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February 19, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today, I have come to discuss with you the topic of discernment. Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit which follows the virtues of prudence and wisdom. It is deeper than these two and can be likened to instinct in nature. Animals, birds, and fish are born with instincts which help them survive in the wild. These instincts also dictate behavioral patterns such as the swallows’ return to Capistrano every year.”

“In the spiritual realm, discernment is a necessity in distinguishing good from evil. Many never obtain the depth of this virtue. They mistake evil for good and vice versa. Discernment – to be real – comes from deep within the soul. It cannot be fingered or indexed. It is a feeling from within. It is not unlike viewing several fine paintings, but feeling from within that one is better than all the rest because it is painted in a more skillful, masterly way.”

Discernment mounts from many spiritual experiences. There is danger then, when someone presumes they have discernment because they have other gifts, or thinks they have other gifts. Many have been led astray in this way. Many who should have this gift, because they are in positions of authority, do not.”

Discernment is not synonymous with authority. It is not rash judgment based on leaping to conclusions. It is an opinion based on sifting out the truth from falsehood. It is like a ship’s compass holding the vessel on course. Discernment keeps your soul on track of good.”

“This is a rare gift, given with love and care by God to the humble-hearted.”

“You will make this known.”

January 2, 2001

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, know and understand this. True discernment does not come through the intellect. It is a gift I place in the heart. Just as with any virtue, there can be a false imitator of the true virtue. In discernment this is recognized as pharisaical interpretation of the truth. False discernment is easily accepted by a person who depends on his own intellect for answers instead of the Holy Spirit. Such a one may pride himself on his intellect and/or his virtue.”

“The truth of what I reveal here bears the responsibility of making it known.”

June 4, 2001

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Discernment is a fruit of Wisdom. Wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom and the fruit it bears are counterfeit when they come from the intellect and not the heart. Wisdom can have its root in evil or good depending on the source that the soul accepts it from.”

December 10, 2001

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says: “Praise be to Jesus. I have come today to help you understand spiritual blindness. This is a form of pride fanned by Satan’s deceit. The enemy encourages this type of pride. He places a veil over hearts so that they are unable to distinguish the presence of grace in their midst. In such cases the soul’s thoughts become convoluted. He even sees good as evil, and evil as good. He has distorted hearing, extracting falsehood from truth. It is not long until spiritual envy consumes his heart. This type of jealousy bears with it rash judgment. But the soul views his rash judgments as discernment, for his thinking has become so convoluted.”

“The spiritually blind miss all the graces around them. They are easily led to apostasy, heresy, discouragement and even despair. They openly challenge the faith they once had. Often they are full of unforgiveness and, therefore, do not trust in God’s Mercy and forgiveness.”

“If they should witness or hear of miracles, they are quick to discount them. They believe deep within that such things could never happen because they do not happen to them. For this reason, profound messages fall on deaf ears.”

“There is attendant to spiritual pride a spiritual sloth. Subconsciously they know that if they opened their hearts to the grace all around them, they would have to change interiorly. The spiritually blind are the compromised. These are the ones responsible for abortion. These are the ones who believe themselves to be Catholic, but challenge Church hierarchy. These souls miss the call to holiness that is the vocation of all souls. It is a chilling truth that they are answering Satan’s call to perdition.”

“This lesson uncovers the enemy where he lies hidden in hearts. Make it known.”