sorrows – 9/15/16 “During these times, please understand, that if you lend your support to one whom advances the cause of abortion or planned parenthood, you are guilty of these sins yourself.  If you support politicians who are in favor of same-sex marriage, you support these sins as well.  These days, morals and spirituality are bound up in a knot with politics.  Holy Love is the way to undo the knot and make choices which appease My Sorrowful Heart.”


St. Pio of Pietrelcina – 9/23/16 “Your country is on the precipice of an important decision with this upcoming election.  The decision is between right and wrong.  Do the citizens desire to continue their downward spiral into amoral behavior or will they choose redirection and once again be ‘One Nation under God’?”

“If you cannot see where certain policies are leading you, take your head out of the sand!  God does not want sins such as abortion and same-sex marriage to be legal issues.  Sins are between the soul and God – not the soul, the Supreme Court and God!  Stop and think what is more important – what you want or what God Commands!”

“This nation has this one last chance to redeem itself in God’s Eyes and to return to prosperity. Otherwise, it will become more and more dependent upon foreign, anti-Christian powers.  Decide for good.”


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love – 9/26/16 “Dear children, before you support any candidate for office you should try to determine what is in their heart.  Do they support God’s Commandments?  Do they abide with the popular opinion that abortion and same-sex marriage are acceptable because they are legal?  Do they respect the Constitution? The more power you give to any leader, the less freedom you have.  It must matter to you what you are obeying.”


St.Thomas Aquinas – 9/30/16 “In this upcoming presidential election, people need to make their choices based upon issues – not character assassination.  The seating of Supreme Court Justices should be the first consideration.  A liberal court makes for a liberal nation.  If you support a nominee who supports abortion, then you support abortion.  It is that simple.  Open borders should be a great concern and will bring disastrous consequences if allowed.  You need a president who will support your God-given rights as outlined in the Constitution.”

“If a person is dishonest in small ways, that same person cannot be trusted in greater ways.  This is not character assassination.  It is a fact.  This is not the time in the hour of history for a leader to be full of self-interest, but to protect and guide in righteousness those he is leading.”

“Some hold greater agendas in their hearts than the welfare of this nation.  They secretly design their plans to coincide with a New World Order – the threshold of the reign of the Antichrist.  The destruction of national pride is a telling sign of such an agenda.  That is why the importance of national borders is being minimized.”